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u/RegencySix · 7 pointsr/UWMadison

2015 EE grad here. Unless there's a stellar instructor, I would not enroll in Physics 202 if you've already met the requirement through AP. Granted I had a pretty horrible experience my freshman year with downright poor instructors, so I have some bias.

You'll do a review of circuit analysis in ECE 230 where the the analysis techniques are taught again in a much more methodical way from the outset. The physics department does not do the introductory courses justice in my opinion. You very well may have had a more thorough experience in your AP course. My only advice is to practice electrostatics, as the instructors for ECE 220 are hit and miss. The text for the electrodynamics sequence is probably still Ulaby (old version here). I'd recommend reviewing statics from there. It's a good reference and still on my desk at work.

Physics 202 or equivalent credit is also a prerequisite for ECE 235 - Solid State Electronics - so check out that course description as well. I applied more from Math 222 and ECE 320 to the wave theory of that course though. I don't think 202 really touched on it much.

So, be happy you don't have to sit through those two lectures, two discussions, and a three hour lab every week should you choose not to! Oh dear, and WebAssign. You won't ever have to use WebAssign! Consider also that 5 credits are worth quite a lot, and getting a jump on the core ECE curriculum may set you up to graduate early. There are so many better ways to use 5 credits in ECE/CS advanced electives down the road.

Congrats on the 5!

u/MandibleofThunder · 2 pointsr/UWMadison

A good supplement to the text and practice problems is "Organic Chemistry as a Second Language"

Puts everything in relatively easy terms, has a lot of good practice problems, and tends to follow the coursework pretty well.

Organic Chemistry As a Second Language: First Semester Topics https://www.amazon.com/dp/1119110661/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_5-XMybHHZP51R

u/Kanchi555 · 2 pointsr/UWMadison

You could scrounge up a copy of Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking. I have heard very good things.

u/vatoniolo · 3 pointsr/UWMadison

If you aced ochem 343 and 345 biochem will be a breeze. It might be a good idea to take 507/508 though, as it is taught by the guys who literally wrote the book on the subject

u/wiscogal · 2 pointsr/UWMadison

I took it Spring 2016, so not with Skrentny. If you're not familiar with C you could learn it over winter break. You might use this textbook: https://www.amazon.com/Programming-Language-Brian-W-Kernighan/dp/0131103628 so you could get it and start reading it early.