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u/RheaTheTall 路 4 pointsr/VanLife

Look into updating the plumbing to PEX (white /red) if possible. It's a nightmare to go behind all the fixtures, but PVC (grey pipes) gets old and if it cracks it's a major problem.

Also roof and window seals, another bane of the old RVs. Make sure they're all good, or redo them. Leaks like that, aside from mold, tend to swell anything water comes in contact with.

Fridge, furnace and water heater - clean everything as best as you can. Burners especially. For the water heater - flush it good a couple times and replace the drain plug with a zinc anode to extend its life. Upgrade them all as soon as you have the means to.

Amazon also has propane and CO detectors. Make sure they're up to date, and put at least a 50w solar trickle charge panel on the roof for your house battery, as the propane detector has the nasty habit of draining it.

Finally, I'd look into upgrading whatever furniture you can. Mostly the folding couch if there is one. Motorhomes like this are / were designed for seasonal living in, and everything inside isn't designed for full time occupancy. Add the fact that it's a moving vehicle and thus subjected to vibrations and flexing. Last thing you want is your stuff to come apart while you expect it less.

Source: I'm on my 4th RV and been through all the crap I'm telling you about 馃榿

u/cr0ft 路 2 pointsr/VanLife


The above is all you need to link to Amazon, the rest is tracking stuff. :)

The canister and hoses and such on the site are all standard stuff. If you want to know what the filters do, they list those with more detail (and the filters are really the only interesting part).

But I'm not necessarily saying that store and only that store, just that it's one that has a great assortment and quality filters. - describes the combo filter. It's pretty cool, ceramic and active charcoal in one, that's usually a two-canister system. Note they have different models, gravity fed or pressurized!

The multi canister systems are most likely done to be part of a pressurized system though, I believe. See the text in your link that says "Feed Water Pressure: 20-85 psi" - that system is aimed at filtering everything coming into an RV, most likely.

But you shouldn't just buy something off Amazon even so. You should do web searches until you find a decent seeming shop, be it the one I googled up and linked or some other that specializes in RV filtration and then contact them and ask for advice. Every satisfied customer gives them word of mouth advertising, after all, and you don't really know what you need. When you don't know what you need, ask a bona fide expert.

u/danethedrain 路 1 pointr/VanLife

I don't think i see your logic regarding your alternator's charging capabilities.

So here is a quick mental check: A 40 Amp DC-DC charger or a 40A isolator will pull 40 Amps regardless if your alternator was a 1000 Amp alternator. Alternators have the ability to change their output capabilities depending on the load. A 150 Amp alternator isn't looking to dump 150 amps all the time, think about your starter battery: if you were constantly dumping 100 amps into that battery you would damage it.

Other than that your parts look good!

A couple pointers... With the Renogy controller the remote meter is pretty much a must on most models, the MT-50 i think is the name. Also how are you mounting the panels? Renogy's Z-brackets are a great solution.

Finally i would strongly recommend (3) heavy duty switches for the following: 1) Loads 2) Solar 3) Battery. The logic here is that whenever you power on/off your system there should be a sequence. Never allow solar energy to enter your controller without the battery connected so that the power can be dumped somewhere. A load switch is also useful if you ever have a short you can switch all your loads off quickly. A switch that is impossible to accidentally flip is the correct solution here, like this one:


Feel free to ask anymore questions!

u/rfleason 路 2 pointsr/VanLife

So the device you linked vs harbor freight.. First off, harbor freight stuff is designed and manufactured with price in mind, not longevity. So, right off the bat, assume it has a shorter life, it might not, lots of people have been pleasantly surprised by harbor freight stuff, but I wouldn't assume quality from them. Second, I would always look at their claims with a skeptical eye, 17Ah, might really be 15Ah. Third, safety. Harbor freight might use less quality connectors, smaller gauge and lower quality wire etc, most stuff fails cold but this has a lot of energy stored in it and if it fails hot, well, you might burn your van down. Probably an edge case but IMHO, less likely with a device made from somebody like goal zero than something made by harbor freight. Last and least significant are some features, the nicer device you linked has an inverter built in, a nicer power meter and several ways to charge it. The harbor freight one probably only charges from a 120v - 12v transformer, so to recharge this device you'll have to run your inverter.

Will it work? Probably. You could probably save the money and be just fine for a long time to come in my opinion.

Are you just looking for rechargeable usb power? If so, I would suggest something like these, I have two in my van, they charge from the cigarette lighter or 12v from my solar and last a long time. I have one for a little security camera I have and it lasts 2.5 days!

u/con420247 路 1 pointr/VanLife

I'm a bit late to the discussion, but you got me thinking about this for myself. I did a DIY sauna one time with a friend on a multi day camping trip and it was amazing. It was pretty ghetto seeing as how we used a tarp as the structure, and heated rocks in the fire. We dug a hole in the tarp structure to hold the rocks (the ground was dirt). We stuck the rocks in the fire when we woke up, and kept the fire going all day. When we were done making the tarp structure after dinner, we took the rocks (which were glowing by this point) out of the fire with a shovel, and put them in the hole in the tarp structure. I was very surprised at the amount of steam that came off when we poured the water on once we were inside. Word to the wise, don't continually hydrate yourself with beer (it's very easy to do), you will not feel well in the morning (you obviously sweat out a lot of water in the heat).

More to the point, you got me thinking about purchasing a cheap large tent, and a bucket like this. You would also need rocks that could be heated. But essentially the same as before; build a fire around the rocks, heat them for 1 hour + (the longer the better), set up the tent. After an hour or so, dig the rocks out of the fire, put them in the bucket, and then go in the tent, and splash water on the rocks. A portable tent and bucket could very easily fit in a van.

u/TheNoob91 路 1 pointr/VanLife

For heating Im someone who gets over heated in 50掳F weather (idk the celcsius conversion but essentially its cold for most people). In my case i would find a personal space heater, as the one i own already makes me sweat with one blanket on and the thing on low heat pointed at me. Idk what the power consumption is but if u just keep the van well insulated and are cozied up with a bigger electric heater than maybe you'll be fine.

As far as water goes I would just get a big 5 gallon bottle from the grocery store (unless that's just a stupid American thing idk). Often keeping one and just bringing it back to the store u can refill it for way cheaper than the original purchase.

Also for a toilet ive heard composting ones are pretty great but thats something I havent looked into yet.

When it comes to how you would power the van id say that one will be hard because I heard the UK is mostly cloudy meaning solar could work but youre not going to get much out of it and really only could charge a phone or something off it. There are giant battery packs you can buy like
this: CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD Intelligent LCD UPS System, 1500VA/900W, 12 Outlets, AVR, Mini-Tower

obviously that's american plugs so find something suitable for your power draw and for your socket type. That you would have to plug in somewhere else to charge though which could take some time #1 but it would at least be portable in a sense rather than strapping batteries down and having those external camper plugs that you would have to drive somewhere to charge up.

u/WickedEngineer 路 6 pointsr/VanLife

The stove is a campchef that can be found here Camp Chef Camping Outdoor Oven with 2 Burner Camping Stove
Works a treat :)
It's the short Wheelbase and the bed is lengthwise, I'm 6'3".
This setup is the max space efficient without sacrificing usability of the kitchen.

u/orquesta_javi 路 1 pointr/VanLife

This one has okay flow rate, still need to see how practical it will be. I'm positive I'll be ok though, otherwise replacing it with an electric one.


u/TheRickDeckard 路 6 pointsr/VanLife

I'm on solar only, so conventional AC is pretty much out of the question. IMO, even the swamp cooler route would result in too much wet air in the van. I use an [Endless Breeze] (, a Maxxair and keep the doors open to provide a (sometimes minimal) breeze. I keep the open doors on the opposite side of the sun, or put up my canopy to keep it shady. Just remember that you'll probably want some mosquito netting to keep the bugs out when your doors are open.

My secret it to avoid humid areas in the summer (usually east of the Mississippi). It makes the days and (especially) nights much more bearable. Still, it will get hot some days. Your body adapts after the first few weeks and it's honestly not that bad thereafter. Source: Lots of time spent in Escalante, Mojave & Southern Arizona in June/July.

u/Slaglenator 路 0 pointsr/VanLife

Dropper seat posts also help make the bike small when storing it on a pull out.

I am converting a van and will use something like this:


You can use these on a pull out or on the wall to secure your bike. The item you pictured is really only for your house, in a vehicle it would let your bike flop around.

u/fernspore 路 2 pointsr/VanLife

Maxxair 00-06200K MaxxFan Ventillation Fan with Smoke Lid and Manual Opening Keypad Control

u/AnHonorableLeech 路 2 pointsr/VanLife

Hmm. When you say butyl tape, is that the same as putty tape? I bought this for my install. Just assumed it was right. Now I'm not so sure...

u/ichy076 路 1 pointr/VanLife

I looked at that site but the products are not reviewed and the descriptions are garbage. For instance, how much micron is that filter?

What about this one?

I also saw several with one filter but is this essentially what I'm going for?

u/baroldgene 路 1 pointr/VanLife

The only way I can think of to do this in an Astro van is with a portable shower with maybe a hose to your van's water supply and a portable toilet where you poop into wag bags.

u/trvekvltlaw 路 3 pointsr/VanLife

FWIW, they do make small safes that can be attached by a steel cable to the frame of your vehicle. I wouldn't expect it to stop a prepared and determined thief, but it'll deter the overwhelming majority of smash and grabs. Not perfect but better than nothing for someone that really feels like they need a gun. They also make a shotgun version that locks just around the trigger/action of the shotgun.

u/numberstation5 路 3 pointsr/VanLife

Absolutely worth it. I have an Engel fridge and I originally wasn't going to do solar. But I found that If I wanted to park for more than a day or if I didn't drive at least 50 miles everyday, the battery would slowly drain down to the cutoff point within a week. I installed one 100-watt panel and I can leave the van parked for as long as i want and the battery stays charged and I never have to turn off the fridge.

I just use a continuous-duty solenoid that connects the house and main batteries when the ignition is on for alternator charging. Nothing fancy. And a sunsaver charge controller for the solar here's a link list I made for a friend who installed a similar setup:

Solar Panel:

Mounting Feet:


Charge Controller (don't skimp here and don't get an MPPT controller for just a panel or three):

I got the x2 Power from Batteries plus. it's not bad, but the battery i should have gotten is this one: - which Batteries plus should be able to get, which means less or no shipping.

Fuse Block:

Volt meter:


u/allhailkircules 路 2 pointsr/VanLife

Depending on your needs (looks a little more in-depth than mine), but I use this guy when I travel

I use it to charge my tablet, phone, and Kindle and I've never had a problem. If you do take it all the way down, it will take a while to recharge, but I think I've used it to fully charge my phone 5x on a charge and had no complaints