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u/IEscapedFromALab · 2 pointsr/VaporwaveAesthetics

Oh neat! Well you're in a perfect spot for it, SW FL is basically adjacent to the everglades and about 10,000 unique Floridian things.

This book is an unbelievably good guide to edible plants in the area. The wild garlic is especially amazing on the edges of swamps, and ice cream beans, chocolate pudding fruits, soursop, guanabana and mamey have managed to spread into the area, often assisted by Floridians.

This is a simple list of some of the most common and easy to cook with.

And if you're really interested, here is an absurdly exhaustive (although not geared towards fine cooking like the book) guide to eating wild plants in Florida.

u/robness · 1 pointr/VaporwaveAesthetics

Details: The book is cut in half and each page are fun quotables by 2 computer systems in nostalgic reflection. One is rugged(Memphis Megahertz) and cyberpunk/spaghetti western in nature whilst the other (Kansas City Fractal) is traditional and emotional Vaporwave tech nostalgia and pre internet nostalgia stylings. Here is a free PDF "Shareware" copy of the book to take a preview at....

The Amazon link for the physical copy is here. Thank you! The Amazon product link just launched so it's not fully compiled, the book description is all there and stuff though. I literally just pressed the PUBLISH button so yeah. Cool! Any reviews would seriously and immensely help as well. Just a little background, this book was conceived inside the Vaporwave Sadplanet telegram( group and slowly emerged from it with the help of others critiquing the crap out of it. Thanks!

u/Imonfire1 · 2 pointsr/VaporwaveAesthetics

There's the Holga 135:

It's a 35mm film camera so it uses the most common film which you should not have too much problem having developped or even developping yourself. It is particularly loved by enthuiasts for its 'cheap' body, producing a lot of vignette and light leaks. It is also very easy to use as it only has two aperture modes and one shutter speed (I think there's a bulb (manual) mode too).

I suggest looking at the customer images (next to customer reviews) on the amazon page to see if it corresponds to the kind of picture you want to get.

Couple that with Lomography Color Film:

which produces typically "lo-fi" pictures and you've got pretty much the lowest-fi result you can get, haha.

Also, if you don't want to bother with processing, there are instructions around the web to make yourself an "Holgaroid"; modding your Holga with a polaroid back to have a really cool and easier to use instant-camera.

u/GodWantedUsToBeLit · 1 pointr/VaporwaveAesthetics

Ameyahud Sun Tapestry Mountain...

There are 3 versions. I would recommend getting the 59x78 one at the least, only being $15. There is a even larger one for $27, and the smallest is $10 but from the other reviews, it seems disappointing in size. The large fits my room perfectly. There tons of other vaporwave type Tapestry’s on amazon as well.

u/FurnaceFuneral · 1 pointr/VaporwaveAesthetics

Basically I installed this in the back of my TV: LEDs

This is the shadow cast from it. Looks pretty nice.

u/proxymoto · 2 pointsr/VaporwaveAesthetics

Not a strip, but I recently got these. They have a few purple/pink settings that look good. I was so happy with the first 2, I bought 2 more:

u/_Skylake_ · 58 pointsr/VaporwaveAesthetics

FYI you can buy caffeine pills .

Anytime I comment this there's always somebody that wigs out, so let me get this out the way. It's the same caffeine that's in sodas or coffee, just in pill form. Literally the same thing.

Most bottles , one pill will be around the same caffeine is in one cup of coffee.

Here's an example . 100mg of caffeine per pill, there's 95 in a cup of coffee (as Google says).

I work 3rd shift, I try and avoid caffeine all together, but use these on days I need the help to stay awake.

Skip the sugary drinks for caffeine

u/PixelD303 · 7 pointsr/VaporwaveAesthetics

For music production these are still a thing. I have a rack of these. Startup feels like an Apollo mission.

u/qMrSwiftp · 2 pointsr/VaporwaveAesthetics

I'm digging it myself, especially being a SH fan too. Because it wraps around the toys and machines, I'm assuming it's probably electroluminescent wire or mock neon LED strip like these here

u/Idiotology101 · 3 pointsr/VaporwaveAesthetics

I bought GameCube style joysticks off amazon for about $10 each. I’ve used one for about a year and haven’t had any issues so far.

u/Ozgilead1999 · 2 pointsr/VaporwaveAesthetics

Is there a website that sells these?

I just looked on amazon for Memphis Notebook and I could only find this

u/sonsnatac · 18 pointsr/VaporwaveAesthetics

This is done with some RBG LED light bulbs off amazon. I paid 19$ for two of them. Here's a link.

u/longrodvonhuttendong · 3 pointsr/VaporwaveAesthetics

When I told people I used a walkman for a music player people thought I was seriously using something like this. It was this and to this day I could still use it but it only had 8gb and space because an issue. Had that baby in use from 2008-2015 until I got a fancy Fiio X3 1st gen.

If Sony decided for a sort of retro thing to remake these kind of walkmans but just give them some internal memory (maybe slim it a bit?) and a small screen to know at least the battery life I would so buy it just to show people I own a older looking walkman for real now.

u/MurchantofDeath · 1 pointr/VaporwaveAesthetics

Found 'em: Vans Old Skool Brite Black/Neon Pink Ankle-High Canvas Skateboarding Shoe - 12M 10.5M

u/Toribor · 2 pointsr/VaporwaveAesthetics

I bought this set off of Amazon but I scrapped the included power supply, unsoldered the 2.1mm barrel connector and wired up a spare 4-pin molex cable I had with a build in power switch. You can change the color with the little IR remote, but they aren't individually addressable so the whole strip changes color at the same time. I ran out of time wiring them up the other day so I only have about half the strip in there right now, need to solder the rest of them together.