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u/t2flip · 2 pointsr/Visible

mc7455, I purchased a used one from Amazon -

And a USB enclosure -

No idea if this is the best enclosure, but seems to work fine. I really need to get some antennas to get more out of my setup. Note that I would have gotten an em7565 for Cat12 and better carrier aggregation (which would need a different enclosure) but I figured I wouldn't be on the best towers traveling around in my RV to make use of it, so it would have probably been overkill for my use case.

I have this plugged into a Raspberry Pi 4, which runs the modem and acts as a wifi access point for my laptops/etc, in addition to running Plex and other things. Check out the Facebook group LTE Hacks, or you can also let me know if you need help with any of it.

Edit to add: Shameless Visible referral code if this is helpful: zvNhb

u/seeker333 · 1 pointr/Visible

My research indicates the Visible Z2 has the same external dimensions as ZTE Blade A7 Vita (A0722), and appears to share most other features as well, review of Blade A7 Via here:


Several covers here from keyword search "zte blade a7 vita cover:


I have a similar TPU case on my Moto G6, works great:


Here's a similar TPU case glued inside a faux leather holder with space for 1-2 cards, plus a kickstand for landscape viewing. I had one of these once for a different phone, but returned it due to concern cards might scratch/mar phone screen, which now seems like a misconception since glass is likely harder than plastic:


Note both of the above linked cases ship straight from China.

u/kautiousk · 1 pointr/Visible

I got a 2 pack of glass screen protectors from Amazon not long ago and they worked well when I was still using my R2. 1 did get wasted while putting it on but that was my fault for not cleaning the screen well enough first lol. Here's a link if anyone is interested:

SZJCKJ 2 Pack HD Screen Protector for ZTE Visible R2 (5,45"), Premium Clear Film Protector Tempered Glass [Scratch Resistant][Anti-Fingerprint] [High Sensitivity].

u/PsyOpWarlord · 3 pointsr/Visible

You can sign up for a free Google Voice account as it includes talk and texting. Always nice to have as a backup. You can have that number also ring on your cell phone (after your line issue is corrected). And you can also buy a Obi Talk adapter so the google voice can make/receive calls as a house phone with no monthly bill.

u/thefourthchime · 3 pointsr/Visible

I picked up this one for Europe a couple times. Worked great for me on London and Poland.

PrePaid Europe (UK THREE) sim...

u/2aj019 · 1 pointr/Visible

You can get it from Amazon since they are having prime day today and tomorrow. S9 for $350, S9+ $450 unlocked but you have til noon pacific time today. Looks like they have S10e 128/256 for $550, S10 $599 and S10+ for $699. But I rather get oneplus 7 pro for that price.


u/ALD-Justin · 1 pointr/Visible

So, I just got off chat with Visible and I thought I would share what I found out.

First of all, my main goal here was to be able to send/receive SMS messages and make/receive Phone calls on my main number as I travel abroad. Obviously, Visible does not have international roaming so I could not do this. So, I purchased an international SIM Card from UK Mobile Three that works throughout Europe on Amazon ( )

Now for visible. Unfortunately, there is NO way to port out your number AND keep your Visible Service. So this is what I am doing:

  1. Setup a brand new Visible account with a brand new phone number
  2. Once I get the new SIM card in the mail (1-2 days), put that one in, activate test, etc.
  3. Then initiate port of number to Google Voice - In the chat I provided my account name, IMEI, etc. and they gave me the account number and PIN I would need to port out the number (like @ronkj said).
  4. After port, I can use my old number on GV on the phone and I have setup the NEW visible number I was given as a linked number in GV.
  5. Lastly, visible said they will give me a credit for my unused service on the original account once this is all done.

    I have not done any of this yet, but will do so in the next 1-2 days and let you know how it works out!!!
u/chucktate · 2 pointsr/Visible

I just ordered and received one of these. It fits on the outside of the phone and actually protects it quite a bit. I ordered it because I couldn't stand not having some sort of case. The one I ordered from China, no idea when it will get here. But this is a good quick fix for me.

u/cool_guy19 · 2 pointsr/Visible

NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender EX3700 - Coverage up to 1000 sq.ft. and 15 devices with AC750 Dual Band Wireless Signal Booster & Repeater (up to 750Mbps speed), and Compact Wall Plug Design

u/flagator62 · 2 pointsr/Visible

You can use the hotspot/phone as the internet source to a router and then connect your devices to the router. This is what I use: