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u/sennister · 1 pointr/WRX

There are people saying they can use this to reprogram the tpms on the WRX.

As for tires. It kind of depends on what you want. I have read reviews where people felt dedicated winters like Blizzak provided too much grip. That they wanted to be able to slide the car a bit more. Well that is personal preference. I know in my A4 many years ago I really liked my Pilot Sport A/S. I think that was the tire. They did really well year round so I would run them. I went from that to a Jetta TDI and with fwd I used a set of Michelin X Ice and they were pretty good. Night and day different than any all season I had on the car. I am also debating on what to do with my WRX this winter.

Edit: some more info on the Area

u/dgiwrx · 3 pointsr/WRX

Yes. I have a pioneer w4400nex in my 2018 wrx base model. Great headunit with wireless CarPlay. It’s relatively plug and play with a harness from autoharnesshouse. Here are all the links:

AutoHarnessHouse Aftermarket...

Direct wire harness for Pioneer...

Maestro ADS-MSW Universal Analog Steering Wheel Interface

Need this to connect FM radio to new Headunit:
Aftermarket Radio Antenna Adapter by Vehicle Aerial Stereo Converter Cable, DIN (Motorola Type) to Antenna Terminal

Need this if you want to retain factory USB port:
Metra Electronics AX-SUBUSB Multicolored Subaru 2011 & Up 4-Pin USB Adapter

This is the dash kit to make the headunit fit properly:

Those are all the harnesses/wires you’ll need to make it plug and play. The USB adapter might not work if your car has 2 USB ports in the center console. This shouldn’t be a problem anyways since CarPlay is wireless. The USB ports will still charge your phone regardless. If you have the base wrx, it’ll be fine. On YouTube there are plenty of install vids if you ever feel confused.
Edit: the guy from autoharnesshouse (Brian) is also very friendly if you have any questions about the harness, just email him.

u/hSix-Kenophobia · 1 pointr/WRX

Hey, glad you liked it. I used this. Was super cheap and very easy to put in place. You'll need a steady hand and some patience but overall it's not too hard. If you check my other submissions here, you'll see I did the front bumper, side fender badges, and mirrors with this same tape. Just take your time, use wax / grease remover, and clean the area with isopropyl alcohol before laying it down.

u/iDingo91 · 2 pointsr/WRX

I love those cup holders and have the same ones. Definitely worth getting! Here is the link to those if anyone is interested:


u/Bergalici0us · 2 pointsr/WRX

I recommend both the shift stop mentioned above + the Perrin brash shifter bushing ( ). There are a ton of great DIY installs for both of these products mentioned above. The stop does help with going vertical, by tightening up its gate horizontally. The stop keeps you in-line with the gate and makes the shifter have a more secure path into 1st, 2nd, 5th, & 6th. The brash bushing will relive a lot of that notchiness and slop and will help you slide into gear with more ease.

u/Zhoutz21 · 2 pointsr/WRX

Yup! You get the “teeth grinding” feeling. Buy one of these:

PERRIN Shifter Stop Compatible with Subaru WRX 2015-2017 and 2018-19 WRX with OEM Short Shifter

Very easy install. It def helps but doesn’t eliminate it entirely. It really tightens up the shifting. Also, get yourself a weighted shift knob (400 grams +) and that will also help!

Edit: adding link to install vid that I used. Hope this helps!

u/moordzieK · 2 pointsr/WRX

There is an adapter kit that will fit a US plate with the JDM holes.

Just got this for my wife's Forester, works great and looks good.

u/Sp3nt93 · 2 pointsr/WRX

I have this bracket, and it works great.
License Plate Adapter Kit for Subaru

Will definitely need to fold down the back seats to fit 4 tires.

u/krcub · 1 pointr/WRX

You can do the swap without touching the TPMS but then you have to deal with the TPMS warning light (and the system not working).

I no longer have my 2016 WRX but IMO spending a few hundred to get rid of the warning light and have a functional TPMS system during the colder months was well worth it.

Here was my setup:

Stock tires with stock TPMS
New winter wheels with new set of TPMS

Tool to program the ECU with the winter/summer TPMS codes:

Tool to "wakeup" the sensors (they go to sleep after sometime being inactive):

TPMS sensors: Winter tire setup and TPMS bought form Tire Rack.


1.) Use the first tool and its software to upload the winter TPMS codes (they were provided to me by tire rack at my request) and assign them to the winter button. Don't forget to "read" and store your summer sensors to the tool/software and summer button. If my memory serves me correctly, the tool pulls the TPMS codes currently in your car if you need to.
2.) Change your tires, plug in the tool to your obd-ii port and press the winter button
3) Use the trigger tool to wake up your winter tire sensors.

The process is just as easy for the winter to summer wheel changeout. Once the codes are in the tool it's just a matter of changing your tires and reprogramming the ECU.

I hope this helps!

u/duodad · 2 pointsr/WRX

Backs are easier than fronts... but make sure you have something like this to screw in the backs.

The part the instructions didn’t help:
After I figured out how the S clips go on in the most illogical way, everything else is easy... also, don’t forget the spacers in the front!

u/Odins_AE86 · 2 pointsr/WRX

I got them from Amazon. Really cheap and easy mod, love the way it looks.

u/WallyEXPRESS · 0 pointsr/WRX

Auxbeam 9005 LED Headlights F-S2 Series with 2Pcs 9005 HB3 H10 9145 LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kits 72W 8000LM Super Bright COB Led Chips Fog Light

u/TheRawCarnage · 1 pointr/WRX this is the harness i used, has the reverse 6v signal already to go. all you need us usb retention

then the speaker harness.

and lastly the antenna harness

these were all the things i used to wire in my kenwood. besides the tool to keep steering wheel buttons

the autoharnesshouse harness makes it easy to use the maestro by the way. hope this helped. i have a 2017 wrx by the way so i dont know if there is a difference with 2015 and the new 2018+s

u/xchristobal · 2 pointsr/WRX

I had trouble with this at first as well. I like my phone to my right, but every spot in the middle seemed to block something. I ended up using a magnetic vent clip mount that works very well. I put it on the vent to the left of the steering wheel. It doesn't block anything important, and it holds my huge galaxy note 8 perfectly. It has never fallen off, or moved in the slightest. The way I have it mounted only blocks half the vent. No matter what you have to block something lol. Got used to it on the left, and ended up putting my accessport just below where the trunk release button is. Link to phone mount

u/WRX2017 · 2 pointsr/WRX

My dealer told me that I don't want them to drill into the bumper when I picked it up. Ended up picking up a JDM adapter plate on amazon:

It's a simple plastic backing with expanding rubber fasteners. I stabilized it with some foam weatherstripping to ensure it doesn't wobble. I also got a recessed chrome frame from a local auto shop.

A center mounted plate looks better imho, asymmetry is not my thing.

u/ManBearPig2114 · 2 pointsr/WRX

Are you on FB groups? Nick from New Provisions Racing can hook you up with a deal on the door speakers, they don't have the tweeters.






Just be sure to go on Subaru and DOUBLE CHECK that the part #'s on the Amazon listings match the model you need for your model and trim level and such. I'm 90% sure those links are a match, but you should def check just to be sure.

u/bfreeze1597 · 1 pointr/WRX

Got bored earlier today and was looking for the same thing. Found these liners on Amazon ( and they are pretty cheap and get good reviews. I ordered the red to match the stitching so it'll add a little color to the interior.

u/Frog_Brother · 3 pointsr/WRX

Most mid-upper level head units have the ability to plug in a backup camera. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a unit with Android Auto without a backup camera plug. Also, if it has Android Auto, you're guaranteed to have a USB port, as it's required, and all head units with the above mentioned features will most certainly have an aux input as well.

Also, I hear Crutchfield's customer service is top-notch. You should be able to give them a call with more specific questions.

Here are a few well-reviewed units I'm considering for my WRX with all of the features you listed:

Pioneer AVH-4200NEX

Kenwood DDX9903s

Sony XAV-AX100

u/abstractexpert · 2 pointsr/WRX

I just upgraded my 15 STi (w/ Harmon speakers) with the Pioneer 4200NEX. Its on sale for $200 off. I was able to retain my steering wheel controls with another component. Probably your best bet for seeing Android Auto in a WRX until 2020. I've not aware of any OEM updating existing systems to add Android Auto / Apply Carplay after release.

u/n8tiveprophet · 1 pointr/WRX

Definitely get the fumoto oil drain valve, makes oil changes much faster and you won't have to keep buying the crush gaskets.

Here is a link for the oil filter I use:

As for oil, you will need 6 quarts, I personally use penzoil ultra platinum 5w30 on my stage 2 wrx. I've also heard good things about regular penzoil platinum, just go with whatever you can get cheaper.

u/WRXinNoCO · 2 pointsr/WRX

I have replaced my DRL and Fog lights with these

Auxbeam LED headlight Bulbs 9005 F-S2 Series 9005 LED Headlights with 2 Pcs LED Conversion Kits 72W 8000LM Bridgelux COB Chips Fog Light

During the day they are on full power but don't notice it and have had no complaints from other drivers and at night they work great for high beams. I tried several different styles and these were a nice balance for DRL and high beam.

u/ray_r86 · 2 pointsr/WRX

I got both the bushing and shift stop from Amazon due to prime and cheaper price.

Perrin Performance PSP-INR-018
Perrin Shift Stop

Perrin Performance PSP-INR-016
Perrin Shift Bushing

The Invidia R400 is louder at cold starts and its a deep sound. At idle, it sounds stock. Below 2.5k rpm is not too loud and but does get louder at higher rpms. I do love the deep bass sound. I typically try to shift below 3k rpm when leaving my Apt community in the morning. Wife says her 18 Stock Mustang 5.0 is still louder :/

u/ph00l1sh · 4 pointsr/WRX

Can you link to this tool please? I am interested in getting it too!

Edit: will this one work?

u/darks0ul56 · 4 pointsr/WRX

Do you mean using the Japanese standard holes for a license plate? If so I bought mine on amazon. It came with 2 screws and you place the rubber screw expander first then the screw and its super sturdy.

u/wpcloki · 3 pointsr/WRX

quick google for 'wrx front license plate adapter' turned that up on Amazon. Looks like it should work

u/macreadyrj · 4 pointsr/WRX

It can read the sensor IDs from the summer set, then input the IDs from the winter set (assuming you know them). I got my IDs from tire rack when I got a new set. There is also a tool available on amazon that can read TPMS IDs, more expensive.
It plugs into the car's OBD port to get the info and reset the IDs, and you need a windows PC/laptop to run the software. It was a little bit of a pain to get right the first time but I have it figured out now. Also, a laptop is nice so I don't have to run back and forth to the PC while trying to get these things working.

My local garage quoted me $100 to swap winter/summer and reset TPMS for one car. We have two cars, so that would be $400/year. My floor jack and TPMS sensor paid for themselves in one year.

ATEQ reset tool:

If you don't know your sensor IDs you can use this to read them, but it's another expense. You could also go to a tire place.

u/ninbri64 · 1 pointr/WRX

Custom Fit Cup and Console Liner Acessories for Subaru WRX 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 (Red Trim)

This was a total impulse buy and I don't regret it. Covers the door cup holders too

u/amac052 · 1 pointr/WRX

Cruising 60-70 mph there is no drone, just road noise. Now if you pass someone you will hear the exhaust but it is nowhere near a deafening tone.

If you are interested, you can check some of the other reviews on Amazon

u/Anders13 · 1 pointr/WRX

Yes I got an adapter that allows me to use the center consoles USB port. Axxess AX-SUBUSB2 USB Retention...

u/Kayko_Kitsune · 3 pointsr/WRX

I upgraded to a Pioneer Nav unit in the fall and I believe that this USB Retention Harness Is what I have to retain the USB in the armrest. Unfortunately, Android Auto didn't work between the Pioneer unit and the S7 for some reason but the USB does work.
Side note: The OEM backup camera also works with using the Axxess AX-SUB28SWC but I recall the wiring was changed in the 2017 so it wasn't color for color as original wiring diagrams went.

u/OreoStallion · 2 pointsr/WRX

fold seats + move passenger seat in the front up / lean it forward if you want it to be as smooth as possible without scuffing stuff

hood scoop i check every time I wash it for misc stuff but i've had 2 leaves get in there the past year... it's uncommon for the most part in my experience



no drilling easily done took me 5 minutes

u/Cheeseman1478 · 1 pointr/WRX

Not OP, but It’s off of amazon. I’ll see if I can find it

Edit: got it

u/gnvrys · 1 pointr/WRX

Or a way cheaper version:

I used to like the off-center look but quickly wore off since everyone seems to have it nowadays. That and the fact that the rod connects directly to the frame making a fender bender potentially cost way more than it should.

u/fifapro23 · 3 pointsr/WRX

Geez, you can get them on amazon for cheaper. I paid 70 for the multifunction fog light.

u/scatrinomee · 1 pointr/WRX

Just got a roll of the tape off amazon and laid down on the concrete and slapped it on there myself.

[Link](Trimbrite T1218 Trim Stripe Red 1/4 Tape

u/WinstonPolyclef · 2 pointsr/WRX

I got these on Amazon. I think they're the same as the ones Subiespeed sells.

u/unholy_cannoli · 1 pointr/WRX

here it is
And definitely. I hate that they didn’t match it with the shift boot.
Once I find either one matching the shift boot or a pair I like I’ll pick it up.

u/Garmaglag · 1 pointr/WRX

I have heard that this one is good, I've been looking into picking it up myself but I want

u/LesVestes · 2 pointsr/WRX

Found it it raised in price (or maybe it was on sale when i looked idk) but its atleast 30 bucks cheaper than from subispeed.

u/cguajardo · 3 pointsr/WRX

Magnetic Mount, WizGear [2 PACK] Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder, for Cell Phones and Mini Tablets with Fast Swift-Snap Technology, With 4 Metal Plates

u/wrx1784 · 1 pointr/WRX

4 door speakers were $200. Tweeters were $100 I think. Bought them separately.

u/sherkon_18 · 1 pointr/WRX

I don't have an amp, this headunit is more than enough for stock speakers and, my speakers need to be replaced. Looking to replace with the OEM upgrade from kicker.Amazon link

u/32F492R0C273K · 3 pointsr/WRX

Here is one.

But you can find more if you search for "Subaru front plate adapter" or something along those lines.

u/OKCsubie · 1 pointr/WRX

PERRIN Solid Shifter Bushing Compatible with Subaru WRX 2015 - 19

This will help. Gets rid of the dumb rubber one

u/eddywuu · 2 pointsr/WRX

I have a dealership nearby so i just purchase from them. You may be able to find the OEM online

u/coke_can_turd · 1 pointr/WRX

It's to prevent obstructing air to the FMIC. WRX is top mount, so it's just for aesthetics, or to avoid drilling the bumper even though these exist.

u/jayjet23 · 2 pointsr/WRX

I have been buying mine from Amazon for $8 USD: Genuine Subaru 15208AA170 Oil Filter Complete, 1 Pack

Unsure on dealership price for a change as I do mine myself.

u/Blubaru23 · 3 pointsr/WRX

Just start with the Rocky Spring Shift Stop and Perrin Brass Bushing.The rocky spring is the same as perrin shift stop just cheaper.

I installed both the SS and Bushing in my 18 lmtd in under 30 minutes. It cleaned it up a lot. Install both of those for under $50 and then reevaluate before you go replacing the entire thing.

I also have the short throw shifter from factory.

u/StruckByRedLightning · 1 pointr/WRX

I just did the install on my 2019 WRX Premium. No additional parts needed. The hardest part of the install was getting the old exhaust off - those spring bolts by the cat were so rusted (after only 1 year).

I bought it from here:

u/MtnXfreeride · 27 pointsr/WRX

I have dealt with them and had bad communication and some attitude.

Some of the stuff they sell is available on amazon/ebay for less than half the price.. and believe me.. their versions are the same garbage quality.




$32 shipped

u/spartacus10101 · 3 pointsr/WRX

I have this too. Not too loud but noticeable over stock. Deeper tone. Lowest price I found was on Amazon BORLA 140595 S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System

u/theargetlam · 1 pointr/WRX

Here's my comprehensive list of what I have added to my 2018 WRX so far: