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u/berdieus · 4 pointsr/WagWalker

> How often do you get the payout for the walks?

Pay periods are from Tuesday-Monday, with the money going to your account that Friday. So for example this Friday (9/06) we'll get paid for all walks done between 8/27-9/02.

> Do you need to bring your own leash?

No. I've done 1000+ walks and only one client didn't have a leash (I ended up stopping at a Petco and buying a cheap one just for that walk then returned it afterwards)

> How do taxes work for what you’re paid?

Wag doesn't withhold anything for taxes, so it's your responsibility to set aside enough (generally ~15-20%, depending on your earnings and state) for your tax bill at the end of the year. If you make less than $66k in a year, is a free filing site provided by H&R Block that makes it pretty simple.

> Should you/how do you track mileage for taxes?

Yes, you can save a pretty significant amount on your tax bill by deducting mileage. The Stride app is the gold standard for this.

> How much do you realistically make per 30 minute/hour walk?

Base rates:

20 minutes: $8.40 (owner pays $14)
30 minutes: $12 (owner pays $20)
60 minutes: $18 (owner pays $30)

each additional dog: add $3 to the above (owner pays $5)

Walks that aren't getting filled may go into bonus payouts, up to the full fare that the owner paid

> How much can you make realistically in a week walking? A month?

This is highly dependent on walk availability in your area and how much you're willing to work. But assuming an 8-hour schedule and assuming you live in a city with a fairly consistent stream of walk availability throughout the day, $100-110/day is not terribly difficult.

> What are important things you’ve learned as you go? What are problems that have risen/how did you deal with them?

  1. All you absolutely NEED as a walker is your smartphone, so make sure it is charged. Invest in a portable charger if necessary.
  2. Bring a roll of poop bags. In my experience, ~50% of owners don't provide them. If you plan on doing this a while, buy the 900-pack on Amazon for 15 bucks.
  3. Never under any circumstances click "Start walk" until the dog is leashed and you're out the door. Literally 90% of problems I've seen on this sub occur because a walker clicked "Start walk" when they shouldn't have. If for any reason you are unable to get the dog leashed and out the door (i.e. can't get in to the residence, dog is nervous/avoiding you, the dog is being aggressive, whatever) either contact the owner or request a cover from Wag. Some walkers think "I'll just click Start walk and then end it immediately and explain what happened in the notes" which is the worst possible thing you can do.
  4. If the owner has a lockbox, make sure you close it and scramble it as soon as you remove the key. This may sound obvious, but I've seen some walkers who leave the lockbox open during a walk, which is baffling. Whether you keep the key with you during the walk is up to you (some recommend putting it back in the lockbox so you don't lose it, but I always keep it on me and in 1000 walks have never had a problem) but always close the lockbox immediately.
  5. After the walk, assuming the owner isn't home, it's common courtesy to fill the dog's water bowl (unless there are explicit instructions otherwise). It's important to audibly explain what you're doing as you're doing it (i.e. "Let's fill up your water bowl!") so in case someone is home or the owner has a camera, they know that you're not doing something you shouldn't be.
  6. Always knock and wait a few seconds before unlocking the door, even if the instructions don't mention anyone will be home. Because sometimes another family member or roommate or something might actually be there. If someone is home after you open the door, introduce yourself immediately with "Hi, I'm adeerable, your dog walker!"
  7. "Whitewash" your report cards. Don't lie, but for example if the dog was pulling like crazy the whole walk, say "we had a really energetic walk around the neighborhood!" Owners don't like hearing negative shit about their dogs.
  8. When completing your report card, finish writing what you want to write and THEN add the photo. It's easy to mis-click the "Submit" button but as long as you haven't added a photo yet, it won't send.

    > it would be nice to make at least $200/ month extra bare minimum. How many walks would that take? I guess I’m looking for a realistic idea/approach.

    $200 is roughly $230 before taxes, and most weeks I end up with 10-15% in tips. So it'd take about 17-18 30-minute walks to make $230.
u/makeup_at_the_gym · 1 pointr/WagWalker

I wouldn't say essentials as a whole but essentials to ME:


wag bandana

poop bags

wet wipes


hand sanitizer

latex free gloves

basic first aid kit

water bottle with bowl attachment

treats of two types

head lamp for night/early morning walks walks


second unlocked old phone to put my sim card into in case I break my usual phone

big ass wide brim hat:


I carry it all in one of these:


I considered it a full time second job so I put maybe more effort into it than some people might want to, but I like to be very prepared in general and it's saved my ass countless times. I also carry a full change of clothes, including shoes, in my moped.



u/meekmeeka · 15 pointsr/WagWalker

As someone who overcame severe depression and was on 200mg of Zoloft at one point in my need to get professional help for yourself. First and foremost: take care of YOU. You won't be able to help dogs until you help yourself and you need to do it because YOU ARE WORTH THAT.

That doesn't mean quit Wag. That means prioritizing you so you can work as you get better (and work on yourself). The only thing that helped me was therapist who specialized in depression, anxiety, and PTSD (my issues). Here is a book that helped me (used in conjunction with therapy- it is somewhat of a workbook since it has exercises):

I would still walk dogs as I got help as it's good for you to make money to help support yourself and it's good to get outside and not lock yourself up indoors (makes your depression worse). The exercise and dogs will help. I would place that second to the therapy. Focus should be on that. It isn't hopeless. It feels hopeless because that's what depression does. If you have supportive family, reach out to them too.

FWIW, that lady is a bitch. Don't worry about her. She doesn't matter and she is probably miserable in her own life. I'm sensitive too, but just let it go and if it helps wish her to get hemorrhoids (I do this for fellow assholes I encounter..makes me feel better anyway lol)

u/rantingusername · 3 pointsr/WagWalker

I bought this one on amazon if you're interested. Plus it's rainbow :)

u/freelancerjoe · 4 pointsr/WagWalker

I believe these are the cheapest:

Comes in a HUGE roll though, I just tear some off before each day and it's all good.

u/Veschist · 1 pointr/WagWalker

living in Portland we dont have to worry so much about the cold as the damn rain. quality gear is a must. I've found some awesome warm water proof gloves that make a world of difference in wet weather

u/starktully · 2 pointsr/WagWalker

i bought these poop bags and always keep one of the rolls in my bag so i never have to worry about a client not providing them

u/shutyourdickholster · 5 pointsr/WagWalker

VIPERTEK VTS-880-30 Billion Mini Stun Gun - Rechargeable with LED Flashlight, Black

I've used this the past 2 years and have never had to actually tase a dog. The noise and flash alone has been enough of a deterrent

u/MilkPudding · 2 pointsr/WagWalker

I use these, they aren’t as warm and waterproof as giant puffy insulated gloves obviously but they’re decent even in snowy weather and if you get a tightly fitting pair it makes trying off bags manageable. I used a seam ripper to take off that ugly red “Touch Screen Hand” rubber stamp.

u/Timeisnao · 12 pointsr/WagWalker
  • Carry a portable battery charger. The app drains your battery pretty quickly. Instead of sitting in a Starbucks waiting for a charge: you can charge as you walk. I personally use this one

  • As soon as you head out the door towards the walk select the ‘on my way’ button. If your ETA is 35 min away it may seem silly but you are spending time from that moment to tend to the client. And also reserving that space in your schedule for the client. In the event that they cancel you should be compensated for your time and effort and get the $10 cancel fee. You can manually enter anything an eta over 20 minutes.

  • I constantly read about people having to wait for a doorman, or some other event that causes a delay in the start of the walk. If I wait more than 5 minutes I text the owner about the delay and ask them to cancel the walk. Screen grab your convo and text wag support. You should be compensated for this.

  • Anything that makes you uncomfortable is not worth the risk. If the dog is aggressive , snarling at you etc TAKE VIDEO, TAKE PICS. Text the owner, text wag and be on your way. You should get the cancel fee that you are entitled to.

  • In the event of the above circumstances: If you don’t click ‘start walk’ and ‘end walk’ then there is no opportunity for the owner to rate you negatively. If I have reason torequest an owner cancel a walk: I don’t click ‘start/end’. I let wag do it. I hear stories of people putting up with crazy things to avoid a negative review. Reviews can be removed and nothing is worth your safety.

  • Carry poop bags with you. Just in case the owner doesn’t have them. Oddly some don’t. I use grocery bags and haven’t needed to buy actual poop bags yet.