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u/thrasymachus616 · 2 pointsr/WarhammerUnderworlds

To get the effect I mixed my white and blue 1:1 with THIS. Then painted it very thickly with white and dabbed blue dots into the white. Then with a ton of water I swirled as best I could, letting the pooling water do as much of the work as I could. I kind of made it up as I went...that youtube video looks like it might get overall better effects--I'm also not sure you need to use paint retarder, though it did keep it pretty thick so it didn't all just blend together. Definitely something I'd like to work with more!

u/Hawkstrike6 · 2 pointsr/WarhammerUnderworlds

Depending on what warbands you have, I find that the easiest ones to get started painting are the Nighthaunts and Stormcast Eternals. There are good tutorials online for both, and you can get good effects with relatively few paints. IIRC GW sells a starter paint set for both (that may include a mini).


Don't expect display results immediately, and gradually build in complexity. You get good tabletop standard with just a prime-base-wash technique. The subsequent highlight/detail steps are where most of the skill and technique come in.

u/HailMaryIII · 2 pointsr/WarhammerUnderworlds

I'm working on that atm

  1. Feldherr foam insert for the original core box

  2. The Nightvault box (Stormsire DO NOT FIT in anything >:( )

  3. My whole warbands are gonna go in the 150 sized Feldherr one. I'm not taking this to tournaments but just for storage. I will update when I get it whether it is good or not. I am also not against cutting foam to make sure things fit so I will let you know if I do
u/leafyhouse · 1 pointr/WarhammerUnderworlds

I've also never painted before, can you recommend a good...starting place? Beginning kit, tutorial you found helpful? I've looked into kits like this one.

I've also considered getting into painting, and this might help me with that as well.

u/saboteurthefirst · 1 pointr/WarhammerUnderworlds

I found some that appear they will fit, though I am uncertain. I'll probably be able to pick up the case mid-October and if you are still looking I can let you know if they do. Someone provided the rough size of the foams trays in the Amazon Q+A for the skirmish case ( 2"x7.5"x9" ), and based on that I think they will be good. The closest sized containers I have found are these ones:

u/FreshMnMCookies · 1 pointr/WarhammerUnderworlds

I use Wayland Games Greens. Sold here. Happy gaming!

u/rocketsp13 · 1 pointr/WarhammerUnderworlds

Short version is to thin the paint down to around layer or glaze consistency, and paint it on as normal. Then very quickly (you have seconds before the edge starts to dry sometimes) wash your brush in your water, and dab it off on your paper towel, before running the damp brush over the edge of the layer line, thinning the paint.

Another option is to have a portion of your paper towel pre-moistened, so you can just wipe the excess paint directly off into that moist patch (though it has to be fairly wet for that to work). I personally do this one more often when wet blending, but that's just me.

Some people prefer to just stick the brush in their mouth and eat the paint, using their saliva to clean and moisten the brush, but there's all sorts of not good things in paint (titanium white anyone?), so that's highly not advised, outside the addicts.

You may want to look into a paint retarder or a flow medium that extends the drying time, if you can't quite move fast enough.

u/AleHisa · 1 pointr/WarhammerUnderworlds

Haha, yeah. But due to your suggestion I kept on browsing, since it looked nice but was a bit out of my price range and found basically a miniature version of it for just a little more than the plastic box

I think I'll settle for this one!

u/LH99 · 1 pointr/WarhammerUnderworlds

I've went through a few different ones and I like this stuff the best. Goes on thin but not too thin. I used to prime in black, but when you paint a bunch of minis red, orange, or yellow on black primer you'll never want to see it again. Been sticking to white ever since.

u/the_ninja1001 · 1 pointr/WarhammerUnderworlds

As a long time tcg player, binders are horrible for storage. Use a card box.

Card board boxes, I prefer the 500 count or the 1000 count boxes.

If you have extra to spend dragon shield makes great boxes. Miniature market has them on sale right now as well.

u/Malodoror · 1 pointr/WarhammerUnderworlds

The Polyshade line is specifically stain and varnish combined. Minwax 61440444 PolyShades - Antique Walnut, Gloss

There are different colors, I like the Walnut because it’s darker.

u/medicationforall · 2 pointsr/WarhammerUnderworlds

I sculped them using Magic Sculpt and the center tile's blocks are pieces made from hirst arts Roman Temple Mold #62