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u/skiattle · 4 pointsr/Washington

State Park bookings are probably all gone in that time frame, or you'll end up in an awkward spot. Fear not, more car camping in cool spots to be had. First, get a good map - I recommend the Benchmark Atlas.

To make a nice loop trip, I'd head down from the border on I-5 until you reach route 20. Head east. Most of the sites leading up to Diablo Lake have some degree of first-come-first-served car camping, and there are a smattering of forest roads that have some established car camping. If you are feeling adventurous, take the Cascade River road out of Marblemount - a long one-way road into the true heart of the N Cascade wilderness with tons of 'established' car camping along the river valley. The entire drive along 20 is amazing, you crane your neck up at every turn trying to take it all in - truly beautiful drive.

Once you get to the Methow valley, maybe rent a cabin/house for a couple days before heading south (finding a place that will only do one night will be hard here). I don't know the area around there to speak to the car camping opportunities. It likely will be very hot.

If you continue south, there is some good first-come-first-served car camping in the Yakima river canyon just south of Ellensburg that offers quite a beautiful change from the greengreengreen of the west side of the cascades. Camp and hike at Umtanum Creek Recreation Area. Also, couple vineyards in the area, and probably a brewery or two in either Ellensburg or Yakima.

If you drive south from there, you can hook up with SR 410 and head west towards Rainier. There is first-come-first-served car stuff along the way, and also some forest service roads where you can find some good spots. Good views and good hiking.

Drive around Rainier and then choose - down to the Columbia by St Helens or Adams? Around the Olympic Peninsula, taking the Port Angeles/Whidbey ferry home? A night or two in Seattle?

u/GHMariner · 2 pointsr/Washington

Wow, that was a short article. If you want an interesting read on the fur trade in the PNW, read Astoria: John Jacob Astor and Thomas Jefferson's Lost Pacific Empire: A Story of Wealth, Ambition, and Survival

u/milleribsen · 3 pointsr/Washington

I'm not sure if it covers that time period but this book was written by a teacher i very much respected in my education.

u/aagusgus · 2 pointsr/Washington

Chaining Oregon by Kay Atwood is a good book about the beginning of the Federal Land Survey that "created" Washington and Oregon.

u/pala4833 · 6 pointsr/Washington

Do you have much experience sea kayaking, dead reckoning, and working with very strong tidal currents?

This book is a good place to start.

u/geronimo2000 · 13 pointsr/Washington

read this book then hike in to Monte Cristo

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Washington

How do you plan on getting past the dams? You'll have to portage them

How do you plan on getting from the Columbia to Chelan?

How much thought have you put into this?

If you're serious, people have paddled the Columbia. For example:Voyage of a Summer Sun: Canoeing the Columbia River

And there are guides: Paddling the Columbia: A Guide to all 1200 Miles of our Scenic and Historical River

u/boumboum34 · 15 pointsr/Washington

If you're willing to do some digging, you might want to contact the

Department of American Indian Studies

at University of Washington. If anyone knows of good resources for you, they will. That teach that stuff for a living and they know so much they even offer Masters Degrees in American Indian Studies.

I know there's quite a few books on the Native Americans of Washington state. A simple search of should locate them. University library librarian can locate such books too. Public library not likely to have much but might have a book or two on Pacific Northwest Indians.

Finally, Google search results for "Duwamish Tribe"

History page on Duwamish Tribe website (contact info there too).

Wikipedia page on the Duwamish.

Browsing Amazon turns up these books;

Chief Leschi, War Chief of the Battle of Seattle and the Puget Sound War, 1855–56

Native Seattle: Histories of the Crossing-Over place

Chief Seattle and the Town that Took his Name

The Indians of Puget Sound: The Notebooks of Myron Eels (eyewitness accounts of Indian life from 1874-1907)

The Mythology of Southern Puget Sound: Legends Shared by Tribal Elders

u/PensReflecting · 0 pointsr/Washington

> I guess Sam Brown is a popular name. Google Sam Lindsey-Brown and you'll find the right guy. He was not the kind of guy to commit suicide in jail or out of it. He was murdered because he worked for one of North Americas biggest Drug lords, who lives in Nelson BC and is the leader of a secret society (Free Mason / Illuminati network of drug dealers who control the drug world in North America and gets support from Secret society leaders in Texas (where Bush controls that secret society jurisdiction) where two sheriffs from the jail on the block where Sam "committed suicide" were transferred immediately after sams death so they could not talk. Secret societies are too powerful and they need to be exposed and their leaders need to be jailed. My book goes into more details: