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u/costantinea · 3 pointsr/WindowsMR
  1. Run the VR compatibility check:
  2. Upgrade to Windows 10 version 1809:
  3. Load Steam VR:
  4. Load STEAM WMR:
  5. Bluetooth: For all but Samsung Odyssey HMD+, be sure your computer has a Bluetooth capability to talk to the hand controllers. If capability is not built in, buy a Bluetooth dongle and plug it into a USB 2 port. AND, if possible place this in an USB 2 port that is away from the Headset connection to the computer --- perhaps the front of the computer. Known to work (Plugable Bluetooth 4.0 low energy.):
  6. Plug in the your headset:a. Headset HDMI: plug headset HDMI connector into your graphics cardb. Headset USB: plug into USB 3 connector (blue or red)This will cause the headset software to install the headset to start runningAlternate approach:
  7. Pair your controllers:
  8. Play Space: be sure you clear plenty of space. If you are 6 foot, you need a nine foot ceiling. You can break controllers, your hands, or TVs etc. if you do not have enough space. I found that standing on a rug the siz of your safe area (for me that is 8 feet by 6 feet) enables my feet to tell me if I am heading toward a boundary where trouble lurks. A padded rug or yoga mat helps with being able to sense edges and play for long sessions.
  9. Games: start with free and check STEAM for the most played. Consider:

    a. The Lab

    b. Rec Room

    c. Google Earth

    d. You Tube

    e. Beat Saber

    f. Elven Assassin

    g. Arizona Sunshine

    h. Gorn

    i. Pavlov


  10. Location of free WMR software for education:

    to see the way school use these to make middle and high scholl curriculums, as well as, other items from VictoryVR education company :


  11. Buy rechargeable batteries: people say the Amazon basic rechargeable are great; highly rated from IKEA
u/TheOnlyJonto · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

I've had tracking issues in the past but seem to have finally figured it out. It's finicky and there are a few things you need to do to get the best experience.


First of all, Microsoft suggests this bluetooth adapter.

Second, try different USB ports on your system. If the port you're using shares the same controller as the headset itself or some other device it may not be working perfectly. Try 2.0 and 3.0 ports until you find one that works best.

Third, I have my adapter on an extension cord so I can bring it as close to my play area as possible.

Fourth, try the Marvel driver that Microsoft recommends. Go to Device Manager and find your bluetooth driver, right click and go to properties>driver>update driver>browse my computer for updated driver>let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer; now uncheck "show compatible hardware" and find "Marvel Semiconductor, Inc." then choose Marvel AVASTAR Bluetooth Radio Adapter".


After all that I have basically perfect tracking. I can play Beat Saber about as well as this system can handle I think. In fact I just finished a bunch of the original songs at 135% speed today and it kept up without losing tracking.

u/Soulfax · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

For someone who's is just getting in to VR the Lenovo is a great headset.

Before I bought my Lenovo for about 300 USD (which is a steal in most of Europe) I used the PSVR and the Lenovo is so much better. Superior resolution, much lighter and thus easier to move around in, significantly improved colours and blacks.

I also have a large head. Im forced to fully unscrew the back screw that tightens the headband and it's still kinda tight if I don't let my hair down.

But if you don't mind adding another 90 USD you should go for the Samsung Odisey + which is in almost every way superior to the Lenovo.

The main advantage of the Odisey + over the Lenovo, besides the increased resolution and less pronounced SDE, is that you don't need a Bluetooth dongle connected to your PC for controller paring. The Samsung has Bluetooth recivers in the headset it self.

From what I've read on this sub and other places online the O + controller tracking works great out of the box while other WMR headsets, like the Lenovo, are much more finicky - and that not even mentioning that the latest SteamVR update that introduced diffirent controller mapping for WMR controllers introduced more problems like pronounced shaking and jittier in WMR controllers.

If I were you in your shoes I would get the Odisey + in a heart beat over the Lenovo.

Hope this helps.

u/mike2048 · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

Hey frustration can get the best of anyone. I put my lights on a dimmer as I found my tracking works best when I dial the brightness back maybe 20%. And don't get me started on the BT usb dongle, I was ready to throw the pc out the window when trying to show off my Odyssey at a family member's home. Had good results with this BT adapter. Also, switch all wireless devices to 5GHz / turn off 2.4 GHz wireless on your router if you can at all help it. Once I got all these environmental variables dialed in, tracking stopped dropping off, so it's really worth the time getting everything right. Good luck!

u/PabstBluRibbN · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

Very interesting but I'm not able to do that, I went for some 1.5v Rechargeable batteries. They work amazing for my O+. Never died during gameplay and I've played 4 and 6hr sessions with the batteries still reading 30% +. I went through so may AA durecells I've already saved so much $$

Between the bright lights and the constant vibrating in FPS games, Regular AA batteries would not last me more than 2 or 3 Sessions before I had tracking/low battery issues. Never again

u/reditor_1234 · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

I did a research about the Explorer (since I noticed that people love their Explorers and they said good things about it) so I got interested in it as well and I think I can reccommend you to **not use the flip up display thing since it is sensitive and it can break easily** (instead use the Flashlight feature that allows you to see the real world using its cameras without taking off the HMD)


As for the BT donle I heard good things about this **Plugable BT dongle** :

Also some GPUs require the right display port (in order to get 90 fps at max and not only 60 fps) so I am also going to buy the **Plugable Active DisplayPort to HDMI 2.0 Adapter**


And I found that the best rechargeable AA batteries are these of Eneloop (I am also going to buy the standard charger they have with it) :


These are the stuff I decided to buy for my yet to be purchased Explorer after doing my research.

u/grumbel · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

> but do these headsets have issues with power often?

It can certainly happen, but doesn't seem very common. My Lenovo here doesn't like any of the motherboards USB ports, but works with a USB PCIe card. I still have to reboot the PC quite often to get the headset started, as it might throw 1-4 display cable errors or otherwise not properly detect the headset.

As for the headsets, they are fine, especially for the price, but they lack a bit of polish:

  • controller ergonomics leave a bit to be desired, there are 3D printable handles to improve that
  • controller power management is broken, they don't work properly with NiMH or Alkaline batteries and require basically daily battery changes, this can be fixed with rechargable 1.5V Li-Ion batteries
  • headset face foam is pretty fragile and will start disintegrating quickly, there is an official VRCover replacement or you can just get a cheap Vive cover from ebay/aliexpress, they fit the WMR quite well
  • the HMD hinge is pretty fragile and has broken for quite a few users
  • FOV is a bit lacking in the default config, but can be improved by about 10° by switching the front/back foam padding on the halo around and using a thin Vive cover
  • some velcro ties to route the cable to the back are a good idea, by default the cable will pull the right side down which is annoying
  • the cable clip can break quite easily, not even sure how I managed to break mine, but one day it just fell apart, there is a 3d printable replacement or just a velcro tie will work as well
  • the driver situation between SteamVR, Oculus, Revive and WMR can be a bit messy and depending on what combination you use not everything will work properly
  • the Windows 1903 Update, brings a ton of new features to WMR (flashlight, ability to open windows in game), doesn't automatically install for all people and might need to be done manually
  • a USB Bluetooth dongle isn't included and needs to be bought separately, also a good idea to put it in a USB 2.0 port and attach is to an extension cord to avoid interference problems which will lead to jittery controller in-game
  • the tracking is pretty sensitive to light, keep windows covered or otherwise the tracking might mess up, e.g. controllers go flying in all directions, the tracking will also have problems in a dark room, so you have to keep the lights on
u/telos0 · 4 pointsr/WindowsMR

I bought a Vive Link Box to use as a signal/power booster in the middle, and it works great. This cured all my dropouts and audio glitches, as well as giving my system a Bluetooth radio.

This setup works great:

  1. Vive Link Box
  2. Vive Link Box Power Supply
  3. 12 ft Power cable extension for Vive Link Box
  4. 10 ft USB 3.0 extension cable
  5. 10 ft Amazon Basics HDMI cable
  6. Wire wrap to keep everything tidy

    Make sure you power cycle the Vive Link Box whenever you plug or unplug anything into it to for it to reinitialize and detect the headset.

    I really wish there was a more elegant solution, but so far this works the best for me.
u/Ditchmag · 6 pointsr/WindowsMR

Vrcover for sure
And don't get the PK Cell, get these

USB Rechargeable Batteries 1.5V/1500mAh Lithium Ion AA Battery with 4-in-1 Micro USB Charging Cable 1.5h Quick-Charge Built-in Integrated Safety Circuit Protection Double A Batteries(4 Pack))

Or these

CT ENERGY USB Rechargeable AA Batteries 1.5V/1600mAh Lithium ion Battery with 1.5 Hours Quick Charging Micro-USB Port Li-ion Double A Batteries (4packs)

I have both and they are great batteries.

Extensions that work:

AmazonBasics High-Speed Male to Female HDMI Extension Cable - 6 Feet


Cable Matters 200008-BLACK-6 USB to USB Extension Cable in Black 6 Feet Available 3FT 10FT in Length


And I like to use the usb-c port on my laptop. It's closer to the HDMI and seems like a stronger port when using the usb extension.

AmazonBasics USB Type-C to USB 3.1 Gen1 Female Adapter Cable - Black

u/badon_ · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

Get some Tenavolts:

u/Harles93 · 8 pointsr/WindowsMR

Just to throw it out there if you haven't yet purchased the other batteries yet, I encourage you to consider these

They are lithium rechargeable batteries so they are much better than Nimh rechargeable at maintaining that 1.5v the controllers want. I personally have a set and they are great! Good battery life and no annoying false notice of low battery. When I'm not using them with my wmr controllers I throw them in my steam controller too, lol. They have overall worked fantastic for me. Much better than Nimh's, those dont last as long and don't hold a charge well with prolonged non use. Something to consider!

u/sirphreaksalot · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

Looks like the price went up.

I actually ordered one out of china originally but got impatient and ordered the one off of amazon while waiting (although Rosewill is still pretty much a Chinese board). If you want I will send you the chinese one. It's a different chipset but it wasn't the same as what was on my motherboard, which seemed to be the issue. You're welcome to give it a go if you would like. PM me if interested and I'll give it to you.

u/sdrdude · 3 pointsr/WindowsMR

I use lithiums too.

When Ni-Zn rechargables have a longer track-record, I'll probably give them a try. My concerns are I have read about leaks. Also Ni-Zn currently require a special charger. Once Ni-Zn batteries have been out a while it'll be safer. The additional voltage is a nice feature for the controllers.

For now, I use these lithiums >> USB Rechargeable Batteries 1.5V/1500mAh Lithium Ion AA Battery with 4-in-1 Micro USB Charging Cable 1.5h Quick-Charge Built-in Integrated Safety Circuit Protection Double A Batteries(4 Pack)

and I really love how they charge with a little usb-octopus cable -- and the batteries individually light up to show if they're charging (red) or fully charged (green). It's no-brainer easy.

u/DarthOctane · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

Get a Vive Link box. Plug it into your graphics card and then you have a nice usb and HDMI extension and a box for it to pull out of if you tug on it. I have one mounted up by the ceiling and use it to plug my headsets in. Gives me 6 feet of extension and makes it easy to swap headsets without getting to the pc.


or if you have an RTX card with the usb c displaylink you can try the Accell Adapter. My Odyssey and O+ seem to like it. My original rift is not a fan of it which is funny as it says Oculus ready.

edited for links and more info

u/snuUserName · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

Uninstall bluesoliel, that's not for windows 10 that's for previous versions of windows, clear that out. Windows 10 has native support for bluetooth adapters. Disconnect WMR headset and that bluetooth adapter. Reboot and update windows. Then plug in the bluetooth adapter.

Plug your bluetooth adapter into a USB 2.0 not 3.0 (if there's a 2.0 spot on the front or top of your case that's better, even better is to use a usb 2.0 extension to move it away from anything causing interference).

Is that an MSI tomahawk b350 motherboard? I have the b450 and the only USB port that works with windowsmr is the one labeled VR Ready, its the one next to the one you have plugged in, try that one. If i try to use the other usb ports it wont provide enough power. Scratch that looks like you have it plugged into the VR Ready usb port? Unplug your microphone first and try other USB port,s i cant see the other ports and cant find a pic of the cover to check if its like the b450. I believe the port you should try is a Gen1, Type A (if thats a MSI motherboard, based on my experience with my b450 tomahawk, the Gen2 port does not work with windows mr). If you figure out why motherboard you have i can look it up on MSI's website. It could be a loose connection also as you mentioned the headset gets disconnected? Try jiggling it a little and see if it drops off or stays steady. Better yet take a picture of your back panel ports and ill tell you which usb port to try.

Try those first then report back. If none of those works i'd try getting the Microsoft recommended Bluetooth dongle
Whats your graphics card by the way?

...Also this might be the angle of the picture but it looks like your power supply is stuffed full of dust, blow that thing out!

u/stolirocks · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

I use a 15ft active USB cable, 3ft displayport to hdmi adapter, 15ft active hdmi cable, and a link box in between. With my Lenovo explorer. Works perfectly. Holds 90fps. And no static or anything. I use the bluetooth on the link box.

Plugable Active DisplayPort to...

AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI...

Cable Matters USB 3.0 Cable (USB...

HTC Vive Link Box

AC to DC 12V 1.5A 12V1.5A Power...

u/hazeyindahead · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

USB Rechargeable Batteries 1.5V/1500mAh Lithium Ion AA Battery with 4-in-1 Micro USB Charging Cable 1.5h Quick-Charge Built-in Integrated Safety Circuit Protection Double A Batteries(4 Pack)

I would probably get a day or so out of energizer rechargeables as well.

Now I get a week if I play heavily. I bought these is September and only had to recharge them once when I wanted to play.

u/RonnieTheEffinBear · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

Usually a bluetooth issue.

Make sure your adapter is plugged into a usb 2.0 port, not 3.0. If you have any other bluetooth devices connected at the same time, disconnect them - doesn't seem to be able to handle the bandwidth of anything more than the two controllers without the jitter showing up.

If you're still having issues, maybe get a short usb extension cable to move the BT adapter away from potential interference sources in your computer (and closer to where you're using the controllers), and make sure your adapter is a good quality one - the Windows MR dev team has particular ones they recommend, such as this one.

EDIT: my answer does not appear to be a popular one. If I've got something wrong in my understanding of typical WMR controller issue solutions, please let me know so I can learn myself somethin'.

u/HeeyMaan028215816 · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

Get it and also make sure you purchase quality batteries to per your motion controllers. I couldn't believe how I'd kill expensive lithium disposable batteries in less then a day of heavy use.

I saw someone post on here about purchasing these batteries with a positive review.

I couldn't be happier that I bought a set for my controllers.

I get 3 days of 5-7 hour moderate usage before they need a recharge and should last a little over two years of they actually reach the 1000 cycle recharge limit claimed. My tracking has improved as well. There is a significant difference in how bright the controllers are compared to brand new Energizer lithium Ions when installed and turned on right next to each other.

u/melcrose · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

have been an absolute dream for me. I was going through a set of energizers a DAY playing no man's sky.. these get me through the same amount of time and I just plug them in overnight. Great lights on them telling you when charged and never had a low battery warning. LOVE THEM.

u/msamples · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

I have the Plugable BT dongle, and it works great for me. Just to note -- most BT receivers aren't happy with 2 BT radios active at the same time. If your laptop has an internal bluetooth, we also recommend you to disable it and only use an external dongle. My personal setup also has a wireless keyboard/mouse with a separate receiver, and the two seem to work nicely.

u/guf · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

Same here! No explanation, just working perfectly a couple of months ago.

I wanted to report in that the Bluetooth dongle + USB extension cord finally got everything working! Oh my word. This was such an annoying experience but now I'm kicking myself for not trying this simple solution sooner!

I messed around in the home portal and No Man's Sky for a bit (didn't have enough time to play with it for longer) and I experienced no issues whatsoever. Wow. I forgot how responsive VR used to be!!

So maybe give that a shot. I can't believe it's working again. I'll link the exact models I purchased here in an edit.

USB Extension Cable

Bluetooth Dongle

I should also add, when I did a clean install, I was able to select the option to keep my personal files and it still removed the 15-5 issue.

u/Icebreaker808 · 1 pointr/WindowsMR


So I think you are going to find it difficult to get anything over 6' to work.

I tried multiple setups finally getting something that worked. HDMI seems to be fine at any length extension, the USB cable seems to be the really tricky part.

I tried 3 different USB extension cables before finding one that worked, but only at 6'. Anything longer and would have issues.
This is the one that worked for me :

Someone had recommended using the VIVE link box to overcome this problem with longer USB extension cables. I think I remember in a few threads someone using 15' or 20' extension cables with the Vive link box.

It is expensive but I remember in a few threads I had started regarding Extension cables, that user have reported it alleviating issues with longer USB extension cables. May be worth a go.

hope that helps.

u/j4nds4 · 3 pointsr/WindowsMR

I think he’s right. I had the exact same issue you’re describing while using the HDMI port on my Gigabyte G1 390, and it was not resolved until I switched to using a DisplayPort active adapter after which things worked perfectly.

This is the one I got. There are cheaper ones out there, but most of them are passive and won’t support the necessary bandwidth.

u/Alundre · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

If it helps you at all, I ordered a 6' AmazonBasics HDMI extension and a 6' AmazonBasics USB 3 extension and tried them last night and they work absolutely fine. I can literally walk anywhere in my room now and I didn't even have to move my PC :)

I also really like how these should now act as a quick release so if my kids were to pull on the cables too far or something, it should come apart there instead of pulling on my PC. Here are the links to the ones I ordered...



u/Detective_Hacc · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

I have the Dell headset, so I'm not extreamly familiar with the Lenovo, but I'll still give you some input.

Glasses: Perfectly fine. No issues as long as you don't tighten the headset around your head to the point that your glasses rub against the lenses of the headset. (Though, doing that also cuts off a bit of circulation so don't do that period.)

Headphones: I have the Razor Man O' War wireless headset. It's... less than ideal. The headphones are wireless, which is the true plus, but they're big enough that they push the headset around if they aren't sitting just right. This causes you to need to adjust the headset/headphones often.

A good option is to buy these:

They fit/work on most WMR headsets.

u/BlacKnight495 · 0 pointsr/WindowsMR

I got this one from Best buy below. You should also check to make sure you have it plugged into a 3.0 port and also that the extender is USB 3.0 compatible as well. I also linked the us extender from Amazon below.

Cable Matters USB to USB Extension Cable (USB 3.0 Extension Cable / USB 3 Extension Cable) in Black 6 Feet - Available 3FT - 10FT in Length

u/justPassingThrou64 · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

> now I'm curious to find out whether it's worth it to pay $40 for an adapter.


this is the one microsoft recommends.

Also, I think you can get steam to tell you how many frames you're getting pretty easily. getting WMR to tell you is a bit more convoluted.

u/Noodle_Long_And_Soft · 6 pointsr/WindowsMR

Honestly, those who would have issues doing this project without a video would probably struggle to get the very short wiring soldered to the boost controller in the first place.

I like this project, but for most people, just buying a NiMH wall charger and two sets of rechargeable NiMH batteries do the job just fine. Alternately, a set of these would accomplish the same thing.

u/HandofWinter · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

You'll need an active DisplayPort 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 adapter. I used the Plugable adapter between my 290x and original Odyssey just because it was the one recommended on the windows support page. It worked well.

I had a Club3D adapter that I used to connect to my tv which didn't work with the Odyssey. It had a strange sizing issue between the HDMI port on the adapter and the Odyssey. I simply couldn't plug them into each other, though other HDMI cables and ports worked with each.

u/DefinitelyALlama · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

Bionik BNK-9007 Mantis Headphone for Playstation VR

I don’t own these yet but they seem nice and have good reviews and work with lenovo explorer

u/BluJayM · 3 pointsr/WindowsMR

I've been thinking about doing something like this.

As for the HDMI/USB extension, I have an Odyssey and have been using the 6 foot versions of these things with pretty great results so far:

However, I've heard that going longer than something like 10 feet requires an active cable, but I don't know the specifics of it.

u/ipaladinxi · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

But maybe it's an illusion. like the hubs with the charging ports are rated higher because of those charging ports, and hubs with a lot of connections are also rated higher because they need more overall power to draw from all the USB connections. How do you exactly know that the specs on any of them are per port? Maybe all the USB's draw the same amount regardless of what power charger you're using? you have 4 ports.. added up is 3.6 AMPS.. Exactly what that best buy one is rated at.. Someone posted this one helped people with WMR.. what do u think

u/Serzhas · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

I have purchased these Lithium rechargeable batteries (while on-sale for $12). So far they are doing very well! They always report as full, and I'm yet to see how they will die :) I have already had 4 Beat Saber sessions (each ~1 hour long) and batteries are still reported as ~70%. I read somewhere that 1.5 volt Lithium batteries lie about their change level, but at least I'm not getting that dreaded "Battery low, haptics will be disabled" message anymore when NiMH batteries are still half-full :) Actually, that was the main reason for buying these 1.5 Lithium batteries.

P.S. There is a comprehensive tear-down review of these batteries on YouTube. They are quite well-made ones!

u/mwiemarc · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

I've been using a DP to HDMI Converter in combination with an 1 meter HDMI extension cable and a 2 meter USB 3.0 extension cable.

I'm not sure about the HDMI cable it was laying around at home, i bought the DP->HDMI Converter and the USB extension on Amazon,

I use this to get the required connections on the front of my PC to remove the headset when i let my cat in xD and for more comfort :D

I don't see any changes in performace with the extensions used.

u/iamZacharias · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

These are a must for WMR.

Fresco FL1XXX usb card:

Plugable BCM 20702 chipset:

You probably do not want to pay more money, but trust me if it does not work out of box (or sporadic behavior) such was my case then get these two items.

u/re4mat · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

I bought it from american amazon and so far everything works great. Which is good considering no warranty where I'm at.

u/Daws_IT · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

This one suggesteb by microsoft
But another cheap one i have works ok too.
Anyway the great update I had in stsbility was withe windows 1803 update.

u/socomseal93 · 3 pointsr/WindowsMR

This is the one you want. It’s recommended by Microsoft. It’s cheap and works perfectly.

Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Micro Adapter (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Raspberry Pi, Linux Compatible; Classic Bluetooth, and Stereo Headset Compatible)

u/thegamingfaux · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

is the Bluetooth dongle plugged into a USB 3.0 or 2.0?,

Are you using Rechargeable batteries or 1.2 volt vs 1.5 volt batteries?

if both of the above are true I recommend getting One of these and plugging it into a USB 2.0 port and getting a pack of 1.5 volt batteries to try.

Also if youre using a cheap bluetooth dongle get one of these

u/Bozzuul · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

you're not going to need the WMR controllers to play Elite, but you're going to need them to navigate the cliff house, steamVR home, and access the majority of functionality from your headset. honestly, i don't think you're even going to be able to load Elite in steamVR without the controllers.

a good compatible bluetooth adapter is $14 and worth it to get your controllers working.

u/GeoffFromMSFT · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

Hi Takyon_dg, thanks for the info!

Here's a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter that we've tested with Windows Mixed Reality:

(Unfortunately, I'm not sure if any retailers in Canada sell this adapter. I tried to look for it on the NCIX, MemoryExpress, and web pages but didn't see it there)


u/whitav8 · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

I had success with adding a Valve Link Box:

so that the extensions were powered. Samsung does spec HDMI 2.0 on their website:

90Hz requirement: HDMI version 2.0, USB 3.0 HDCP 2.2 compliant

But it seems the HDMI 1.4 cables as long as they are short OR powered with the Valve Link box work well. I assume that the HDMI 1.4 with 10.2gbs is marginal.

u/AThingWithAThing · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

I did. Used a powered USB 3.0 HUB and I haven't had the issue. I also use the same USB 3.0 extender. As a side note, it feels like it fixed a crackling microphone, as my friends haven't complained about it when I was talking to them. Link below:

u/EHP42 · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

Darn. I picked this one up, coming in the mail tomorrow. People seem to have good luck with AmazonBasics stuff. If it doesn't work, I'll give your option a shot.

u/fxbrf · 4 pointsr/WindowsMR

I've read that certain motherboards work better than others for extensions without power. That being said, my Odyssey+ with an Asus H170 motherboard has worked fine with this 6ft HDMI extension and this 6ft USB extension.

u/elementalychallenged · 5 pointsr/WindowsMR

You absolutely can do this, personally I use this one because I remember it being recommended a lot on this sub. It supports ultra mode(90hz) because it converts the signal to HDMI 2.0 which supports 4k at 60hz instead of just 30hz.

u/Emil120513 · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

I purchased a new FL chipset USB 3.0 card, and a Plugable Active DisplayPort to HDMI adapter. I am also running the 18.8.2 driver for my Rx 480 now. The headset is now being powered entirely via different hardware, and my graphics card is running new software. I now see my mixed reality headset under "Monitors" but not under "mixed reality devices", and there is no entry for Hololens sensors either. The entry under "Monitors" takes nearly a full minute to appear once the headset is plugged in, implying there is still potentially an enumeration problem? As I understand, the headset should be detected and open the Mixed Reality Portal almost instantly. When looking at the properties for the headset under "Monitor", it states it was "not migrated properly". The entries for my new USB 3.0 card say this as well.


The USB 3.0 card I bought is installed to the PCIe and externally powered by my PSU, so the issue should not be power draw. This is the card I purchased (LINK). I have inserted a USB flash drive into the ports and verified that they are working.


I had my friend come over with his computer the other day to try the VR headset, and we could play VR games on the headset without issues. I don't believe the headset has any defects.


My current findings lead me to believe that the problem lies in the drivers I installed for my new USB 3.0 card. I installed the drivers from a disc(disk?) that came with the card. Perhaps these are the issue. Perhaps Windows tried to install other ones when I first booted. I do not know, for I am not EmilFromMSFT.


Thank you once again Geoff! I'm currently looking through your old posts on the subreddit again to see if any of your previous wisdom is relevant to my case, and you sure have helped a lot of people. That is real, tangible good to the world, Geoff!


EDIT: I uninstalled the Fresco Logic drivers through the device manager and rebooted so Windows would install their own version, and now it appears everywhere it should in device manager! But I'm still getting error 2181038087-5



u/JorgTheElder · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

Buy rechargeables that actually put out 1.5v.

These are the ones I use

The only negative is that they stay at 1.5v right up until they turn off, so there is no warning. Does not bother me att all, I just keep a pair charged and ready to go. If if has been a while and I want to make sure I am not interrupted, I just swap in a fresh pair before playing.

Edit... I just noticed that the ones I linked to are no longer available. Sorry. The ones shared by /u/warmwires look good enough that just ordered some for my new Quest.

Edit2... I actually switched to these as they claim 100 more mAh, have a 10% off coupon, and still garner an Amazon's Choice rating. :)

u/Psycho29388 · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

To add to the bluetooth bit, Microsoft recommends the Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0 adapter and it seems to work good according to others on this sub.

Another option if you'd rather drive and get it today would be the Insignia USB Bluetooth 4.0 adapter. I have this one myself and all I did was plug it into the front of my pc, controllers paired up straight away and work as intended.

u/atocci · 5 pointsr/WindowsMR

I can confirm that the AmazonBasics USB 3.0 6ft and HDMI 2.0 6ft extension cables work perfectly with my Acer headset and laptop.

u/meathelmet · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

So I ordered these two cables:


Turns out the 10 foot USB does not work on the Samsung Odyssey for me. I tried it in several USB ports and I keep getting the message to connect my headset. I tried it with a simple USB key and that worked.

Returning the 10 foot USB and getting the 6 foot instead.

The HDMI works perfectly.

u/fivedu · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

USB Rechargeable Batteries...

These work great for me. Haven't lost connection and they haven't exploded yet so thats a good sign.

u/spacedog_at_home · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

I used this USB3 and this HDMI 2m extension cable, they work great on my Visor.

u/JACrazy · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

You need an active displayport adapter for it to work at 90HZ. The Pluggable adapter is the one Microsoft even recommends and can be found for under $19USD/$26CAD on Amazon.

u/Bladderfishy · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

That's a strange card to buy new, although perhaps it is a decent price due to the current crypto-mining fad? If you got it cheap, fair enough.

Anyway, I have a Fury. Works great performance wise, but the HDMI, like the Fury X, is only 1.4, so if you want the headset at 90hz, you need to buy HDMI to Displayport adapter.

Like this one:

u/PostmanPat47 · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

If you use a powered hub out of the screen for the headset it should resolve that issue, something like this...
Then you can probably still use the extender.

u/gj80 · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

Thanks, I appreciate it! This is the BT dongle I'm using (which is the one that the MS docs recommended).

I'll try disabling other things, ditching the extension, etc. I might try ordering the same dongle you're using as well since it's so cheap.

u/dayankuo234 · 10 pointsr/WindowsMR

if your pc does not have built-in Bluetooth, you're going to have to get an adaptor.

Use rechargeable batteries that have more than 1.5 V. Avoid 1.2 V if you can, controllers will occasionally read them as 'low' and turn off, even though they are fine.

free games to keep you busy: google earth, vrchat, and rec room.

u/popeyetyty · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

Mine is this one

It works on 2.0 and 3.0 but I hear better on 2.0 so I bought the 2.0 extender.

u/TaVyRaBon · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

Depends on what resolution you're running and what version the adapter is, but I guess you're not trying to run 4k @100hz with a 1070 anyway so you'll probably be good. Your TV won't have display port features if it doesn't have display port.

This is probably what you're looking for

u/SubjectBridge · 5 pointsr/WindowsMR

This is the solution:

It has a little button that toggles the power on and off and also fixed an issue I had with audio cutting out and becoming static noise. It really does feel like you have a bit more control over the headset with this usb device.

u/please_no_photos · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

I've had an Odyssey for three weeks now with a 10 ft. HDMI and USB 3.0 extension. I had to use a powered 3.0 hub because I was having horrible tracking issues without one and random blue screens. I believe USB 3.0 is rated for a max of 900mA which I think can be tedious when using passive extensions. Here's what I bought :

Sabrent USB 3.0 powered hub: Link

AmazonBasics USB 3.0 extension : Link

AmazonBasics HDMI extension: Link

I just have the cable running along the floor adjacent to the wall that my desk sits next to so I haven't had the need for any mounting applications, can't help there I'm afraid. I'll be happy to try to help if you have any questions.

u/iscander_s · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

Any decent quality thick 6ft extension cables should work fine for most cases, but with longer cables there's might be problems. I use these (USB 6ft. and HDMI 6ft.) extension cables made by UGreen and they works great with my Lenovo Explorer.

u/LonelySquad · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

If that does not work then I recommend:

Cable Matters Active DisplayPort...

This finally solved my black screen issues.

u/AmericanFromAsia · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

That won't work. Oculus requires HDMI 1.4, WMR requires HDMI 2.0. That adapter is equivalent to a DP -> HDMI 1.4. You'll want either the Plugable one or the Club3D one. Yeah, they're more expensive and you might be cheap, but they're more expensive because you require more bandwidth than the one you posted.

The one you posted would work, but your framerate would be locked and you might as well just use the onboard HDMI 1.4 at that point.

u/thestrykrhd · 1 pointr/WindowsMR
These two are the ones I got.

About the tracking... it's spotty but in no way does it take away the pleasentness of gaming. It's only when the controllers are out of the sensor's vision is when it gets spotty. It jumps back in as soon as there's vision. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

u/DouglasteR · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

Hmmm, it´s a know issue that USB 3.0 interfere with BT 4.0.

I believe that the best practices related to this matter are:

u/stbabu · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

As for batteries, I use mine with Tenavolt Li-Ion batteries. They charge fast, last a long time, and report 1.5v at all times, which means you won't get the annoying low battery warning you would see with standard batteries. They ARE expensive, but they go on sale pretty frequently. I got 8 of them and two chargers for ~$20 a couple of months back.

u/bettorworse · 3 pointsr/WindowsMR

I use rechargeables. You have to buy the right ones, but the ones I bought last at LEAST as long as regular Duracells.

/Look for a deal, BTW. With a coupon, I got those for like $23.

u/austinftwxd · 4 pointsr/WindowsMR

Yeah I got it working by using a pcie USB 3.0 add in card. The issue has to do with some early usb 3.0 ports not supplying the appropriate amount of power it is also a known issue on the oculus and Vive, although oddly enough my oculus wasn't affected. The exact card I used is the Rosewill Rc-508 (4 port external usb3.0 pci Express card) this is the Amazon link to the card

u/Archerofyail · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

I'm using Amazon Basics USB and HDMI extension cables and they work fine for me

u/plutPWNium · 3 pointsr/WindowsMR

This happened to me a few times after getting extansion cables for my hmd(O+). I read a powered usb hub can fix it, so I got one off amazon. It seems to work. I also had my usb microphone plugged into the hub after I got it, and for whatever reason my pc wasn't recognizing the mic, so I stopped using the hub and plugged it directly into my pc(along with the HMD). I got the static sound again, and plugged the HMD back into the hub, and hasn't happened since, so I'm pretty sure its not a placebo.

u/FatFingerHelperBot · 2 pointsr/WindowsMR

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I will extend those so they're easier for our sausage fingers to click!

Here is link number 1 - Previous text "usb"

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u/sldr23876 · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

I have a Dell Visor as well and bought these extension cables just last week:

I haven't had any issues whatsoever while using them.

u/EleMenTfiNi · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

This 10' USB extension and this 10' HDMI extension have worked flawlessly for me with the same headset!

u/popeyesrocks · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

I've had luck with improving tracking with using batteries that are fully charged above 1.5v. Haptics and tracking will degrade as life of batteries fall off below 1.2v Rechargeable eneloops i heard are notorious for this. I use these and haven't had any issues. They are expensive now but i bought when there was a huge coupon in the past bringing these down to ~$12.

TENAVOLTS Rechargeable AA Battery Charger with 4 Counts Lithium 2775 mWh AA Rechargeable Batteries

u/BL00DW0LF · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

I have not yet tried any other computers.

I have the same issue on my graphics card's hdmi 2.0b port and on its display port using this adapter which I believe is supported:

u/AlianAnt · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

It comes with a HDMI and USB 3.0 permanently connected to it. If you're wanting extenders, I bought these off Amazon

AmazonBasics High-Speed Male to Female HDMI Extension Cable - 6 Feet

AmazonBasics USB 3.0 Extension Cable - A-Male to A-Female - 6 Feet (2 Pack)

And I use this Bluetooth adapter Microsoft reccomends

Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Micro Adapter (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Raspberry Pi, Linux Compatible; Classic Bluetooth, and Stereo Headset Compatible)

Keep in mind you'll also need a USB 3.0 port. They're colored blue. The HMD also plugs into this, in addition to the HDMI.

u/fiveseven808 · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

I use these with my Dell. Had to modify them a bit to get good fitment, but they work well! No mic though so I bought a passthrough lapel mic I have yet to try out.

u/MavenDe · 1 pointr/WindowsMR

It is an option. Act quick now. It is 299$ + 100 USD for shipping and customs to UK.

My cousin bought one from Amazon just yesterday.

Buy from, not from

Here it is for you: