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u/mogigoma · 3 pointsr/Winnipeg

Another thing to consider is how to cope in an existing job or career, instead of looking for another one. It's not always possible, but sometimes you can alter yourself or your job to make things better.

The book So Good They Can't Ignore You has some good insights, but is long-winded about them.

u/supernanify · 1 pointr/Winnipeg

If you're interested in retro Winnipeg pics, there's a great book called 'The North End' by John Paskievich. All the photos are from the mid-70s to mid-90s.

My husband & I (ex-pats) love to look through it and try to identify the locations.

u/fanceepantz · 1 pointr/Winnipeg

> it seems like a better idea to spread out traffic in 2 lanes than have 1 busy lane and one just for passing and turning

It's much more efficient and the road would have higher throughput if everybody used all lanes equally. Nerds who are really interested should get the book Traffic: Why we Drive the Way We Do.

u/Harborcoat84 · 1 pointr/Winnipeg

I picked up this one on a reddit recommendation [link]. It was about $40 at the time and took over 2 months to arrive, I ended up getting the credit back (notice how it doesn't ship to Winnipeg anymore). I think it's pretty good, night mode is 50/50 and I have to manually unplug it because it won't turn off automatically. Of course it was "free" so I don't really mind.

u/jaydengreenwood · 1 pointr/Winnipeg

For the other side, a ex-BBC science correspondent wrote this book:


It's quite good, the TL;DR is the links with cancer aren't as certain as they are made out to be. There are also cardiovascular benefits that can't be ignored as well. Some booze is better than others, e.g. red wine is good for you in moderation.

u/randylaheyjr · 4 pointsr/Winnipeg

This is what I have: ($69.99 with coupon)

Super easy to setup. Comes with an adhesive mount and loooooong USB cable. No battery inside so no worries about it bursting, super capacitor instead.

I'm not home or I'd post some pictures from it but it's worked well this winter so far.

u/Tbkb · -9 pointsr/Winnipeg

Lol what? I don't think you understand this issue, nor do I have time/desire to explain it. If you're interested, educate yourself by reading this first:

u/DerrickD26 · 0 pointsr/Winnipeg

Great book, I donated it to the library on portage ave near a school long ago can't remember the name tho!

u/jqpublick · 1 pointr/Winnipeg

No, I did not know what that site was until I looked at it. THEN I looked around. Because I like to think for myself.

Native people do not equal 'magic people'.

You 'wipe your ass' with Treaties, eh? (Did you know the Geneva Convention is a treaty? Will you wipe your ass with that one as well?) Good to see you're dropping the reasonable person disguise. Tell me how First Nations are rewriting history. They don't deserve "free things", they deserve to have Canada honour its treaties. Like any nation does. Just a quick aside, does 'free things' include health care? Or education? Or housing? Because Canada does guarantee all citizens these rights.

My job = archaeologist.

White people were not here before First Nations. Not even close. I imagine you're thinking of the Atlantic Crossing theory, which (if you read the book "Across Atlantic Ice") does not suggest a white-first arrival, but the possibility of a connection between the Clovis people and cultures on the spanish coast approximately 10-12,000 years ago. BTW, this book is where this theory comes from. It's an interesting theory and there are some strong correlations between the morphology of Clovis points and the morphology of the Solutrean peoples of the same time. This does not prove white supremacy or a white-first arrival in North America any more than your disdain for Treaties proves their worthlessness. You conflate cause with correlation.

Recently Kenniwick Man, your poster boy for white-first America, underwent some more DNA sequencing and the most recent results show him to be First Nations. (Final results pending.) But I bet you didn't read about that, did you? And even if he was proven to be as white as you want to be, it wouldn't change the fact that there is evidence of earlier occupations in North America. There are suggestions that South America was populated earlier, but those sites are controversial and are still undergoing investigations.

And I bet you didn't read about the pre-clovis sites, did you? Maybe cherry-picking the interwebs isn't the best way to gather up ammunition for an argument. Because I read the net as well, and as my job requires me to research these things I have some experience with these topics.

u/Nomopomo · 1 pointr/Winnipeg

The idea of a free, private-propertarian society is not totally unprecedented. The most often cited examples are Midieval Age Iceland and Kowloon Walled City.

u/tinselsnips · 3 pointsr/Winnipeg

I have an A118C; stuck it behind the review mirror next to the remote starter receiver, and it just looks like part of the mirror, if you even notice it at all.

u/zemonstaaa · 10 pointsr/Winnipeg

Recommended reading for those who want to learn more about this horror in Manitoba history.

u/analgesic1986 · 4 pointsr/Winnipeg

Hey op, reading about this stuff is one of my hobbies..(paranormal/cryptozoology... not the vape stuff)

This is a great book, I would lend you mine but I lost it.

u/Ahahaha__10 · -6 pointsr/Winnipeg

You should learn about which state policies are 'obliterating' Aboriginal cultures! I suggest A Concise History of Canada's First Nations" by Olive Patricia.

Your last line is just garbage. Everyone has and gets the right to complain. Name one occurrence of any other minority/religious group does not get to complain.

u/DrCoolHands · 3 pointsr/Winnipeg

I just replaced the G1W in my wife's car with a A118/B40 capacitor. $100 shipped from Amazon:

I was not a fan of the G1W, it looks awful, hangs really low and blinds the driver at night since the screen turns on at power-up and you can't tuck it behind the mirror with the giant suction cup mount.

I installed the A118 last night, so we'll see how it goes.

u/apotholecalypse · 0 pointsr/Winnipeg

More like the deliberate and criminal underfunding, neglect, abuse and starvation of the generations of kids forced to attend these institutions. All in the hopes of converting them to Christianity, while degrading or destroying their languages, cultures, and family bonds.

Education, nutrition, and vocational training were the lowest priorities in most of these cheaply built, ramshackle schools where disease spread quickly and where the kids had to spend a majority of their time farming in order to supplement the inhumane lack of supplies they had to live with.

Learn more about it.