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u/Borsao66 · 2 pointsr/WorldofTanks

This is a good place to start.

One of my best friends is a Military interrogator at a VERY high level. We're talking, if DEVGRU hadn't made a paper weight out of OBL, he'd have been on the team questioning him. I gave him a PDF of this book and he said 90% of it is accurate and useful. He's been an amazing mentor for about 6 years now in my other work, so to me, his word is gospel on the subject of lying. So running the conversation thru a mental filter, it doesn't really ring either completely true or untrue.

>“I do know that the slickest way to lie is to tell the right amount of truth... then shut up.” - Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land

I think this takes a few truths and expands enough on them to make them sensationalist. Regardless, those few truths are disturbing in and of themselves.

u/Kingryche · 2 pointsr/WorldofTanks

Was thinking of the Alienware ones until I read the whole post. Amazon has RamII, 1500 gold, and 50k credits for $20:

This bundle is available now at the WOT gift shop (one tier 5):
Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee Bundle - $24.39

II T2 Light Tank
III M22 Locust
III T-15
V T-25
One Garage Slot for Each Vehicle
210,000 credits

Sorry no help on a code for you...

u/Pentika667 · 1 pointr/WorldofTanks

If you want a really nice mouse, and don't need a bunch of extra buttons, the Logitech G400 is wonderful. I've been using it since march and have been very happy with it.

You can change the DPI at anytime, even when in game. The software provided on the logitech website allows you to select multiple DPI presets that you can cycle through with the +/- buttons on the mouse.

It isn't a very small mouse, and isn't very large. I guess it would be on the larger side of medium? I'm not sure what you grip style is, but for an averaged sized person using a palm grip, it is very comfortable.

u/Dae314 · 6 pointsr/WorldofTanks

In my opinion, you should only do that if you already have a good set of headphones/speakers that can actually take advantage of the increased sound quality from a card. If you're running WoT with a $20 set of stereo speakers, you'd get more "sound-quality-per-dollar" by getting a better set of headphones than you would with a sound card.

The other reason I came here is to recommend that you get a DAC that's external to the computer. They're undoubtedly more convenient for headphones (who's going to run their headphone cable to the back of the PC?), and arguably you reduce the amount of EM noise by taking the DAC outside of your computer rather than have it sit next to all of the computer's electronics on the PCI-E slot.

The last time I looked, the FiiO E10K was highly recommended for entry level price-to-performance.

u/beefqeef · 5 pointsr/WorldofTanks

If you're willing to spend a decent chunk of money on a sound card, don't. Get an external DAC- it does the same as a sound card but is further isolated from interference in your computer. Some also have built in volume controls and mute buttons.

I use a Scarlett Solo with audiotechnica M50X headphones.

This is a good small DAC.
FiiO E10K Headphone Amplifier and DAC

And this is one which I use.
Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd Gen 2 in 2 Out USB Audio Interface

Edit: It's not worth it unless you have a good quality headphone set. I would recommend the audiotechnica M40 or M50 headphones for very good quality at low prices compared to other brands.

u/difool · 1 pointr/WorldofTanks

I bought this book two weeks ago. Very interesting if you like history of WW2 tanks. Preface starts with WWI and the book does not talk exclusively about German tanks.

Highly recommended.

Hitler's Panzers

u/StranaMechty · 2 pointsr/WorldofTanks

To adapt a quote from a quote from the back of a great book...

> Only the slow-witted are reading this anywhere other than in line at the cash register. Ask an adult to help you if you’re still not sure you want to buy the book tank.

u/1d8 · 2 pointsr/WorldofTanks

My favorite tanker book is Brazen Chariots about a British tanker in a stuart during operation crusader in north africa. It's a really good read.

u/lepermadonna · 1 pointr/WorldofTanks


Apologies, but this is a topic that comes up over and over and over, and I'm quite weary debating this. Here's a book for you written by someone who knew about tanks and tank warfare, and used primary documents for researching it.

>almost perfect, they broke down less often

Yeah, I think you should read the book.

As for the T-34...

>Koshkin's team completed two prototype T-34s in January 1940. In April and May, they underwent a grueling 2,000-kilometre (1,200 mi) drive from Kharkov to Moscow for a demonstration for the Kremlin leaders, to the Mannerheim Line in Finland, and back to Kharkov via Minsk and Kiev.[21] Some drivetrain shortcomings were identified and corrected

Anyhow, happy reading.

u/rrrifffrrrafff · 1 pointr/WorldofTanks

I've looked at those too and wondered if it was a good deal. Never took the time to do the math.

u/Das_Doctor · 1 pointr/WorldofTanks

Just gonna take this opportunity to plug his book. It's a fascinating read and sheds light on what it was like to actually be in the tank during the war.

u/Epsoc · 5 pointsr/WorldofTanks

Here's the best WoT related offer you can get. I can't vouch for the model quality.

Comes with the 105LeFH18B2. Most broken, OP arty. Completely untouched by the arty rebalance. Perfect if you want to make absolutely everyone hate you in a match.

u/mjmdiver · 1 pointr/WorldofTanks

You can get the Ram II on Amazon in a WoT 'expert' pack with some gold...

You get a code emailed that you can then use online for the tank.

u/DarkDeLaurel · 3 pointsr/WorldofTanks

You didn't google hard enough. They ship to Canada (as my address listed is in Alberta).

u/MiracleWhippit · 1 pointr/WorldofTanks

This mouse is also on sale for 50$ on amazon.

u/FLU773RSHY · 1 pointr/WorldofTanks

You could continuously buy those packages. It wouldn't be cost effective but you get the gold equivalent of any prem tank you buy with cash.

u/MDendura · 4 pointsr/WorldofTanks

This is THE book on WW2-era tank warfare, written by Heinz Guderian

u/learnyouahaskell · -12 pointsr/WorldofTanks

You need to learn how to read. You haven't asked a proper question or formulated a proper response to the facts. The only proper response here is to ignore anything that is not a direct question, i.e. an attempt to ascertain the facts, or to speak legitimately according to limited knowledge, which you do not even have.

Especially poignant section:

u/Tiresieas · 3 pointsr/WorldofTanks

According to a wikipedia source citing this book, written by John P. Irwin, a veteran who served during WW2 and went on to teach philosophy at Lock Haven in Pennsylvania. I haven't read the book, but he recounts several battles in the T26, in which he was the gunner of the tank.

u/LordCurlyFry · 1 pointr/WorldofTanks

For a more tactical point of view you have Heinz Guderian's treatise on armored warfare; Achtung - Panzer! In it, he crafts the very tactics that were employed in the war.

Panzer Commander: The Memoirs of Colonel Hans von Luck is also quite good and may be more what you're looking for. Hans von Luck was a commander in Rommel's Panzer divisions at many points in the war including El Alamein, during D-Day, and on the eastern front.

u/tehNabit · 4 pointsr/WorldofTanks

>Switzerland had no tank-building capability until the 1950s, when it decided to build the Panzer 58, armed with a Swiss-produced 90mm/3.54in gun, to replace their ageing fleet of British Centurions. In the mid 1960s this MBT was replaced by Panzer 61, armed with a British gun. Based on the previous Pz 58, itself a development of the American M48/M60 series, the Pz 61 was designed and built by RUAG Land Systems, its appearance resembling it's predecessors.

according to this source.

Also, i doubt the Swiss had no tank building capability until the 50's, since the Nahkampfkanone 2 exists.

u/OtterTenet · 4 pointsr/WorldofTanks

I understand your sentiment but your history is off:

  1. USSR was not "poorly supplied at first". It was the best equipped army in the world before the war started. It was better supplied than Germany, and in the midst of an offensive mobilization when attacked.

    USSR lost entire armies, supply depots, trains loaded with equipment - in the first month of the German invasion. Thousands of planes and tanks turned useless by the Blitz. Millions of troops encircled.

    USSR planned for 100% losses in terms or resupplies - but ended up needed much more as millions were thrown away in ill-conceived counter-attacks. This is where the aid from the US became needed.

  2. Regarding Finland:

    According to modern day estimates the conquest of Finland in the winter was Impossible. The Red Army managed to do the Impossible, suffering tremendous losses.

    From the perspective of the people, it was an unforgivable waste of life.
    From the perspective of Stalin, it was a successful test of his slave army.


    Again, the Myth that USSR was "unprepared" for the German invasion must be crushed.
    It wasn't the lack of material preparation that caused the collapse - but the highly offensive stance of their mobilization that proved vulnerable to a pre-emptive strike.

    Nazi Germany was an abomination, but the invasion of the USSR was a necessity at a point where Stalin was mobilizing to invade the Romanian oil fields and amassed the greatest invasion army in human history on western borders.

    Some references:
    Caveat: Some of V.Suvorov's conclusions are weak, and some evidence is off - but the general idea is brilliant and started a movement of research to properly support.

    There is massive evidence supporting the Offensive nature of Soviet mobilization, particularly the dismantling of defensive lines, de-mining of bridges, and positioning armies in front of natural defensive lines, instead of behind them.

    Regarding German supplies, here's a perspective from the ground:

    He describes events where Russian corpses lined the battlefield in seasonal layers, where machine gunners had to be replaced after breaking down mentally from the slaughter.
    He also supports the evidence that Germans engaged USSR unprepared, to strike early and first, and were helped greatly by taking over supplies and equipment.

    Video, Suvorov's lecture in 2009:

    Skip his joking at the start and watch the rest. He starts talking about USSR readiness about 29 minutes into this video.