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u/OwlinAutumn · 12 pointsr/Yogscast

~rings doorbell wearing a bright, over-enthusiastic smile~ Oh, hello friend. I hear you and your friends might be interested in getting started on the road towards board gaming! This is excellent news! There are many excellent resources to help guide you and yours towards many fun-filled experiences with friends and family. ^Please, ^don't ^be ^afraid!

~Whips out a bunch of pamphlets, waving them at you~ I would recommend checking out the /r/boardgames community here on reddit, especially this wiki post on what games you should try if you're new to modern board games. It's got a ton of great suggestions with descriptions to help you figure out if you might actually enjoy the game. That wiki and the subreddit itself also have tons of easily accessed info for you, if you need. They can even help you find your nearest FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store)!

Also you might check out some reviewers like Shut Up & Sit Down, who are my favourites and have a ton of articles and video reviews, or The Dice Tower, who have lots of videos of lists and reviews like the one I linked that can give you some ideas of what to get. (Sometimes way too many ideas... ~waggles her overly long games-to-buy list~) SUSD even has a great Intro to Board Games video for people who are hesitant or starting into the hobby and don't quite know what it's all about or where to start - it's a few years old, but still very relevant, and I recommend any of their videos. I find them hilarious.

And if you decide you're really getting into the hobby, you might start visiting the marvellous, dank morass that is BoardGameGeek, aka BGG or 'the Geek'...

As for recommendations straight from me... The hardest and best thing with board games is everyone likes something different? But I find one can't go wrong most of the time with these:

  • Pandemic
  • Survive! Escape from Atlantis
  • Takenoko
  • Forbidden Island
  • Colt Express
  • Jamaica

    Most of these are fairly simple and relatively short, but they're all fun starter games that are easy to pick up and play, and I've never known anyone to not enjoy themselves when I've brought out any of these. I often do game nights with different mixes of friends, to which I will usually bring an Ikea bag full of games, and there's almost always at least one or two of these particular games in that bag. I'm pretty sure they're all in print, too, so they shouldn't be too expensive!

    Also, if you guys are looking into tabletop RPGs but don't know where to start with that, and you don't have anyone who knows how to DM/GM handy, the newest edition of D&D has a Starter Set out - it's a pack that includes dice, pre-rolled characters, a starter rule book and a pre-written starting adventure. I will always recommend Red Boxes/Starter Sets, D&D does a great job with these and makes it really easy for you to get into it, even if no one in the group is familiar with rpgs to begin with.

    tl;dr - Board/card games are amazing, there's lots of resources out there for you, I hope I didn't scare you off with my enthusiasm. Welcome to tabletop gaming!

    ^Edit: ^Now ^with ^more ^links!!
u/ConflictNerd · 6 pointsr/Yogscast

I believe they currently use something like the sE2200a which has been discontinued. If I'm not mistaken, Lewis uses the sE2200a II and the same mic was used to record Simon's vocals on Diggy Diggy Hole (based on the live-action video).

I personally use the Badaax UM900 (not to plug, but you can find an example of me using it here) which isn't exactly studio quality, but certainly gets the job done nicely. If you're looking for something that's more entry-level, there's always the Samson CO1U, the Blue Yeti, the Blue Spark Digital, or the Blue Spark.

All of these are very good microphones, and you should be able to find various tests of them on YouTube. Hope this helps. :)

u/aeon_orion · 1 pointr/Yogscast

One of the most important parts is audio. That is something you don't want to spend the bare minimum on. At the very least you want a usb condenser mic, something like this.

If you want really good audio you need a good interface with clean preamps a nice microphone suited to voice overs and a room to record in that hasn't much reverb. You can get around the reverb a bit by using a microphone that has a hyper-cardioid pick up pattern(these types of microphones are used to record film/TV in indoor spaces), it doesn't pick up as much of the room sound. Alternatively you can buy acoustic foam and place that on the walls, this will absorb some of the reverb. There's nothing worse than watching a YouTube video and the audio sounds like they're recording in a bathroom.

u/bilwis · 2 pointsr/Yogscast

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO, they are great headphones, well built, sturdy and comfortable. I've used them for years. Well suited for all sorts of music and gaming, but around 120£. They sell them with different impedance levels, I recommend getting the 80 Ohm version, which could be driven by an on-board sound card, or the 32 Ohm ones if you want to use them with your phone.

Here's a review.

Also, take care to get the DT 770 PRO, the DT 770 M are specialized drummers' headphones that do not work well with "normal" use.

u/FredNasr · 2 pointsr/Yogscast

This one

I ordered myself a copy. It's not that good (maybe I'm just an idiot) I found the stories Lewis told interesting, but they're better to discuss rather than ponder in silence.

u/arch1234 · 6 pointsr/Yogscast

In US you have 2 options to score good alternatives to Jaffa Cakes.

If you have Walmart or other major grocery store, look for Pim's:

Alternatively, if you have a Polish store around, look for Wedel Delicje Biscuits:

u/Torkmatic · 2 pointsr/Yogscast

I don't know if it's the same thing Simon had, but these are on Amazon. I've seen them at Giant Eagle, too.

u/gunzor · 1 pointr/Yogscast

You're doing yourself a disservice. Order them on Amazon. I got my package in about 10 days from that seller. You will not regret it.

u/Superburke · 3 pointsr/Yogscast

If they're using the same ones as they were last year ( which I think they are, they look the same ) they'll be the BPHS1 Audio Technica headsets.

u/ZketchGeek · 1 pointr/Yogscast

Is this the one you were talking about btw?

u/viZtEhh · 1 pointr/Yogscast

Not sure if Mark linked the campaign he made for the guys, I tried looking on Twitter but I can't see anything before Feb this year. But it is based on Edge of the Empire by Fantasy Flight Games.

u/alextw4 · 5 pointsr/Yogscast

Hey, just wanted to drop a Vietnam War book recommendation for Sips and Pyrion (And Lewis i guess although he didnt seem to be into the whole vietnam part) on the off chance they check the thread.


The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien is a great collection of linked short stories about his experiences in Vietnam (some true stories, some not. Verisimilitude is a pretty big theme, that's why it was on my uni reading list)


O'Brien was a writer before he was drafted in his early 20s so the stories are well written and considered. As a piece of shit English millennial, i'd always seen the now famous Vietnam news footage and seen some documentaries and such like but never really been able to grasp the history and tragedy of it all. Reading TTTC was what really brought the horror of the whole war into focus for me. I think the guys'd really get a lot out of it if they haven't read it already.


It's not pretentious or gratuitous or exploitative. It's just very honest and raw.


You can get a pretty cheap used copy on Amazon


10/10 would recommend

Edit: Just saw a load of study guides for the book so it might be on school curriculums in the US? If so i guess its a lot better known than i thought

Second Edit: Also, looks like O'Brien was interviewed last year for a Vietnam War doc, so if that's the one Sips and Pyrion just watched then they probably already heard from the author!

u/Pudding_raziel · 2 pointsr/Yogscast

Dude.. Way to be a dick about it... If you lost someone important in your life, wouldn't you want to say goodbye one last time before moving on. This has nothing to do with attention seeking. Let people grief in their own way.

Here you go:

You might learn something..