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u/givemeyournews · 2 pointsr/ZReviews

My Encore mDac has been working intermittently as of late. I have the pleasure of listening to headphones for about 6 hours of my work day, so having a DAC/Amp combo at my desk is nice. However, with a 4 week old baby, my budget was super limited. I came across the Syba Sonic SD-DAC63057 and decided to give it a try. It checked all the boxes. Cheap ($37). No driver install needed (work computer, can't install anything). Enough power (100mw) to drive my IEMs and more sensitive over ears. USB only power.

Full specs can be found here

The unit features variable line outs, top mounted volume knob, optical out, coax digital out, usb in (for power and signal), mic input, 3.5mm input, 3.5mm headphone out, and 1/4" headphone out (both headphone outputs work simultaneously.

The unit has indicator lights to show what signal is being received (96, 44, or 44.1), and an indicator light of sorts that flashes with the music, that comprised of a red and blue LED. Kind of neat.
The unit also features a hardware EQ that includes a 7db (yes, 7db!) treble boost, a direct no EQ option, and a 7db bass boost. The hardware EQs are a bit much for me, and I find I leave the unit set to direct most of the time. However, there is one expectation. I have set of custom reshelled Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10's, and in the process, the treble took about a 6db drop. So, for that one set of CIEMs, the treble boost is just right. However, that is a pretty oddly specific scenario, and I would imagine most people won't want to use the hardware EQ.

Of note, the device is always on, as there is no power switch. The volume knob has the most minute channel imbalance as the absolute lowest setting. And, there is an uncomfortable audible crackle / pop when plugging in sensitive headphones to the 3.5mm headphone out. All be it, it doesn't seem to be enough to damage anything.

I have successfully used the Syba Sonic DAC/Amp with my Chromebook, MacBook Air, and my Windows 7 work PC. I have not tried it on a Windows 10 device, but after scouring the Amazon “reviews” it seems that it may not play nice with all Win10 installs so YMMV. As the unit is not battery powered, it won’t work with mobile devices.

When compared head to head with my Encore mDac, the Syba Sonic unit sounds a tad better. The bass is a bit fuller and the treble has just a hair more sparkle. Detail representation is on par, if not better than anything in this price range. All in all, for $37 I am super pleased with the purchase. I love the design with the volume knob on top. And the fact that the RCA outs are variable makes this a great option for those that want a budget option to use with powered monitors.

I have run the unit, as mentioned, with my CIEM reshelled TF.10's, as well as with my UM3X, Fischer Audio FA-003 wooden cup over ears, NAD VISO HP50's, AKG K7XX, and handful of other mid-range to lower IEMs. I did find that it struggled a bit to run the K7XX with any authority, but all the other headphones / IEMs I have tried have worked just fine. The only other negative is that, with the volume knob at full tilt, there is an audible hiss on most sensitive headphones (read: 32ohm and below).

I would recommend this unit for anyone with a tight budget that wants a somewhat feature rich DAC/Amp. It would also make a great external sound card thanks to the mic input.

u/Lyzerfex · 2 pointsr/ZReviews

Well. That's a good question. If you are in a budget then pretty much 60-70% who read this will agree. The Fiio E10K. It will set you back less than $100. It is brushed aluminium. Includes a bass gain switch, if you need some additional drive or jaw shocking bass. It's nice and small. And a good DAC/amp.

Mayflower objective 2. This DAC/amp is for more audiophiles with a higher budget. It can drive high impedance headphones and people's listening experience on the Objective 2 was superb on multiple headphone types, that were geared towards different ways of listening. It has superb clean sound.

Sound blaster E5 by creative. It is capable to drive up to 24 bit/192 khz audio files. It is capable to drive headphones up to 600 ohms or 2 300 ohm impedance sets of headphones. It has very good quality sound for what it is.

That'll be that.


Fiio E10K:

Mayflower objective 2:

Sound blaster E5:

u/rsilverblood · 4 pointsr/ZReviews

Here's the TL;DR of differences between Gibson and Philips for the Fidelio X2 manufacturing:

Philips sold the plant to Gibson, and now Gibson manufactures the headphones. Gibson tried using glue to hold the earpads better to the cup, and they said it didn't affect the sound quality, but was a QC issue. Gibson has said that because this interfered with the removable earpads, they would revise this going forwards. Some new stock and some used pairs might have the glue issue, but this is only important if you plan on using aftermarket earpads (or if you plan to use it long-term and might need to replace the stock earpads later down the line).


(Reddit thread with a guy who works on the Fidelio X2 team confirming an error in QC.)

(Zeos compares the differences in a video.)

(Picture of the glue before and after being removed, courtesy of Massdrop.)

(Head-fi thread/topic about the issue. Likely the least helpful link here. View at your own discretion.)

For a time, Amazon's product page for the Philips Fidelio X2 mentioned that some earpads might come glued, and if so, to contact customer support for a replacement. (The warning is no longer there, now.)

Read the most helpful reviews on the Amazon product page, if you'd like to. One talks about QC issues and customer support. Others mention the product's quality. This should help you make up your mind.

Hope all these links are helpful for ya. Cheers,

u/AlienStag · 1 pointr/ZReviews

This is the DAC/amp combo I use for when I need a mic input. Also has pre-outs that I use to send the signal to my O2 amp. Relatively cheap, amp isn't the strongest but strong enough for most gear, and definitely enough for the X2. The noise floor is also significantly better than onboard (tested with highly sensitive IEMs, like the RE-400, ZS6, and AS10). Been happy with my purchase, which I had made about 1.5 years ago.

u/Elnrik · 1 pointr/ZReviews

I was going to say much the same. Try it before spending more.

As far as suggestions go, I recently got the red K7XX drop, and find my Fidelio X2 to be better. Better built, better sounding, more comfortable. (Take note AKG, that is how a suspension style headband should be made.). It's not night and day better, but it edges out the K7XX in enough categories to make it the clear winner.

Your going to love that Micca Origen+.

Anyway... If you didn't want to wait on the drop, here you go., or you might be able to convince me to sell my red K7XX. Less than a week old. Pics are in my "new addition to the herd" thread.

u/sherm137 · 5 pointsr/ZReviews

They are solid, but just be aware, that Z only recommends those with different ear pads. It's an extra expense (only $20) but it might put you out of budget.


Also, you will want to eventually save up for an amp/dac combo unless you have a great motherboard. Most motherboards will be able to power the m40x, but you won't get the most out of them. A solid entry-level amp/dac is here:


Also, the Cloud Hyperx 2 are actually some decent headphones. I'm not sure you will be getting that much of an upgrade going to m40x. If it's an option, wait, save up $50 and buy the Sennheiser hd58x Jubilees on Massdrop. You seriously won't regret it and your mind will be blown.

u/Shaggy_One · 1 pointr/ZReviews

Thanks for the extra suggestions. I also have the X2s and agree they are incredible sounding headphones. If OP has the money to burn then these take the spot of the SHP9500 easy.

For the mic, I prefer the boom mic since I had issues with my keyboard getting picked up on my Blue Snowball while I had it. I even tried putting dampers on my MX Brown keyboard to get rid of the clack. GREAT sound quality, but it picked up literally everything.

As for ground loop hums I've never had a problem with that but something like the Mpow Ground Loop Isolator is a great solution. Using one in my car as it is an incredibly noisy environment for EMI.

u/drconopoima · 1 pointr/ZReviews

Zeos recommends the Sony MDR-1A in his purchase advice guide. Since he takes into consideration what's available at the target price range, then they are definitely a great deal at 120 pounds. But if you are open to a third option, the Shure SRH 840 which are also usually at the $200 price range, you can get them right now off
Amazon UK new from 92 pounds and free shipping within the UK. That's a better deal than the Sony's and a better buy than the M40X in my opinion.

u/Bleafer · 1 pointr/ZReviews

Little late to this but found this post after googling a little bit.

Can you clarify something for me? You say you recommend the micro suede pads but then the link you posted was for velor pads. Just making sure those are the correct pads. If they are, are these the same ones you've recommended (just .ca instead)? 99% sure they are the same ones but just in case. Thanks!

u/TyGamer125 · 1 pointr/ZReviews

I'd recommend you watch the Zeos review for them. Tldw of the video is they are ok with ok soundstage if and only if you use the mixamp. At $250 there's better options out there though.

Headphone from above guide with gaming tag and detectable cable + $20-30 mic at the bottom of guide + this amp would be a more ideal solution that wouldn't lock you in.

u/itookthewheel · 1 pointr/ZReviews

This is a simple solution, or you could get a different DAC all together, I had the smsl and it's a good beginner DAC. I have the Micca origen now and it works beautifully, and powers my shp-9500 headphones perfectly.

u/blackjakals · 2 pointsr/ZReviews

Thanks for your input on those speaker JohnBooty. Are those all your speakers in those photos? ME LIKEY! I really like those Red JBL's. Mine are White and they look absolutely beautiful.

I got THIS ground loop isolator here to solve the hiss I was getting and now I do not get any hiss no matter the volume. You should check it out.

What is your opinion on the Infinity Reference line of speakers? They have a sale going on right now and the 162's are $200 a pair. I hear they are on par or better than the last Primus line and AverageJoeAudiophile puts them at about the same level as the KEF Q100's.

u/Matix__ · 2 pointsr/ZReviews

Here ya go friend :) Just gonna let you know now that when you get them, it'll seem at first like they won't go on. With a bit of patience they'll fit just fine

u/reinhen · 2 pointsr/ZReviews

Here's what I picked up based on the Zeos 2.0 recommendation thread.

  • Speakers - Fluance SX6
  • DAC - SMSL SD793-II
  • Amp - SMSL SA50 50Wx2

    Here's what it looks like setup at my desk - LINK

    After installing and setting up Equalizer APO on my system and tuning it by ear through a WIDE assortment of music, this setup sounds absolutely amazing. With the amp and Windows at half volume, it's loud enough to be heard throughout my 2-story house with no audible distortion.

    Near-field performance at my desk, where my head it at the peak of basically an equilateral triangle based on where I sit in relation to the speakers, is absolutely astonishing.

    I use this setup for games, music, and audio editing for video work I do. It's awesome all-around.

    Throw a pair of stands in there like these and it's right at your $300 budget.
u/Dashing_in_the_90s · 2 pointsr/ZReviews

I haven't heard that sub but it appears to be designed to go with the 305s so they should sound great together.
Both the speakers and the sub take trs or xlr in so to connect them up to a PC you would need a stereo 3.5mm to trs converter like [this] ( That would go from the jack on the back of the motherboard to each speaker with no sub or into the sub inputs then from the sub outputs to the speakers using just straight trs or xlr cables. You would need the same cable for surrounds but you would skip the sub and go straight into the speakers.

u/LostReaction · 1 pointr/ZReviews

So when I bought mine I ordered one of these amplifier controller thingies. I have it connected between my DAC and the 305's. It works well enough but I've found it more convenient just to adjust the volume in Windows. I have the actual volume on the back of each monitor set to "5" to prevent me from easily maxing out the volume in windows. With the volume at 5 these are plenty loud enough for a desk.

You had the right idea with the line level controller. I personally don't hear a difference between in sound quality with using the line level controller and having it disconnected but I know some people are much more critical than I am.

Good luck with your setup!

u/IamEzioKl · 1 pointr/ZReviews

You're sure the laptop doesn't have embedded optical out on the headphone port? most don't, but some do.

Anyway, If you don't mind using the built in DAC you can get a cheap usb dac with optical out and use it.

something like that

Or get the old hifimediy 9023 for cheaper, for the current price of the uca202, the 9023 can also do optical out and support 96khz/24bit vs the 44/16 on the uca202, and the dac shouldn't be bad either.

u/Preclude · 2 pointsr/ZReviews

There are two good ways to do this:
Option 1:
Grab yourself a set of these.
Plug the double sided end into your source, and then feed the other end to your speakers. You'll then plug another set of RCA into the open ends on the source and send them to your Sub.
Option 2: If you don't like using the windows volume control, then you'll get one of these:
Also this:
The Barrel connectors will go into your source. Then plus the controller into the barrel connectors, then the piggyback cable into the other end of the controller. Then plug your RCA into backside of the Piggyback and put one set into the speakers, and one set into the sub.
Once you've chosen from the two options, you'll need to set up the speaker and the sub so the volume matches.
To do that I would turn the computer audio up to maximum. Then, turn your speakers up as loud as you would ever comfortably listen to them. Then get your subwoofer gain and crossover where you want it. You will then use your PC volume/or the control nob to control the volume of both of them. If you use the control nob, your PC volume will always be at max.
EDIT: You might also need this to get the sound from your motherboard audio out to RCA:

u/Zednix · 1 pointr/ZReviews

It might depend on your ear size and how comfy they feel for you out of the box. My gf loves them and she has a tiny ear so the pads work well. I have huge ears so I went with the Brainwavz on mine since they are much bigger and the fit great.

Also one thing to keep in mind is they do have a proprietary 2.5mm lock in connection in the headset that can be removed with a size zero or double-zero philips screw driver and you can find mod videos on youtube as a guide. I did it to mine if anyone needs help.

Not sure where in EU you are, but here are some links for the Brainwavz replacement pads. They come in angled or non-angled and many different colours. UK DE

u/MaritimeAbove · 2 pointsr/ZReviews

If you're open to open backs, Fidelio X2's are on sale for $140! Good bass and soundstage from what I've heard, Zeos loved em.
Edit: here they are on uk Amazon

u/bbisset · 1 pointr/ZReviews

Koss ESP950... to the best of my knowledge, Z hasn't had the opportunity to review them yet, but I suspect after this Massdrop delivers, someone will drop him a pair. It'd be interesting to compare to the Stax in similar price range.

This is a waaay better deal. $660 CAD is like $520 US... and you don't have to wait.

u/video_descriptionbot · 1 pointr/ZReviews

Title | Z Review - Shure SRH840 (M50x wish they were here)
Description | Are you Shure? [] All the current pads have Stock Issues, Be patient. HM5 pads [] 1540 pads [] Sound Demo : Wallpaper : My Reddit Recommendations Guides [] Join The Patreon for Dedicated Give-a-ways [] Yes, I have a twitter []
Length | 0:14:58


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u/Copernican · 2 pointsr/ZReviews

I run the exact same setup. For some reason an amp causes a lot of static on the mic.

Something like this can help. Have it connected between your cans and your amp. It will reduce the volume output, but helps solve the static issue.

u/TheRoboteer · 1 pointr/ZReviews

This looks like it could be a perfect substitute for the AudioEngine D1. It has a coax input (which the D1 doesn't), a quarter inch headphone output (Better than the D1's 3.5mm) and is half the price.

u/Gamesrock22 · 1 pointr/ZReviews


If you're in the U.S, you can get them from Amazon Warehouse deals for ~$178 like I did a few weeks ago

u/Tmanning47 · 1 pointr/ZReviews

They are powered monitors, so no amp is necessary. all you need is a cable like this one

However, that being said, you would significantly benefit from a usb DAC with lineouts to input into the speakers.

u/tehNOViCE · 2 pointsr/ZReviews

I second this, I bought mine back in June, and I use them every day, they are great. I paired them with this - and I love it.

u/AStupidHippo · 1 pointr/ZReviews

Shure 840

Review on the Shure 840s

Edit: if your budget is 250 and you want music and monitoring headphones. You can get the Shure 440 and get the Phillips SPH9500. Both are regarded as excellent sub 100 headphones.

u/Brocktar · 1 pointr/ZReviews

I have the 793II, headphones and powered monitors and one thing you will want to have is a line level controller like this [one] ( as the 793II has a line out not a pre out. This way you don't have to change your computer's volume when you want to change your powered monitors volume.
I am still an audio Padawan, but the SMSL Sanskrit DAC with a FiiO K5 AMP seem to fit what you need, others will have to comment on sound quality as I don't have any experience with them.

u/PaenitetEh · 1 pointr/ZReviews

Okay I was looking at the topping mx3 is that a good amp/dac combo?

u/RaptorController · 2 pointsr/ZReviews

you only need one if you are going to use the headphone output on your desktop.

you dont "need" a dac but it will improve the sound.

u/onrul · 1 pointr/ZReviews

I have the E5 which I actually enjoy a lot. I think it sounds better than my FiiO e10k with most cans. There's noticeable degradation of sound quality switching from USB data mode to Bluetooth but that's the sacrifice you make for portability. It drives most headphones well, with the except of some of the more power hungry pairs. The monolith M1060s in particular don't sound very good with this DAC.

u/jj69rr · 1 pointr/ZReviews

The Behringer UCA202 is a good cheap option and has plenty of outputs.

u/omegaorgun · 1 pointr/ZReviews

If your headphones are easy drive then this is great. Syba Sonic SD-DAC63057 24bit 96KHz USB 2.0 plus Stereo Headphone Amplifier

u/Obi-Shinobi · 1 pointr/ZReviews

Is it like on old AM radio in cars you hear the engine noise in the radio? If so try this,

I had a lot of noise in my PC setup and that fixed it for me.

u/ocinn · 2 pointsr/ZReviews

AKA an integrated amp.

Maybe the AudioSource Amp100 (new model: Amp100VS)

Edit: JK the amp 100 is an auto switching amp.

Maybe a simple RCA switch

And a SMSL SA50

u/Aislinx · 1 pointr/ZReviews

the emotiva a-100 only have rca inputs so you'll need either a 3,5 to rca cable to connect it directly to your pc or you can use an usb dac like the behringer UCA202 and use it's rca outputs to connect the emotiva amp

u/siriusblack711 · 3 pointsr/ZReviews

I got these for my JBL LSR 305's. I like them cause u can tilt the speakers and the clamp holds them down.

u/frsmtc · 1 pointr/ZReviews

Behringer UCA202

You just need a RCA to 3.5mm adapter for mic in. Clean DAC, low powered amp stage - I'm not certain about how hard superlux is to drive. The behringer drove my IEMS well but had bass distortion on my planar and high impedance headphones.

u/I3igAl · 2 pointsr/ZReviews

If you are missing an optical optical cable those can be had for like 6$

RCA Volume control:
(made to be mounted under desk or car dash, lable upside down on top of desk)
If talking purely SPDIF/Optical vs USB, optical cannot have noise caused by electrical interference of other circuits. However the DAC chip used and the circuit design on the DAC plays a factor as well. If a device has poor circuit design the power delivery could be degrading, or interference between its own left and right channels could happen.

I have no experience or knowledge of the Fiio D3, it would work but I can't tell you how well, but I would say I personally would put more down on something that feeds into a pair of 305.
A Micca Origen+ would work but its just the same as a DAC X6 basically.

u/plazman30 · 1 pointr/ZReviews
  1. That's not a DAC.
  2. You don't need XLR. Those monitors will let you use a 1/4" jack.
  3. Massdrop SDAC is $80.00

    Computer goes USB to SDAC. SDAC goes RCA to 305s using this cable.

    You'll either need to get a pre-amp or adjust your volume using your computer.

    You other option is to buy a Micca Origen G2. That's a DAC with a built in pre-amp. if you get the Origen, you would need this cable.
u/NightHawk1985 · 1 pointr/ZReviews

You wouldn't get sound from the monitor to the Syba DAC, so your next option would be using the optical from PS4 to the Syba Sonic.. Check the link for the Syba Sonic- it has pics of the inputs & outputs available..

u/Aquix · 1 pointr/ZReviews

Any specific, affordable suggestions apart from velour then? Zeos suggested the $10 HiFi velours in his review, and others suggested the $22 Brainwavz HM5.

u/Hercusleaze · 2 pointsr/ZReviews

SMSL M3 if you need a S/Pidf in. 80 bucks on Amazon

Actually, the SMSL SD 793ii is on Massdrop right now for 57.99 Link I would probably buy this.

u/adilmos · 1 pointr/ZReviews

For EU people outside UK it should be cheaper on (119e at time of posting).

u/wirelessflyingcord · 2 pointsr/ZReviews

Went back to 169e yesterday but now has it at 99e.

u/N7Spectre77 · 1 pointr/ZReviews

Topping MX3


Topping MX3 Built-in Bluetooth Receiver DAC Headphome Amp Digital Amplifier (Black)

u/ZeosPantera · 1 pointr/ZReviews

Well that would work but there are no tone controls. Not many offer them now-a-days. The Yamaha 201 does or if you want to spend more its big brother the Yamaha S500

u/OverExclamated · 1 pointr/ZReviews

An option:

Fidelio X2HR + VModa BoomPro + Prodigy Cube.

I also happened to notice this Scarlett 2i2 package while digging around. Don't ask me about the headphones or mic that's included with it; I have no idea. But having the 2i2 would give you some options for other mics and headphones.

u/824show · 1 pointr/ZReviews

I just got them (9500s) along with the vmoda mic. Tried them out through the controller jack and maxed volume sounds to low. Waiting on my dac/amp to arrive I'll let you know how it sounds once I get everything together.

u/Techno_Niko · 2 pointsr/ZReviews

Just going to throw some stuff. I personally haven't tried any of these so... oh btw sorry this is for US amazon.

Status HD2

Status CB1

Vmoda LP2

Also holy shit I just realized the M50xs cost $100+ I thought they were at most $80.

u/speedx77 · 1 pointr/ZReviews

The pads are still hard against my head despite being "memory foam." I certainly prefer the sound with the stock pads, they're just not too comfortable. When I move my head I can hear the inside middle of the material moving I think. It's hard to describe but it's this crackling sound and I think it comes from the cheap quality of the pads/ the middle material.

Edit: They just feel larger and heavier and I preferred the lighter feel of the stock pads.

Edit 2: The HM5's do reduce the clamp, but it's certainly there. And the loss of clamp is converted into weight.

Edit 3: The HM5's just make the M40x's sound SAD