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u/Emperor-Commodus ยท 3 pointsr/aafb

> I would think the AAF would at least want to sell their remaining product, right? Stores went down almost immediately, it seems.

Assuming the stores were being directly run by the AAF and not outsourced to a third party, there's a good chance the employees running the stores fucked off the second the "cease operations" news came out on April 2nd and they realized they weren't getting another paycheck.

In addition, who's going to pay for servers if the company literally has no money? I can also see the company intentionally shutting everything down before letting employees go to maximise the amount of capital they have left to sell off during bankruptcy.

How ever, I would assume that any merchandise owned by the AAF would probably get sold to other companies during bankruptcy auctions, so some other company will probably get them and start selling them eventually.

EDIT: lol you can get Hackenburg Memphis Express "baseball cards" on Amazon for $4. Probably the most worthless pieces of cardstock in the whole world

Also the site just loaded for me, I'm a charlatan and everything I said is a lie