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u/VexBoxx · 3 pointsr/aclfestival

I've never had an issue. I've packed my own in cig tubes and put those in an old cig box, I've also just brought a pipe or two and loose. Security never went over every.little.thing. in my bag. I bring in two giant sneak flasks of moonshine every year without issue. I brought in two dozen wownies (salad brownies) my second year. (Plastic baby wipes container, baby wipe on top.)

Be friendly with the security staff and joke with them if you can, make 'em laugh. It distracts them a bit, puts them in a good mood.

A gal in line last year had a water bottle of vodka, not realising it had to be sealed to bring in liquid. I was wearing slip shorts (like bike shorts) under my dress. I just popped her bottle into the leg of my shorts and walked in with it for her.

You'll be fine.

u/winnipegjets31 · 2 pointsr/aclfestival

Not 100% sure if this is what your looking for, but I got one of these for electric forest this year, and plan on using it at ACL to help with dust. Did a good job for me especially to wrap my face/neck to keep the sun off and stay cool. These were the cheapest ones I could find at the time, there may be others though. It mimicks the design of the "buff" if you've heard of that before

u/SeanColgato · 2 pointsr/aclfestival

Week 2! Sorry, haha. I'm actually gonna bring portable urinals (which sounds gross, but apparently more people use them at festivals than you'd think) and offer them to my fellow GNR campers around me so no one feels like they need to leave. Since you're gonna be camping, here's the link if you're interested.

TravelJohn-Disposable Urinal (6 pack)

u/ChewyChavezIII · 2 pointsr/aclfestival

This is the one I took last year. It is pretty awesome. I would imagine anything around that size should work fine.

u/ItsEday · 3 pointsr/aclfestival

How strict do they enforce that backpack policy? I have a small (think kindergarten kid size) clear backpack which i take with me to all the festivals and stadiums since it holds a water bottle and light jacket. I'm curious if they will let me in with it since you can see right through it. Here's the link for reference:

u/SomePomegranate6 · 1 pointr/aclfestival

FYI They let this in today (emptied all pockets ahead of time to speed it up) PLUS my fannypack. Get a young male security checker, don't bring much & you'll be fine!

u/sammorales77 · 8 pointsr/aclfestival

I used a really good/reliable one for Hangout Fest this year. This one here was the recommendation from the festival production company. Really cheap too!

u/ViperDaimao · 1 pointr/aclfestival

Corn puffs laced with crack. Or maybe sugar. Either way.
BUC-EES Beaver Nuggets Sweet Corn Puff Snacks Texas Bucees

u/crizzzles · 4 pointsr/aclfestival

I used this backpack for OSL which had similar backpack rules to ACL. I tried emailing ACL about it got this as a response, so no help, "If the bag you linked to meets all of the restrictions listed here: then you're good to."

u/klclarks · 1 pointr/aclfestival

Would something like this work?


I want to take in my baggu fanny pack, but it has a small front pocket.

u/thewolfman2010 · 2 pointsr/aclfestival

This is the bag that I bring into every festival. Haven’t had a problem at Coachella, Govs Ball, or Voodoo and they all have the same 2 pocket / 1 pocket bag rule.

u/reanimatorx2 · 1 pointr/aclfestival

My wife uses a Freedom Flask each ACL. Works wonders, and we simply buy sprites or teas and pour in some Dripping Springs vodka from the flask.

u/aurora_borealex · 2 pointsr/aclfestival

Get small disposable flask and stuff it in your briefs in such a way that no one is gonna grab it.

u/Meru3217 · 1 pointr/aclfestival

I use these. Easy to set up and compact but holds my phone, id and wallet. No lugging a big ass chair around lol

Sportneer Portable Lightweight Folding Camping Chair for Backpacking, Hiking, Picnic