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u/HAC_Lives · 2 pointsr/adeptustitanicus

This guy looks awesome! I saw someone in a Facebook group suggest using a Liquitex Gold marker for the trim ( and it's worked out really well for me so far but your trim has much more depth to it, so those 22 hours have definitely paid off.

For those that are interested in the cheat's method of using the marker, I've found that it gives a really even layer of very lustrous, shiny gold but it can take a fair bit longer than Citadel colours to dry, so beware of smudging it or leaving fingerprints on your gold trim.

u/Lucur · 1 pointr/adeptustitanicus

The one i got was an advertising gift, so i really wouldn't know any specific item to go for, but you should easily find one of those in a local hardware store.

edit: just had a quick gander at amazon, and this should be pretty much the one i own:

I guess you'd get something similar for cheaper in a local store.

u/Greektlake · 3 pointsr/adeptustitanicus

I added magnets to the bases of all my knights and titans as well as the weapons and store them in this toolbox. The bottom section is the perfect height to fit a warlord with shoulder missiles attached and the top drawer comfortably fits 12 knights plus all the weapons from 2 warlords and 2 reavers with room to spare. Bottom section appears to be able to fit 2 warlords, 2 reavers, and 4 warhounds with possible room for another titan though probably not a 3rd warlord.

Stanley STST19501 Auto Slide Drawer Metal Tool Box, 19-Inch

u/gigisima · 2 pointsr/adeptustitanicus

But if you want to invest, I'll save up and buy from the big brands such as Iwata, check their 'eclipse' range. About £120 for mid-range. Then buy a compressor for about £60 to £80.

Check out reviews on YouTube

Iwata eclipse
Iwata-Medea Eclipse HP CS Dual Action Airbrush Gun / Gravity Feed

ABEST Complete Professional Airbrush Compressor Kit with Air Tank for Nails Tattoo Nail Art With Dual Action AirBrush Spray Gun for craftwork, cosmetics, tanning, hobbies, models, airbrushing, painting, cake decorating, customised clothing