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u/Disconsented · 19 pointsr/admincraft
  • Why use a CLC over the stock cooler here?
  • Why use such a mediocre 750w PSU over a known quality CX450M?
  • X570 isn't useful here, you're better off with an Asrock B450/X470 motherboard thats known to work with ECC (so like most of them) and a good PCIe layout. Otherwise grab an X470D4U for validated ECC and IPMI (no GPU needed)
  • Make sure the RAM is UDIMMs, you also didn't list anything useful about it
  • 140 is a bit of a joke for an 860 evo, you're better off with one of these
u/DynamicBits · 1 pointr/admincraft

> * You can no longer get a brand new 8400 GS, as it has been discontinued. Pick up a GT 1030 instead.

Also consider a GeForce GT 710 for about $40. Depending upon which revision you get, the 8400 GS has a TDP of 25-40 watts, compared to 20-30W for the GT 1030 and 19W for the GT 710.

u/ShaBren · 1 pointr/admincraft

A fellow popcorn lover! The only addition I would make is that I like this for topping - it's the stuff my local theater uses.

u/aetaric · 2 pointsr/admincraft

ASA, or Adaptive Security Appliance, is a hardware firewall made by Cisco Systems. These devices are expensive and probably not what you are looking for since you won't get gigabit until the 5515 model and you can't do line rate gigabit until the 5525-X model. With an ASA you are looking at thousand dollar price tags for just the hardware. Do yourself a favour and setup CSF.

u/macguhloo · 2 pointsr/admincraft

You can get a watt meter like this one: and use it along with your electric bill to figure out how much of the charge is for the server.

u/iamtom123 · 1 pointr/admincraft

I cant seem to find the same cpu in any UK online stores :/

I think i may have to get this as an alternative.