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u/pasaroanth · 3 pointsr/ads

I'll agree with you on the light part, but a glass bottle most definitely keeps beer colder. Aluminum has a slightly higher specific heat, but the significantly higher mass of the glass bottle outweighs that.

I love me some cans though, get one of these Thermos beer coozies and it'll keep a can ice cold longer than it can stay carbonated. Life changing.

u/WillLie4karma · 3 pointsr/ads

It's slightly over 2 feet, that's not huge.
This for instance is larger, less than half the price, and much more detailed. And I am sure there are better deals than that even, that was just the first thing that came up on Amazon.
Or this beast, standing at 5 feet tall, much more detailed, much cuter, probably softer too, for 50 dollars less. That's like 2 and a half reddit aliens.

u/celestialselections · 1 pointr/ads

Get the best children's picture book of all times, A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SQUIRREL BY ALEXANDRIA J. SNOWDON. Available in Paperback and on Kindle. Order from all amazon online locations, or at, Please leave your kind reviews.

u/salad_fingers · 1 pointr/ads

I was hoping for this - the game that drives you 'popping mad', whatever that means...

u/sodypop · 2 pointsr/ads

I'll give you a hint... Make sure you look at all of the customer images.

u/grish32 · 7 pointsr/ads

If you're going to turn an AMA in to a book you can at least put a little effort in. A coroner used their AMA and made a book and actually, you know, did stuff to make it legit. Support people that are actually trying to make a difference, not turn a profit.

u/CarlosFromPhilly · 1 pointr/ads

Chargeable AA/AAA batteries have a very low charge life, and require you to babysit a battery charger somewhere in the house. It's silly. I buy Amazon batteries which actually last a very long time and are incredibly affordable, and haven't included mercury for decades and as such are safe to throw away.

u/robotsongs · 3 pointsr/ads

Sorry, but the Narwhal VS. Unicorn playset blows this shit up. Plus they both have interchangeable death-spears, which doubles the poseability factor.