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u/Forty-Three · 2 pointsr/adventuretime

I'd also like to add in that you can get it from Amazon as well.

Personally I got mine as a gift from Newbury Comics, so if you're in New England you're in luck. Also keep in mind that they are much bigger then it looks in the picture, so if you're like me and love coffee then it's absolutely fantastic!

u/Masonyte · 1 pointr/adventuretime

I really love the comics/graphic novels, and I think that they would make a great gift because they just offer more Adventure Time content especially for those who have watched the full series and crave more. Other that that the Funko Pop Figures are fun but not that great for playing with. Maybe the best thing for an 8 year old would be the smaller figurines. And if he hasn't watched the full series yet then there is always the DVD's!

u/Mr-Chewy-Biteums · 1 pointr/adventuretime

Not really sure how to answer that. The individual season Blu-rays are sold separately and have been available for some time. The box set collects everything, but it's not out yet. They are from the same company though, and the Amazon listing for the box set even says "All Region" in the title. So I think it's a good bet that you can play them in US players.

If I didn't already have all the seasons on Blu-ray, I would buy the box set from Australia instead of waiting for a US release that possibly/probably won't ever come.


Thank you

u/Bad_Potatos · 1 pointr/adventuretime

I'd recommend checking out The Art of Ooo if you haven't already. It's a treasure trove of information about the show's production process.

Just going off this book, it seems like Adam Muto had a huge role in fleshing out the world and characters during the show's pre-production. He did a lot of illustrated story notes, which were basically visual explorations of potential episode concepts. Here's a pretty interesting interview with the author of the book.

u/FabulousSecretP0wers · 41 pointsr/adventuretime

The Adventure Time comics by KaBOOM Studios. They're written by the same guy that does Dinosaur Comics. This is the first volume, which has the first story arch in it which I believe is the first four issues You can buy the individual ones too of course. There are 31 issues thus far.

I've said in this sub before that they're amazing many times, but I won't stop heh.

For the Fiona and Cake fans, of which there certainly are many, there's a spinoff written by Natasha Allegri

There's also a spinoff with Marceline, her band and Princess Bubblegum.

u/CrispyPicnic · 2 pointsr/adventuretime

There isn't any single Blu Ray collection of all the seasons. But there are individual seasons on Blu Ray, and I also just bought this collection of seasons 6-10 here in Canada, and it plays on my PS4 perfectly.

u/herephishiphishi · 3 pointsr/adventuretime

I got this book as a gift, it has these and more in it:

Adventure Time: A Totally Math Poster Collection (Poster Book): Featuring 20 Removable Frameable Prints

u/megamansam · 2 pointsr/adventuretime

Though it's floating around in the other comments, here's a link to buy it!
I bought mine for $15 from a different seller (who is now out of stock of the blanket) on Amazon, so if money's tight you might save a few bucks by waiting.

u/AllisonTatt · 2 pointsr/adventuretime

There’s an Amazon is listening for a box set of seasons 1-8 on Blu-ray. I think it’s the same as the Australian release posted buts its region A/B/C and it’s cheaper. Only $99. Where as the Amazon UK listening was £129.99 which is like $147 here

u/DavidGN40 · 1 pointr/adventuretime

Yo I know I'm late but I gotta confirm something. Was the item you got from Madman this?:

Cause that's region free, it'll work on any Blu-Ray player. The individual season discs from Madman are Region B only, so they won't work on American (Region A) Blu-Ray players.

I'm not sure about this new collection but it might be Region B only too, so people in Region A areas should be wary.

u/Prezombie · 4 pointsr/adventuretime

Actually, if you're in the UK/EU, shipping is free/reasonable, and the first TPB is at a very nice price.

A few more months until it's released though. (it comes out on my birthday! Mathmatical!)

u/xblackdemonx · 2 pointsr/adventuretime

Yep! I got season 6-10 (Region B) in Bluray from for 59.99$ CAD and its working fine on my Xbox One S.

u/TheGooseey · 1 pointr/adventuretime

What comics are you talking about?
Adventure Time Season 11

This? It isn’t out yet?

u/ElGhost · 1 pointr/adventuretime

If you don't want it digitally, you're much better off getting the trade paperbacks, rather than the single issues.

This has the first 4 issues:

u/BeJeezus · 2 pointsr/adventuretime

While it's mostly coffee table stuff, Chris McDonnell's Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo book also has a lot of sketches and notes on character design, including some of the guidelines and advice given artists.

Amazon Link

u/Red_Spartan65 · 8 pointsr/adventuretime

I bought it off the cartoon Network online shop. But it seems it sold out, I found one on Amazon though,

u/boredcanadian · 1 pointr/adventuretime

Well no. Everything on amazon is cheaper, counterfeit or not. This one looks legit, it's not a third party.

For some reason it's a little more expensive ($4 more) on .com than .ca, but still $9 cheaper than CN.

u/flying_dutchmaster · 0 pointsr/adventuretime

a little pricey, but if you're going for gold you need the backpack and sword!

u/GenericRage · 6 pointsr/adventuretime

If you order it from Amazon, you can get it cheaper. For me, two-day shipping was almost the same as regular shipping on CN.

u/itsrainingben · 25 pointsr/adventuretime

Here you go! I pre-ordered it a while back. Actually is cheaper now... hmm

u/Oakeh · 2 pointsr/adventuretime

Also in [this] ( book it is said that Finn began singing his Buff Baby song after he was taken in by Joshua. In the memory he was singing the Buff Baby song so it probably was Joshua's house.

u/St4yingCl4ssy · 1 pointr/adventuretime

Do you know what they're called? I remember finding something similar but it wouldn't give me info on what issues they have.
Is this right?

u/SubHomesickAlien · 10 pointsr/adventuretime

On Amazon, it says it will be available on November 6.

I just googled it and this came out:

u/thosearecoolbeans · 3 pointsr/adventuretime

eh, when it comes to flashbacks I think less is more. there's not really any more questions there we need answered.

if you are looking for more and not less, you should check out the Enchiridion / Marcys Scrapbook it's completely canon and tells more of young Marceline's story

u/soundzombie · 7 pointsr/adventuretime

Amazon Theres also a ton of other ones. considering getting Jake or Marceline.

u/mrgadd4 · 7 pointsr/adventuretime

So on UK Amazon, there's a full series Blu Ray box set... But I can't seem to find this DVD set! Which sucks for me as I don't have a Blu Ray player 🙁

Adventure Time : Season 1-8 | Boxset

u/beachbum662 · 1 pointr/adventuretime

on amazon
also, i work for barnes and noble and thought id snag an employee discount if theyre out, but it states the same release date on our site =/

u/wondertwins · 1 pointr/adventuretime

Here's a link to buy it. Maybe I accidentally deleted my image...