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u/Ginger_Libra · 4 pointsr/afinil

I just took my first dose of Modafinil 30 minutes ago so I don’t have much to say about alternatives.

But I think it’s important to start to figure out what turns your brain on.

For me, a combination of a low carb diet with intermittent fasting seems to do the best for a baseline. Then I look at supplements for long brain support and enhance that with short term items.

This is a good place to start. This is how I found how to safely use nicotine (not tobacco) and it has helped me get through some serious fog.

Also look into racetams. I’ve got a bottle of phenylpiracetam I’m saving until the headaches go away.

I’ve taken other supplements on this list. Some of their branded ones. Forbose is my favorite. Neueromaster gave me headaches. I’m currently trying their Smart Mode.

Brain Boost seems to be good too.

I’ve had a headache for a month since going off all opioids and excedrin and Advil. I don’t think it’s the opioids giving me the headache. I think it’s the analgesics. That’s why I can’t speak to one being better than the other at the moment. My headaches are getting better and I’ve been taking the Brain Boost 70% of the time because I got it first.

Some people don’t like how nootropics with lots of ingredients make them feel. Some people like to isolate each one. Keep that in mind.

I hated Qualia. Gave my excess to a friend that loves it.

Also more at r/Nootropics.

u/ddubbAUDIO · 1 pointr/afinil

This may not be what you're looking for. But I pretty much work 7 days a week. I initially started taking my moda on very busy days, but that transitioned into daily use. After about 3 weeks I decided it wasn't a great idea, although oddly enough I wasn't increasing tolerance. The tolerance did build quickly after starting daily use, but seemed to plateau around 200mg. Early on 50mg was enough, now 200 seems to get the same effect, but never more than that. Regardless, taking anything on a daily basis is not a good idea (at least not for me). So I decided to only dose once or twice MAX Mon-thru Thurs, then dose Fri Sat & Sun (since those are my insane work days). On my off days, I take half of an "Up Time Maximum Strenght" supplement. Sometimes I take the other half a few hours later if I'm having a long day. These little fuckers are pretty powerful! And have nothing in them even slightly related to Moda, so it's a good way to work your tolerance down without needing to be "off the ball" on days you cant take mods.

I'm honestly not big on "energy suppliments". I had a bad experience with Stacker II's back in the day lol. And most of them just make you feel really strange and jittery. Some have tons of Niacin that turns my skin bright red and itchy lol. But this stuff has worked really well for me. And it's pretty damn cheap too. It's not a moda replacement by any means. The two are not even close in terms of effects. But I found it a pretty good supplement for my off days.

Here it is on Amazon: Up Time Max

u/onceuponapriori · 1 pointr/afinil

Use a scale and drop them into rice-paper rolling papers (for research), as capsules are way too hard to fill. Yes, I know you said without a scale, but the scale I bought was ~$20 and works well enough. Here's something similar:

Ceretropic is indeed the best adrafinil around.

u/wogmn · 5 pointsr/afinil

We do not include any type of scoop as they are not reliable nor do they measure in mg. We always suggest using a balance/scale for dosing as scoops are highly unreliable in measuring. All powders have different densities and therefore they shouldn't be measure using one.

We do not carry scoops, as we feel they promote the misuse of products. You should never use any compound without accurately weighing it with a milligram scale. It's for your own safety. Our customer's safety is priority #1.

We have found that the Gemini 20 is a decent scale at a decent price. Of course, this isn't an official endorsement of it. I have provided a link below.

As far as the packaging, the company name is listed in the return address field on the shipping label but that is it.


u/iDrinan · 2 pointsr/afinil

Although a bit on the pricier side, I use Pure Encapsulations Magnesium glycinate, but any reputable brand and bioavailable form will do (glycinate is considered the most bioavailable, but more expensive due to the chelation process.)

Unless you are predisposed to liver or kidney issues, I wouldn't worry unless along with the above you're taking a massive stack of supplements. In which case, you'd want to analyze that first.

With that said, cranberry extracts are great for kidney function in general.

u/linearlychallenged · 3 pointsr/afinil

I just tuck the pill under my tongue, and let it dissolve on its own there. Mod dissolves very, very quickly especially if you give a slight tongue movement here and there. I will say that the taste is...different, but it's by far not the worst out there.

Now, if this doesn't work - you could try something like Nullo. Hunters use it to mask their humanity out in the field.

Deficiency in Zinc has also been linked to greater body odor production. This may be broscience, so keep that in mind.

u/TheBloatedPope · 4 pointsr/afinil

Modalert is easy enough to break up by hand, even into quarters. With Waklert, you'll probably need something like this, even to halve it:

u/Kevin_Is_Sad_Now · 2 pointsr/afinil

It was £6.50 on amazon and you get loads of little utensils haha. Don't even know what most of them do.

Here it is

u/everydayguy20 · 3 pointsr/afinil

I think you're really only option is to dump them all out and mix them really good to make sure there is an even balance between filler and adrafinil and use a scale, then just buy powder from now on which is widely available and cheaper.

I use this scale for adrafinil

u/ChickenLegs281 · 1 pointr/afinil

This One Doesn't.. but it's f*cking expensive.

Also. I have been taking it twice a day ~30 min before a meal. From what I have read, 15 min is fine unless you have GERD issues, then wait an hour.

Or get THIS and any enteric coated capsules. 10 drops is roughly 180mg

u/cal1forn1a · 1 pointr/afinil

Good to know about D3 early in the day. What brand do you take? I was checking out this brand (SportsResearch).

From what I've read, the L-Theanine helps with excess anxiety brought on from the Mod or Arm +caffeine, and has "focus" qualities in of itself.

If you haven't seen this video yet, Dave Asprey talks in depth on his decade of Mod use while kicking ass in business school and building/selling a startup:

u/Quarkbeastx · 4 pointsr/afinil

Are you refering to this stuff? Because that's not modafinil, it's some kind of seaweed extract that happens to have a similar name. It's not the same thing at all and will not have any of the effects of modafinil.

u/neuromonkey · 1 pointr/afinil

You could even put them into gel caps.

u/24811812513198111524 · 1 pointr/afinil

so citrate doesnt make you sleepy? i guess i'll have to switch to that one?

i didn't know.

since you're knowledgable can you tell me what bcaas do? I been taking this and it's not that conscious but i do notice i feel better when i take it. i've been taking it on and off though because it tastes nasty and i can't bring myself to make a habit of taking it.