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u/kslatin · 5 pointsr/alternativeart

DC/Dark Horse: Aliens. I love it. It's just Batman fighting aliens and predators and it's awesome.

u/LazerViking421 · 11 pointsr/alternativeart

The artists name is Josh Cooley. Doesn't seem to have an up to date website. I got his print for The Jerk when these first came out and it's probably my favorite thing hanging on my wall. He's got a book that is a collection of all of these called Movies R Fun. And here's a link to an AMA he did about a year ago.

u/Chewcocca · 1 pointr/alternativeart

If you're looking for a really interesting take on Jesus, try Electric Jesus Corpse by Carlton Mellick III.

u/jaundicemanatee · 2 pointsr/alternativeart

There actually is a story about that. Except, rather than putting on the cowl, Joker tries to settle down and live a normal life.

You can imagine how well that works out.

u/Korbit · 2 pointsr/alternativeart

If you really want to buy it, you can get the dvd set on amazon.

From left to right the characters are Enzo, Mouse, Bob, Dot, Megabyte, and Hexadecimal.