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u/SelfDeludedFool · 5 pointsr/ants

So.. lots of questions. Firstly, not so relevant now but if you're out of room, but if you want to get your ants fresh water, and a clean tube, you can set up a new test tube for them and then tape the two together. From there you cover the new tube, so it's dark, and expose the old tube to heat and light. Then, you wait for the colony to migrate, they'll move all the eggs, and then remove the old tube from the setup. If you currently have 20+ ants, I'd say it's time you moved them into thier first nest. I'm not sure what your intentions are, but you can buy legit nest formicarium with tubing and outworlds. Id recommend tar heal ants or ants Canada It's always best to leave the nest portion covered, so your colony doesn't become accustomed to nesting in the light. You do this so it's easier to move the colony with light/heat. Often you'll have to move your colony due to mold or simply to give them more room. A good commercial nest will always have a lid to cover the nesting area. If you're not going with a commercial setup, then you can get yourself some simple containers, and then fill them with test tube setups. The ants will use the setups as nests, and the rest of the container would be the outworld. If you choose to go with this route, or any setup with an outworld really, you need an ant "barrier" to keep your ants contained. Petroleum jelly is often used and though a little messy, is a good cheap and available option. For something a little cleaner you can use Fluon. These methods are also best coupled with some sort of lid, especially If there are pets or small children in the house, just be sure you have some sort of airflow into the outworld, I'd the air is stagnant the ants will treat it like a nest and not "outside". Also, check out youtube page, it is packed full of tutorials and just nerdy ant stuff.

Hope this helps, and good luck.

u/ultimape · 1 pointr/ants

I haven't seen anything where he suggests he is an academic scientist? AntsCanada actually released a video where he visited academic scientists: and I've noticed a lot of them congregate on the forums. I prefer the term myrmecophily for myself. But I'd also love to get a formal "doctorate in myrmecological studies" title some day.

I think the definition of what it takes to be called a "myrmcologist" really depends on your stance toward citizen science. Do you need to have a fancy degree and lab experience to bring value to the world with scientific rigor? Certainly, calling oneself a 'doctor' or giving an MD/PHd title would be questionable, but I don't think any academic institution has a monopoly on the term myrmcologist itself.

Interestingly, E.O. Wilson actually wrote a book on that strange dichotomy.

As for ant poop, the "ant sorting algorithm" is a well known phenomena, even being used as inspiration for distributed robotics. As for journal published research on bathroom etiquette, there's some work being done in that area. that is quite interesting. There's also some great work being done on how ants measure and count things like this at a behavioral level at the intersecting of computer science and biology sciences.

u/formicarium · 2 pointsr/ants

This is my kind of question. I will play the hell out of this game when you finish it!

If you can find this book in a library (or pay iron price) then it's by far the most complete and fascinating book on ants, with incredible detail on a lot of genera. Unfortunately it's getting on a little bit in age, so some parts are inaccurate or gaps have been filled. Wilson has written a bunch of books on social insects, most of which are pretty good.

There are so many species you are not likely to get a complete account from any books though, so if you have some journal access try reading papers on species that interest you. For best results you could stick to really well studied species like S. invicta.

For just general cool facts and probably the best macro photos online I read Alex Wild's blog myrmecos.

Um if you think of questions about a specific species we could also try to answer. In general for all of your numbered questions there are multiple species that fit that could be really interesting to play with.

edit: Actually, because not that many non-Aussies are familiar with this badass genus, maybe check out Myrmecia. They hunt by leaping onto the backs of prey like tiny stinging panthers. Also they are vicious bastards that will chase you for some meters when disturbed.

u/Herdo · 6 pointsr/ants

Yes it's a queen from what I can tell.

It's a bit hard to see from the picture, but it could definitely be a Tetramorium sp. or possibly Pheidole sp.

If you are getting into the hobby, I strongly recommend picking up a macro lens kit for your phone. They can be found for under $20 on Amazon and really help you take amazing pictures.

I bought this one.

Here's a picture I took with it using my Galaxy S6 Edge. These ants are quite small.

u/SUICUNE_FUCKER · 1 pointr/ants

I got 60 when I bought mine and I'm currently using about half those. Buying in bulk tends to be cheaper over time as well. The ones I carry on me as "just in case" tubes haven't gotten pretty cloudy due to scratches and oxidation and a few have even cracked a bit just from being carried around constantly. I think I've managed to straight up lose two of them to top if all off. Not a terrible investment and they can be used for other things as well.

Here is what I'd probably get in your case OP. I'd soak them in soapy water and thoroughly wash them out first before I'd use them. This one is pretty good as well if you're not looking for any large species like camponotus. Down side to these would be they're a little small in terms of diameter so they wont really plug and play with most formicariums you can buy.

Personally I'd go with the first option. Its pretty proven and the smaller tubes will probably run out of water quicker. Oh, and its a lot easier to get queens into a larger test tube. I really need to get some larger containers for captures.

u/dankatheist420 · 1 pointr/ants

If you want to know EVERYTHING about ants, I recommend E.O. Wilson's The Ants.

However, this book is quite expensive and very dense. Journey to the Ants,also by Wilson, is a much better option for laypeople. It has almost all the information you're looking for, nice pictures, and is honestly very exciting to read. It captures the imagination and is very... inspirational! Check it out from a library if you can.

u/Callmecraven · 1 pointr/ants

I recommend a heating cable. Just place it under the old tube, but make sure it is only a single strand because when the cable is close together it gets pretty hot.

u/cazantyl · 2 pointsr/ants

Totally understand that. It does give me inspiration to add something similar to the modular system I'm putting together though :) What test tubes do you use? I've order for my personal queen hunting but wasn't sure if there was a gold "standard" most people recommend.

u/taylordoftheants · 2 pointsr/ants

I remember a TED talk where Deborah Gordon talked about using "Japanese paint markers" to identify individuals in a colony. A really cool talk: LINK

Based on a search on Amazon, this may be a good start? Water based, non-toxic, water proof: LINK

Disclaimer: have not done this first hand.

u/systemd-plus-Linux · 2 pointsr/ants

I hear ya. I'm an ant lover obviously, but I totally understand not wanting them in your home.

The TERRO Liquid bait traps work extremely well.

u/ultraex2 · 1 pointr/ants

I have this book:

It goes into great detail in identifying Genus.

u/Formic-and-Pikachu · 7 pointsr/ants

There is an excillend documentary that features one of both of the "prophets of The Ants" (I call them that 'cause they wrote our "bible" The Ants).

Ants: Nature's Secret Power features Bert Hölldobler. (< my fav to show students/friends/family)

Lord of the Ants features E. O. Wilson.

u/mean_ass_raccoon · 1 pointr/ants

BIPEE 60 Tube - 16x150mm Clear Plastic Test Tube Set with Caps and Rack


u/bigfatlittlefat · 1 pointr/ants

No they're 15mm x 125mm from Amazon: United Scientific TT9800-D Borosilicate Glass Test Tube with Rim, 15ml Capacity (Pack of 72)

u/hymenopterahunter · 1 pointr/ants

I have a mustletech one that I found in a grocery store clearance section, but this is pretty close to it that I found on Amazon: Pro Supps XXIII liquid Amino Diet Supplement, Berry, 32 Fluid Ounce

u/cballer1010 · 2 pointsr/ants

Agreed. I had that same exact tube laying around at my house but decided to use this. You could test it on a few ants if you want to go through the trouble.

u/Oldbrok · 1 pointr/ants

im guessing between 2-3 inches i believe long the tube its in is 25x150mm

Sorry for the delay been crazy the past 2 weeks

u/_WinstonTheCat_ · 3 pointsr/ants

Think I possibly found what I'm looking for all the customer reviews that give it 1 star complain about the fact that it is falsely advertised as air tight, and leak proof, but it leaks and isn't airtight, while for storing food which is what's it's made for that may be bad for ant outworld this makes it easier for me because these small holes where air can leak in makes it so I don't have to poke/drill holes in the top for air flow. Win/Win for me. I'll test to see if it's airtight once I receive it, hope it isn't if not, I'll probably leave the lid off, and put a large border of baby powder and rubbing alcohol or might check out fluon.

Edit: Stupid me didn't put the Link Here It Is