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u/mrkroket · 8 pointsr/apexlegends

Amazon doesn't work?

It seems they sell 1000 apex coins. I don't know if it's real, but I believe it is.
Edit: it seems they don't sell it anymore, but I think there must be some way to buy 1000 apex as a gift card, and not using the same credit card for two accounts.

u/JR_Shoegazer · 5 pointsr/apexlegends

Do you mean packs like these?

  • Bloodhound

  • Lifeline

    Edit: Just to clarify these are basically digital download code bundles, not physical copies of the games.

    They come with:

  • Legendary Bloodhound or Lifeline Skin

  • Legendary Prowler or Flatline Skin

  • Exclusive Banner

  • Exclusive Badge

  • 1,000 Apex Coins (usually costs $10)

    It’s a decent value if you like the skins.
u/dxp96 · 1 pointr/apexlegends

Idk honestly but theres 2 versions, The Bloodhound edition and The Lifeline Edition. Its only $19.99 so basically the same price as event skins. [Here]

I just want the Bloodhound skin and you get 1000 Apex Coins so its a pretty good deal imo.

u/RaiN_Meyk3r · 1 pointr/apexlegends

The m50x are really good headphones, you can actually buy either a modmic or a VMODA boom mic they sound really good, you can find reviews on youtube, and use them with your m50x's.

What i did was, i bought the modmic and the ATH-AD500x, which are open back headphones, that gives me a really nice sound stage since there's air going in and out with the sound, the only problem is that they will leak a lot of sound, so if you share your gaming room with someone else they will probably hear everything.

u/Rando-namo · 1 pointr/apexlegends

Yes, there is aim assist, cause the only way to use a MKB on APEX specifically is to use a device to mimic a controller (which gets aim assist).

>I can't spam crouch and continue to accurately aim my joysticks and move directionally.

Consider buying paddles. They let you crouch, slide, melee, jump, whatever you want, without taking your thumbs off the sticks and without making you push down on the sticks.

Please only use it for the paddles.

u/CollinsPhil3rd · 1 pointr/apexlegends

FYI: If you are using an Xbox One controller with the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter and using Apple headphones (the free ones that come with an iPhone), the mic will put out a constant stream of "ANNNNHHHHHHHHHH".


Either using different headphones or mute the mic.

u/tea-Pott · 1 pointr/apexlegends

I posted the link in another comment, just select the size. I spent 30 on these, they're nice but I think it would be better to buy the ones with the camera that senses the dominant color

u/DarthZiltoid · 1 pointr/apexlegends

Its really up to sony to support it, i know that microsoft has fully supported mouse and keyboard for the xbox. however there are things you can buy to simulate a mouse and keyboard on ps4.

A cheaper option here

Also the more expensive one

u/HawkingDoingWheelies · -2 pointsr/apexlegends

[Controller mod support] (

Edit: if you read the reviews, people win fortnite solos without using their thumbs while building and shooting simultaneously. Its absolutely possible and took me 4 minutes to find out how.

u/ThraxMaximinus · 1 pointr/apexlegends

I bought this:

V-MODA BoomPro Microphone for Gaming & Communication - Black

Someone mentioned it would make the hyperx work on xbox so well see lol

u/RosinRyan710 · 2 pointsr/apexlegends

You could also just have him buy a digital code from amazon and send it to you. Just be sure to select the correct platform.

u/knotallmen · 1 pointr/apexlegends

Create a party, but then you won't be able to hear the other teammate. This used to be $25 but you can get an adapter to adjust game and chat volume from the controller.

u/Illusive_Man · 1 pointr/apexlegends

these kinds of mice work fine, not sure there is a “dire need”

u/HatSimulatorOfficial · 1 pointr/apexlegends

Did you buy this? Did you just get a code emailed to you or did you have to wait weeks for it to come

u/The-Mars-Travolta · -4 pointsr/apexlegends

Jesus, people. Use your microphones. If this subreddit had its way the pingwheel would resemble this

u/MemoryofMuninn · 5 pointsr/apexlegends

I know this thread is getting downvoted by plebes, and probably XIM users too, but here you can see a product for XIM with over 700 reviews on Amazon lol. This is just a small amount of people for one product that bothered to leave a review on Amazon. There are plenty like it:

But please keep downvoting because you are ignorant as hell.

u/GerbilJuggler · 1 pointr/apexlegends

There actually is an officially licensed keypad and mouse controller for the PS4 by Hori. I haven't used it (and I don't plan to), so I don't know how good it actually is compared to the Xim.

u/oinklittlepiggy · 1 pointr/apexlegends

that's about normal for dreamscreen.

I have these in my living room, and they do work well.. but obviously you get what you pay for.

u/ikatieclaire · 1 pointr/apexlegends

Foam Toy APEX Legends High Density Wingman Revolver Foam Gun Props Replica. for Cosplay, LARP, Holloween and Collection Red/White

u/JaredFX · 2 pointsr/apexlegends

That's probably right, but I doubt they will start detecting or banning them now since they've started licensing some of these KB/M controllers them self.

PS4 2 years ago

Xbox recently

u/ifunki · 0 pointsr/apexlegends

Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

Never buy “gaming” anything.

I literally have 0 problems with sound using default windows sonic for headphones.

I’d have to put the blame on your console.

u/insertnamehere405 · 0 pointsr/apexlegends

" wondering how those xbox players get the 20 kill badge? why Microsoft allows this is beyond me.