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u/dnorm00 · 1 pointr/appletv

I have been battling this issue since release day of the Apple TV 4k...I have an LG 55" C7P...encountered screen flicker as well as issues not receiving 5.1 audio from the optical out of the TV to my SONOS 5.1 setup (but when ATV 4k was set to stereo, I would always get audio).

The LG native netflix app worked perfectly for me (audio, 4K, and HDR wise), but there are simply not enough native LG apps (HBO GO, etc).

I was using an amazon basics high speed HDMI cable seen here (as well as others rated as high speed and 4k/60p compatible):

no matter what HDMI input - 1/2(ARC)/3/4 - the issue persisted...sometimes I would get audio for a while at 5.1 and then, bam just silence. The Trumotion settings to 0,0 mostly mitigated my flickering issues, but not entirely.

After purchasing Deadpool (4K with HDR and 5.1 audio) on iTunes and being forced to watch in stereo only last night...because 5.1 simply wouldn't take no matter what I did...

I finally called Apple today (11/11/17), and they advised me to take it into the store...long story short, I have a replacement I can pickup next week when it comes in, but left with my unit... The Apple guy suggested that I try a new HDMI cable 'for the Apple TV 4K'. I am very much aware that 'most' modern HDMI cables should be 'good enough'...BUT, this is a new Dolby Vision certified cable made by Belkin out recently:

defined as Ultra High Speed HDMI, and supports true 4k resolutions up to 4096x2160 and bandwidth of up to 48 Gbps per Apple's site. Previous high speed cables are NOT Dolby Vision certified, and they are rated up to 18Gbps. Now 48Gbps is an enormous amount of data, and that's likely not the reason I am typing this post...BUT:

I am 30 mins in to testing (iTunes content as well as Dolby Vision on Netflix Apple TV 4K app)...and so far, this cable seems to have been the solution...what's frustrating is that the HDMI cable market is not easily navigable...UHD/4K/HDR/HFR, all of this adds to the confusion...IMHO apple should have bundled this cable for an extra 10USD to avoid various threads throughout the world wide web that discuss this's very much known, and I think everyone that is having the flicker, or stereo only audio problem with 30 USD to spare could save lots of heart burn, headache and time enjoying their TV 4k (instead of scouring forums for solutions) by picking up this cable.

YES - it's quite frustrating to have to drop another 30 dollars for this setup to work properly...but I've easily spent that in time scouring for solutions. [sigh]

u/Jeffryyyy · 2 pointsr/appletv

Yes! The Griffin case is amazing, cant get better then that case.
I purchased $10-$15 case with a strap and it was ok, but had trim that for some weird reason overlapped the touch screen which did effect use.
But that strap (attached to the case, not remote) was so useful I went out and got the official Apple strap; The Griffin with Apple Strap is amazing i cant put this remote down!!!
By useful I mean when the remote is out of reach that strap lets me not stretch for it lol

u/djisparky · 1 pointr/appletv

Just upgraded to 4K from the previous ATV model and I tried to turn on HDR mode but Apple TV does it’s check and says it’s switching to SDR.

This is from Samsung website for the KU6290:

“Our HDR Premium technology displays HDR (High Dynamic Range) content from new generation Ultra HD Blu-ray, HDR streaming content, and HDR content available on Vidity compliant storage devices. Meets CTA HDR-compatible requirements.”

Can anyone help me debug this? Or has anyone ran into similar issues? I tried switching HDMI ports and I have a Monoprice HDMI cable that supports HDR.


u/Adv2k169XLplusCats · 2 pointsr/appletv

Wife and I got used to the remote in like a day . I don’t get the constant whining about it . Could it be better-sure but it’s not that bad . I got a rubber case from amazon for cheap and it never slips out of my hand and it is not hard to tell which side is up .

Apple TV is great so I definitely recommend it

u/FoferJ · 1 pointr/appletv

Yeah, I get it. Some folks put a sticker on the back or bottom of the remote to help with orientation. A strip of felt. Or even googly-eyes. Anything to help differentiate top from bottom.

There are some good case options out there too, seem to help with ergonomics and add heft. I'm considering this one:

u/symlink · 2 pointsr/appletv

This one is great. Grippy, easy to pick up, tell which end is up and fits perfectly. Fintie Apple TV remote case

u/BiffBiffkenson · 2 pointsr/appletv

I'm using an Inteset which looks the same as a cable remote but works fine, about $25 controls volume, mute, tv input and all the apple functions.

However for me I don't like that its so large so I'm getting an Xbox replacement remote to setup, its a lot smaller., $18 to try and it'll separately control tv volume and mute.

The Harmony express looks great but $250 is too much to spend on a remote imo.

u/bomphcheese · 3 pointsr/appletv

I know this won’t be a popular answer, but I would just upgrade to a better remote. I have a Logitech and it works fine with AppleTV.

Logitech Harmony 650 Infrared All in One Remote Control, Universal Remote Logitech, Programmable Remote (Silver)

Plus it’s half the price.

u/geeeeh · 4 pointsr/appletv

I know what you mean. I've had my 4th gen for a few months now, and it does take some time to get used to it.

This silicon cover is helpful. It feels better in the hand, won't slip, protects it remote when it falls, and keeps you from picking it up the wrong way.

As for navigation, it takes a little muscle memory. Also remember you can tap the edges to move one selection at a time. I actually use Siri a lot, too.

It does get better. I've come to like the new remote a lot better than the old one.

u/acosmichippo · 6 pointsr/appletv

i got a couple of these and really like them. They feel really nice in your hand too.

u/Jatilq · 2 pointsr/appletv

The apps by "Track my fitness" use the remote to count reps. You can put it in a armband or use the elago R1 Intelli Case because I was scared it would fly out of my hand or the glass would break. Also beats sports is a nice little workout.

The 7 minute workouts aren't that bad, if you want to pay a subscription there are a few.

This is a nice place to start for workout and other categories.

u/Tru3_B1u3 · 1 pointr/appletv

I know most people are saying any modern HDMI cable will work, but this is not entirely correct.

There was a test done that I’ll have to look up regarding HDMI cables ability to transmit full 4K and HDR content. Only a few of like 20 cables were able to consistently deliver the content correctly, even though all advertised they could.

I’ve had issues trying to get full 4K HDR content to work correctly on both my appletv and Xbox One x. After going through a dozen or so different “high speed” cable brands that all promised 18gbps and HDR compatibility, the only ones I found to consistently work were the Monoprice premium cables. Interestingly, this was also consistent with the previously mentioned results.

My other cables would work intermittently and drop out, leading to some major issues trying to figure out what was wrong. After hours of messing around and them buying a ton of cables, I came to this conclusion.

My suggestion, buy this cable either through amazon or and be done with it:
Monoprice Certified Premium HDMI Cable:

u/pdmcmahon · 1 pointr/appletv

I love it because I put a soft case on it which makes it easier to grip and with the lanyard I instantly know which end is up.

u/silentb197 · 3 pointsr/appletv

I bought these:

Mixcder ShareMe 7 Over Ear Headphones Bluetooth V4.1 Wireless Headsets Foldable Runn...

And while the sound quality is decent the best part is that they are wireless. You pair one as the master to the Apple TV and then the second one pairs to the primary headphone. Also, they have independent volume which is nice.

u/buckeye_hollis · 23 pointsr/appletv

I got a gummy case on mine, but it wasn’t protection I was looking for. The case really helps the usability of the remote. You can pick it up blindly without accidentally using the touchpad, it’s easier to hold with a little more grip and weight, and it’s no longer symmetrical so I easily know by feel which end is witch. I highly recommend.

u/Yankee1019 · 2 pointsr/appletv

I use this one for both of my ATV4 remotes. I like that it's both curved and textured.... Yes, it is a remote cover.....

Non-Slip Grip Remote Protective Silicone Cover Case and Secure Gaming Remote Loop, Strap for Apple TV 4 Siri Remote Controller

u/echristoperj · 1 pointr/appletv

I use these cables from Amazon, which work great between my Sony AVR, AppleTV 4K and Vizio M55-E0. I have no issues displaying HDR10 and Dolby Vision at 60hz, with Chroma Color set to 4:2:2.

u/hellnoggin · 1 pointr/appletv

I didnt like the form factor either for the same reasons but its easily fixed.
Buy a remote case like this

And then get one of those puffy childrens stickers. They sell them in small sheets. Then glue a star or a penguin or whatever on one end of the remote case so you can easily feel under your thumb if you've got the wrong end.

u/charliegriefer · 2 pointsr/appletv

I've got a similar one to this.

Actually mine looks like a slightly less expensive knock-off of yours. Either way, it works a treat. Got 3 Apple TVs (two at the house, one at the office), and all 3 remotes are in one of these cases.

u/Elite_Crew · 2 pointsr/appletv

This is the remote cover I bought. It makes the remote easier to hold and I can also tell if I'm holding the remote backwards. Some people think it interferes with the touchpad, but I don't have an issue with it. Maybe there is an app that people use the very edge of the remote track pad. I remember reading earlier about an app that scrolls faster at the edges if I recall correctly. Either way I like it. I don't use the lanyard.

u/Onlyspacemanspiff · 3 pointsr/appletv

ViewHD HDMI Audio Extractor | Optical Toslink + L/R Stereo Analog Converter Outputs | Model: VHD-H2HSAs

This is what I use. Works great.

u/Obitronix · 1 pointr/appletv

The ATV doesn't need to be put to sleep. CEC can be unreliable on my end as well (Samsung 4K), so I turned it off. In ATV settings, it's set it to never sleep. Instead, my ATV goes to screensaver when not in use. In remote settings, I've disabled "control tv and receivers." I now use a universal remote (IR) to control my ATV4K and TV. This option is much better because I can operate everything connected to my tv. This is the one: Inteset INT-422 4-in-1...

u/geordi2 · 3 pointsr/appletv

There ya go - I'm using this one and it provides a decent grip (why I bought it) as well as good protection for when my cat decides it needs to be on the floor as a toy in the middle of the night.

u/FranknStein7 · 2 pointsr/appletv

The Apple TV 4K supports HDMI-CEC, so your Sony TV remote might work. Otherwise I recommend this:

u/shananies · 1 pointr/appletv

Logitech Harmony solves this. I use this one

u/KMartSheriff · 1 pointr/appletv

Amazon link for those who want it:

Not sure if it's the exact same thing, but it sure looks close.

u/phoward8020 · 2 pointsr/appletv

Yup. Mine fell from a height of ~22" onto a tile floor. Crack!

The good news is, it's covered under AppleCare. Just take it into any Apple Store along with your device's serial number. Don't have AppleCare on your Apple TV? I didn't, 'cuz it just sits there on the shelf, right? How's it gonna get broke? Ha.

Anyway, turns out you can add an AppleCare plan at any point while your device is still under the original 12-month warranty. And they don't have to know the exact details of when your remote broke (wink, wink).

Just make sure to use protection on the replacement.

UPDATE: See my comment below for the real story.

u/chrisbenson · 2 pointsr/appletv

These headphones will allow you to connect multiple pairs to ATV. I have one pair and like them. Never tried sharing with another pair though so I don’t know if there’s a noticeable latency.

u/digicow · 3 pointsr/appletv

You could also use an HDMI Audio Extractor to send the audio to speakers that accept optical or RCA stereo (or minijack, with an inexpensive adapter)

u/DM725 · 1 pointr/appletv

Get a Monoprice Certified Premium cable on Amazon for under $10. They work with 4K UHD HDR10 & Dolby Vision.

Monoprice Certified Premium HDMI Cable - Black - 6 Feet | [email protected], HDR, 18Gbps, 28AWG, YUV 4:4:4

You could also try changing your video settings to 4K SDR and see if that helps. It will auto switch to Dolby Vision when you're watching DV content but the Apple TV struggles constantly switching for me when set to 4K Dolby Vision in settings.

u/skryerx · 2 pointsr/appletv

As long as your have line of sight to your device the Logitech Harmony remotes work well.

I use this one, The programming software is trash but once it is set up it works.

u/jedwardoo · 1 pointr/appletv

Man. I seriously didn’t know there were 2 sizes. The small one looks like a controller for a kid. How much was the difference between the 2 since you picked the smaller 1?

Is this the same one with the big one photo?

u/tvtoo · 1 pointr/appletv

Ah that sucks.

On a sidenote, you mentioned that you like having two sets of headphones for the audio.

Would another solution be an Bluetooth audio receiver (like this one from etekcity or from AmazonBasics) with a 3.5mm audio splitter and two headphones/earphones?

u/the_fett_man · 3 pointsr/appletv

This one looks better. Your fingers can go past the edge of the touchpad when scrolling. The other one stops them.

u/sodortrain · 1 pointr/appletv

Sideclick Remotes SC2-APG4K Universal Remote Attachment for Apple TV Gen 4

u/9baron · 1 pointr/appletv

I'm planning on trying the elago ACT LABS one because it doesn't block the edges of the touch surface.

These 8 other posts on this topic might offer some suggestions

u/CaptainSkunkbeard · 1 pointr/appletv

⬆️I have this one...very minimalistic. The strap can be removed, btw. I liked it, but any case just compromises the feel of the remote way to much for my taste, so I go caseless now.

Ended up putting a two tone skin on the remote instead. For grip and then the different colors for "orientation".

u/Mojo--Jojo-00 · 2 pointsr/appletv

I had the similar issue. I bought a new HDMI 2.0 cable and that fixed the issue. Try a different HDMI. I’m currently using this one from amazon.

u/SGC- · 2 pointsr/appletv

I recomend one of these...
I got mine from Amazon UK

Edit - added amazon link)

u/jwort93 · 1 pointr/appletv

Yeah, as odd as it sounds, in 4K modes HDMI cables run at similar frequencies to bluetooth, and without good shielding, the cable can cause interference with the bluetooth remote. Get a cheap premium certified HDMI cable and that should solve your issues. They aren't expensive at all:

u/TheSubversive · 2 pointsr/appletv

It was amazing how much adding the case solved the problem. Even the extremely slim case I got completely eliminated losing it.

I bought a few Tiles to use for both of my ATV4 remotes and I didn't even need one of them because of the case.

Here's the one I bought.

u/DRAWKWARD79 · 2 pointsr/appletv

Hapurs Anti-Slip Silicone Protective Cover Case with Wirst Strap for Apple TV 4th Generation Siri Remote Controller Included Lanyard

u/ProfessorDave3D · 1 pointr/appletv

I bought this $7 case, and now I can tell from the feel which side is up:

u/randybruder · 2 pointsr/appletv

The real one made by elago is magnetic, the cheap knockoffs usually don't have the magnets.

u/TtlKaos99 · 1 pointr/appletv

Inteset 4-in-1 Universal Backlit IR Learning Remote for use with Apple TV, Xbox One, Roku,...

u/ShadeezBack · 3 pointsr/appletv

Have you thought about preventing that HDMI-CEC signal from being sent from the receiver to the Apple TV by using a CEC-killer?

I believe that may prevent the power-down issue.

u/Werechull · 2 pointsr/appletv

How about the Sideclick?

Pretty ugly, but adds some functionality for controlling other devices.

u/BiggussDikkuss · 1 pointr/appletv


Yep I swear by these Fintie Silicon covers, make the remote much easier to find.

Plus adds bulk, drop protection for the glass trackpad and much needed grip to the damn small slippery thing !

u/Brave_New_Graphene · 1 pointr/appletv

I had similar issues, but not exactly what you’re describing. If you want to try swapping the HDMI, try this cable. It fixed the issue that I was having with my Apple TV cutting in and out. It was the ECHOGEAR 4ft Braided HDMI Cable - 4k. Search the reviews for Apple TV.

u/phillysdon04 · 1 pointr/appletv

I had this issue when I first got my soundbar and I fixed the problem with this High-Speed HDMI cable. The old cable worked fine when plugged in directly to the TV but it started to glitch when connected via HDMI ARC.

u/Ipad74 · 1 pointr/appletv

I use these, cheap and is cut out to prevent any edge click issues:

u/SmallVillage · 18 pointsr/appletv I use this one. It makes the remote much easier to hold, less accidental button presses, and no more accidentally trying to use the remote upside down.

u/fish1856 · 1 pointr/appletv

elago R1 Intelli Case [Black]-[Magnet Technology][Anti-Slip][Lanyard Included][Heavy Shock Absorption] [Durable] for Apple TV Siri Remote 4K / 4th Generation

One I bought had magnets and a strap for gaming I guess

u/dolphins087 · 2 pointsr/appletv

I had this issue, you probably need the HDMI cable Apple recommends for the ATV4k (It happens to be an HDMI 2.1 cable)

This cable also works for me (it's also HDMI 2.1)

I think there is something weird about the way the ATV4k transfers video source data to the tv. HDMI 2.0a cables give problems with the ATV4k in my experience.

u/ugottagroove · 1 pointr/appletv

I had the same problem. Was using my Xbox X hdmi and had occasional static when I woke it up from sleep. I got these and it solved all my problems. Monoprice Certified Premium HDMI Cable - 6 Feet - Black, [email protected], HDR, 18Gbps, 28AWG, YUV 4:4:4, Dual Video Stream

u/Heftybags · 1 pointr/appletv

I have the one below and no issues with whatsoever.

elago R1 Intelli Case [Black]-[Magnet Technology][Anti-Slip][Lanyard Included][Heavy Shock Absorption] [Durable] for Apple TV Siri Remote 4K / 4th Generation

u/HowToKillAGod · 1 pointr/appletv

No sure I completely understand your setup/issue but you can purchase inline adapters that disable the CEC data pin, effectively preventing CEC data exchange between two devices.

This will disable ALL cec commands on the receiving device. There are other options you can look into that can permanently fix and make up for the inadequacies of the CEC protocol and device manufacturers piss poor implementations but they aren’t cheap or by any means simple. If you are interested, look into the CEC commander function available on a few of the devices from HDFury.

u/Zimix · 8 pointsr/appletv

Grab one of these. It makes a huge difference. I no longer accidentally pick it up the wrong way.