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u/turnipa · 3 pointsr/arcadefire

Still available on Amazon UK for £9 - Everything Now (Orange Vinyl Single) [12" VINYL]

EDIT And Amazon US for $15 -

u/diebrdie · 1 pointr/arcadefire

Naw actually I'm listening at work for the first time and it sounds BETTER to me.

Use some decent DJ-Style headphones (They use a V Equalization curve)

I use PRODJ100's - but they're discontinued

u/nraley · 11 pointsr/arcadefire

Thrift-store blazer + 20 6"x9" mirror sheets (w/ adhesive backing) + about 5 hours cutting out little triangles. I wish I had ordered more of those sheets (I was planning on making a hat too)!

EDIT: here's a link to the mirror sheets I used (they're not too bad: great reflektion, but not quite as sticky as I had hoped)