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u/lisbonant · 1 pointr/archlinux

I actually took it to because I was switching roles within an organization - it wasn't required, but I wanted to be sure I was prepared. It is somethng employers look at, but that 3-for-1 package and the fact it doesn't expire make it worthwhile anyway.

The toughest thing wasn't the concepts, but the questions themselves. Linux administration is decidedly not multiple-choice, so I was often tripped up by the wording, or figuring out which of several close options they're looking for. I'd definitely recommend looking into a study guide or practice tests before you take it - your knowledge of the subject matter might be up to snuff, but the test can still be confusing. I also ended up using this book which contained study guides and flash cards in an (ironically Windows only) software package, and was organized more in terms of the test itself than the Sobell book.

Good luck!

u/archover · 1 pointr/archlinux

When you can, this $5 drive might be a good investment. :-) If you lived nearby, I would give you one.

I keep the install image on a flash drive all the time, for rescue purposes.

Once you have some experience, read install from existing linux which for me was helpful in many ways.

Good luck and welcome.

u/jigpu · 2 pointsr/archlinux

Its odd that you should mention it but "right clicks like crazy" is exactly how I would describe trying to use the "Pro Pen 2" on an Intuos4. That particular pen is not compatible with the tablet, unfortunately. Its not a driver problem; the hardware itself is just incompatible. Does that look like your pen?

If that doesn't look like your pen, might it be an "Intuos Pro Pen" or the "Intuos 4 Grip Pen"? The Grip pen is definitely compatible (it should be what came in the box with the tablet), and the Pro Pen might be compatible (I've only used it for like 5 seconds with my Intuos4, but it doesn't immediately freak out).

u/Colemak34DD · 1 pointr/archlinux

What version of Windows are you running? Why are you passing through the soundcard instead of just sharing it?

I had this issue with Windows 8 and resorted to moving to Windows 7 with

-soundhw ac97

To get it to work right. Alternatively you can get something like this and pass it through. I have one and it works great.

u/propheis · 1 pointr/archlinux

I bought this one and it works flawlessly. Not the cheapest option but comes with VGA, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, and a USB 3.1 Type A. Well worth the extra cost. Also remember you get what you pay for. This one is well constructed and reliable:

Edit: Also forgot to mention. I've got an XPS 15

u/mitnworb · 2 pointsr/archlinux

Yeah I have tried a bunch of distros on it and they all have the same issues. I ended up buying one of these for when I need sound. The last few comments on the GitHub issue suggested compiling a custom kernel may work, but the USB adapter I bought is getting me by. Let me know if you have any luck building a kernel.

u/remembertosmilebot · 1 pointr/archlinux

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:

Get this


^^i'm ^^a ^^friendly bot

u/KatsumeBlisk · 3 pointsr/archlinux

I have this one. I don't use it that often because it's mainly for my Raspberry Pi, but it works perfectly on both Windows and Linux in my experience with no drivers to install.

u/DoTheEvolution · -4 pointsr/archlinux

>I have a X1E 8750H 32GB RAM and two SSDs NVMe 970PRO 1Tb

You are not poor. No need to use poor people solutions to problems

  • Get a case that houses two PCs, like Phanteks ENTHOO MINI XL, Corsair 1000D, HAF Stacker, ... and build two PCs in it
  • Or get hades canyon nuc and put windows on it. Then put it at the back of a monitor with vesa mount or somewhere out of sight. This would be my preferred solution.

    Then all you need is some nice kvm switch or even just some cheap one and you are switching between the two systems instantly.
u/nastran · 1 pointr/archlinux

I recommend Edimax WiFi USB Adapter as the alternative to the built-in Wi-Fi card. I use it on raspberry pi, and it should work well on your Lenovo laptop.

u/buddhahead · 1 pointr/archlinux

Yep. That's the bugger. The HDMI, and supposedly VGA as well, doesn't work with the Linux kernel (even 4.9+). The ethernet and usb ports work, and video supposedly works with windows. Also, reports on the Arch wiki and across the web say that some third-party HDMI/displayport adapters work. I just ordered one made by "Cable Matters" based on a report that another adapter by the same manufacture works so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

u/Lesmothian · 2 pointsr/archlinux

For meetings and things like that, I use one of these with one of these.

For keeping script snippets and such, vim.

u/deusnefum · 1 pointr/archlinux

Buy this $8 dongle. Always nice to have a spare around for testing/debugging.

u/arthurdent · 2 pointsr/archlinux

Any kind of DDR3 Laptop memory will do. If you want it to be as close to the one you're replacing, look for PC3-10600 (the same thing as DDR3 1333).

This stick matches the specs of what you have. It's well rated, about as cheap as you're going to find it right now, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

u/markuzo1 · 1 pointr/archlinux

I had the same issue with the 9360 in that I didn't know which one to buy. I ended up getting a really cheap one (€20) and it worked well. However, I'm having issues with the sound not working through the dongle.

u/ase1590 · 1 pointr/archlinux

Get this, I use it with my pc and my Raspberry pi, works out of the box with linux.

u/BrandonSchumann · 1 pointr/archlinux

I'm looking into getting [this one] ( There was one review saying it worked under Linux out of the box.

u/miloops · 1 pointr/archlinux

After reading threads and some blog posts I decided to also pre-order an Intel wifi card to replace the out of the box Broadcom.

Edit: link

u/fraschm98 · 1 pointr/archlinux

My alfa adapter is AWUS036NH:

I haven't installed any drivers yet as I don't know if this is the same one and it only shows for kali linux:

u/TJ_McHoonigan · 1 pointr/archlinux

While I haven't installed Arch on my 9350 yet, a verified reviewer states that the one linked below works on Linux.

BTW, if anyone wants to swap a 512GB 2260 M.2 drive for a 2280 M.2 drive, that'd be great...

u/iMalinowski · 7 pointsr/archlinux

I know it's not that helpful. But I struggled with sound out of the laptop's headphone jack for a couple months. I eventually broke down and just bought a small USB DAC and that fixed it right up and even sounded better than Window's did.

Something like this: Sabrent USB DAC [Amazon]

u/itah · 2 pointsr/archlinux

> For instance while first version of a TP-Link USB 802.11n USB dongle provides you a hassle-free and fully compatible experience

Im sitting here with a TP-LINK TL-WN821N and that shitty thing stops working completely volatile. I read that the chip may be gets too hot and also tried some config changes but nothing worked. I also tried a FritzBox WLAN stick, but i had the exact same problems.

So I just looked up the Zyxel NWD2105 you mentioned, and a new one is about 50 euros on amazon while the newer version (?) is only 15 eur. But you think the newer versions won't work as good as the old ones? Hm...

May be I'll have a look at Atheros or Realtek dongles you mentioned, but really, finding a working wlan usb stick is a pain :(