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u/DelightfulDilettante · 9 pointsr/arkhamhorrorlcg

These are the ones I have:

Cthulhu Dice Bag - Greyed Out on Etsy:​

The particular bag that I bought isn't actually available at this shop anymore but in terms of upgrades to the game, a dice bag is pretty much the very first thing you need to buy to put your chaos tokens into. Greyed Out makes quality dice bags but pretty much any bag you get from any seller will be functionally the same so go for one that has a design you like.

Double-sided Acrylic Path Markers - BuyTheSameToken on Etsy: I never knew how much I needed these until I got them. A lot of the locations in this game are unintuitively connected and these take all the guess work out of it so you no longer have to spend time after time looking at how your location connects to the rest of the map. Definitely an upgrade worth picking up early.

Ultra Intercept Round Capsules - Lighthouse: Coin capsules are another quick and easy way to help the game feel more premium. Buying high end coin capsules meant for collectors like the ones Lighthouse sells is mad excessive and entirely unnecessary, but I bought them anyway and they feel damn nice. I bought them to cover the Aurbits chaos tokens I purchased but when I was using the standard chaos tokens that come with the base game I was using these cheap ones from Amazon which were functionally exactly the same thing.

3D Printed Game Tray - FunBoardGames on Etsy: This one is surprisingly great and may be one of my favorite purchases. The four tray model is perfect for this game, and makes it easy to keep track of the four types of tokens. Plus you are supporting a local creator instead of The Container Store which is always nice.

Arkham Horror LCG Deck Box - BoardGameXtras on Etsy: These 3-D printed deck boxes are absolutely brilliant because of the way they stack to create a double decker couch for your draw and discard pile. The Arkham Chronicle did a video on these boxes which is what sold me on them. If you have a limited amount of space to play, these are a fantastic way to reduce clutter.

Cthulhu D6 Elder Dice - Infinite Black: An unnecessary purchase, I got these to use for enemy health. Once again, they help reduce clutter. Some people use dice for player health and resources as well but I still like grabbing tokens for all that stuff. But when you are fighting a boss monster with 15 health it is nice to be able to track the hits with some dice. And they come in a nice tube to make storage a non-issue.

Fiberglass Gold Platted Chaos Tokens - Aurbits: Is there anything actually wrong with the standard chaos tokens? No, especially not if you are using coin capsules with them. But these premium ones still look damn cool.

Clue/Doom Tokens - Aurbits: Once again, an aesthetic upgrade that looks pretty dang cool.

Mythos Boards - Team Covenant: The color and look of them really aren't done justice by the website pics. Anyway, having the little tray on the side is great and I love that the investigator card doesn't get covered up during play anymore. I stop just short of recommending them to anyone because the corresponding health and sanity tokens are way too expensive.

Mythos Tokens - Team Covenant: Well, I had the boards so I might as well grab the tokens to right? So here is where I get super stupid. I knew before I even ordered these that I didn't actually care for most of the changes they made to tokens. Supplies and clues being on the same token is just dumb and and the resources going from 1 to 3 was also an irritating design decision. The doom icons were also too big, and there are several scenarios that ask you to switch clues to their doom side, making it inefficient to use them in the way they were designed to be used. But I did love the look of the clue/supply tokens, and thought they would be perfect as resource/supply tokens, using the green side as "money" whenever you get a resource, and the white side a charge/ammo/etc. When I emailed them asking if I could order tokens separately, so I could just grab the health, sanity, and clue/supply tokens, I was told no. So I ordered the four pack and an additional campaign set. Which means I now have a handful of doom and resource tokens just collecting dust in a drawer. But the other tokens look nice! Yeah, I can't say I recommend anyone go down this path unless you are dumb like me.

Koplow Colour Single Spot Dice - TheDiceShopOnline: For those who play Lola, this dice is perfect for keeping track of your current role. The colors are all accurate to the classes in Arkham Horror, with the exception of black which is the stand in for neutral.

So all the above stuff gets squeezed into a single core box, which is super convenient. Player cards are stored in 5 class specific binders with Ultra Pro side-loading pages while each campaign is either stored in a "Return to" box or a BCW long box if the Return set has not come out yet. Weaknesses, investigator cards, and side-scenarios are all thrown into a unique long box as well. As a result, when it is time to play I just grab one long box and the core set box and I am good to go.


Pictures of all this stuff can be found here:

u/Azrielemantia · 6 pointsr/arkhamhorrorlcg

Are you looking for something efficient or something pretty ?

I use those flip mat for d&d, like this (I also like this one because the hex side is easier on the eyes imo)

They're not especially good eye candy, but they're enough for the whole game area (without players, but it helps set up a visual delimitation imo), they're not too expensive, and we draw the connections between the various locations on them, which is actually fun to do.

I don't like the idea of a mat with dedicated player space anyway, because of all the ways you could gain or lose equipment space (bandolier, charisma, items that take 2 slots, like flamethrower or enchanted blade, ...)

u/drdubs · 6 pointsr/arkhamhorrorlcg

Yeah, you can find them online, I use these

They fit the chaos tokens perfectly and give a much more satisfying pull from the bag. And, as other have said, I feel like it makes the tokens easier to shake around and randomize between pulls.

u/captain_deudermont · 5 pointsr/arkhamhorrorlcg

Just thought, but my Mum love to do jigsaw puzzles. She uses a large jigsaw folder to hold the pieces in place to move it. Something like this:

u/stay_frosty75 · 3 pointsr/arkhamhorrorlcg

I'm copying my previous post:

I bought this off Amazon

Caseling Xtra Large Case 1650 cards

Cheap, holds 1650 cards (less sleeved I'm guessing), and has moveable dividers. Loving it. Room enough for all my cards and space to grow, and easy storage.

u/chuck_n · 1 pointr/arkhamhorrorlcg

Depends where you are.
Oplaser is based in the UK and I'm in France.

It took 15 days between my order and package arrival, with only one notification from the the delivery agency (

Beware that the box arrived unassembled, you have to assemble it yourself, so you have to get some wood glue (like this one : and a strap to help you fix every part together (

But in the end, the product is really great, worth the investment.

sorry for bad english ...

u/JiffyFogMan · 1 pointr/arkhamhorrorlcg

Okay I bought everything needed except woodburner. Do you think this would get the job done?

Any chance you could show me what your printed out and how you stenciled? Yeah I am copying you completely.

u/Dirjel · 3 pointsr/arkhamhorrorlcg

Looks like Amazon has three out of the remaining four in stock at little-or-no markup right now too:

To Fight The Black Wind

The Deep Gate

Ire of the Void

All five are in stock on FFG right now though. Neat!

u/Kaldarion · 2 pointsr/arkhamhorrorlcg

I'm using the KMC Perfect Hard sleeves for my player cards and the Ultra Pro Standard Pro-fit sleeves for my encounter cards, agenda and acts decks aswell as location cards.

u/DontAskMeToChoose · 2 pointsr/arkhamhorrorlcg

Purchased this 1000 pack of KMC and they arrived looking legit and I love them. No issues. None of the things you mentioned. These must have been official.

u/trowayit · 1 pointr/arkhamhorrorlcg

I use these:

I sleeved everything with the blue/black/gray back and the act/agenda/locations. Took less than one 1000 pack Didn't do the encounters yet because I'm out of storage space and pondering how to reorganize. I sleeved fuckin everything for gloomhaven. :)

u/zekthegeke · 2 pointsr/arkhamhorrorlcg

I got 26 mm and they fit fine. I'd say it's more about the capsules fitting tightly together so that they don't come apart in the bag. Since buying, across 2 campaigns, I've had to swap out two that came apart, but I have plenty of spares since I got two boxes.

u/GardensOfBoydstylon · 5 pointsr/arkhamhorrorlcg

Any chance the tokens will stick to each other in the bag? That used to happen frequently with the cardboard tokens which is why I put them in coin capsules

u/Markovnikovian · 4 pointsr/arkhamhorrorlcg

Depends on the size of your collection and if you want to buy the return to... expansions.

Personally I have a small traveling case that I keep the next scenario and the player decks in. And then I keep the campaigns in either the Return to boxes or I have a regular cardboard box for the ones that haven't come out as return to expansions yet.

My Setup

  • Top box has FA, and CU

  • Box below it has all the extra bits that I don't use much (this has been moved to the closet to make space)

  • Traveling Case (Holds a lot of unsleeved cards or more than enough sleeved ones.)

  • Player Cards in BCW card box (I now have 2 of them)

  • Return to... With their respective campaigns (Night of the Zealot has the standalones)
u/jaguarphd · 3 pointsr/arkhamhorrorlcg

I use these page protectors from amazon and keep them in a binder. I've cut down the spine for the multi-page ones.

It's definitely a little awkward for the half-height cycle books.

u/randomuser549 · 3 pointsr/arkhamhorrorlcg

I use the Ultra pro penny sleeves. They are flappy and thin, but cheap.

Regarding the decal, the penny sleeves don't have one. I'm not sure about their higher end sleeves.

u/NaanFat · 2 pointsr/arkhamhorrorlcg

Fantasy Flight Games Arkham Horror: The Card Game


u/MrDuGlass · 2 pointsr/arkhamhorrorlcg

I've never worked with foamcore myself. I've thought about it for some box inserts but never pulled the trigger. It looks handy though! This is the chipboard I got (Canada link, but US probably has the same stuff for cheaper).

For the art, I used Google images and found the highest res images I could grab. I got the core box image, and a transparent AHLCG logo. I asked FFG for the background pattern, but apparently they're not allowed to give that stuff out (understandably so). So I took a random high-res nebula image, made it black and white, then color shifted it until the blue was close enough to the core box. For the font at the bottom, I used Teutonic.

If you, or anyone else, wants to do the same thing, I can post dimensions for the box and the GIMP files for the wrap (though don't expect anything professional, there's some bad crops that left remnants behind).