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u/Californja · 1 pointr/asktrees

This. Don't fuck around trying different kinds, allow my 10 years of trial and error to work in your favor and just get this brand:

The screens are great at keeping your piece really clean, especially if you have a bong or bubbler. I started using screens when my piece broke like your gf's did, but I use them now in every piece I own.

EDIT: While you're at it, pick up some of this stuff:

It's an all natural cleaner, best I've ever used. After you've used a screen for a couple days and it gets gunky, just toss it in a shot glass with this cleaner. After a week or two, after you've gone through ~10-15 screens, dump the cleaner back into the bottle (it's reusable, like 20x or more reusable) and the screens are clean as when you bought them. It works on pipes, too. Just pour it in at night, and dump it out the next morning, and you piece will be perfectly clean. It's a little expensive, but like I said, it's reusable. I'm a heavy smoker, and I've been using the same bottle for almost a year now.

u/Harddaysnight1990 · 1 pointr/asktrees

The best method to do this is to get a new pencil, and your ciggies, then lightly roll your fingers on the cigarette, until the tobacco falls out. then continue it. If you roll the cig between your fingers too hard, the paper becomes soft. Then grind your weed. This does not work even half as well if you break it up. Use the cigarette to pick up the weed and tap the filter on a table to get it to fall tot he bottom. Do this until about 1/4 of the tube it filled. Stick the unsharpened pencil, lead side in, into the cig (it should fit perfectly) and carefully pack down. Continue this until you have what you want. Then break off the filter and smoke up. It will take fucking forever to do this though. This used to be my go-to method. Now I only do it if I want to take a couple of joints into a concert.

The easier thing to do if you can't roll is to go on Amazon and get a zig zag roller. And then buy 1.25 papers at a gas station or something. Then you can pop out perfect little joints. And there's a booklet included with the roller that teaches you exactly how to use it.

u/HaiFriends · 2 pointsr/asktrees

probably? not sure about what the tip of that is made of, though (it looks strangely colored. If it's just normal metal then it should be good. I would suggest just getting a glass dabber (nail-type thing) and a small torch. Maybe easier to clean, and probably less expensive if you look around. The stuff you posted looks fun to use though haha

u/Foruncande · 2 pointsr/asktrees

I actually bought my Volcano off Amazon but they no longer allow the sale of vaporizers, along with glass. You can get grinders, rollers, papers, and scales from there but that's about it.

If you're looking for a grinder I recommend a Sharpstone, it's Prime eligible and works great. I've had one for two years

u/ImaginaryDuck · 3 pointsr/asktrees

Is the screen or the pipe itself getting clogged. For the pipe I recommend the pipe cleaners that have metal bristles mixed in with the soft ones as well. As far as the screen I've found that if you make sure to hit the bowl and empty the ash and scrape the screen the second you are done, before the resin and ash can harden it helps keep it clean. Don't leave half smoked bowls. If it is attached and won't clean well it may be worth cutting out and leaving just enough around the edge to hold another screen in place, and just replace that one when it gets clogged.

Edit these are the pipe cleaners i'm talking about

u/randomzen · 1 pointr/asktrees

If you're into projects:

This ($35) + this ($14) + this ($16) = cheap bong that works great.

Bonus: you now have tools to make more. You also have bourbon.

u/taco_eater · 1 pointr/asktrees

I'm not sure any bag will provide enough support for a bong since they are so heavy, especially at the 2-3 foot range. If you're serious about keeping it safe I would look into a pelican case, this one would fit what you want. There are off brand cases as well if you weren't looking to spend over $100 that do basically the same thing.

u/ColorsLikeSPACESHIPS · 1 pointr/asktrees

The only things you can do to keep your piece from getting dirty in the first place are A) vaporize and B) use an ashcatcher. Neither is perfect, but vaping will keep your piece way cleaner. An ashcatcher will do exactly as it implies, catch ash, but you still will need to regularly change your water.

Spiral percs, tree percs, diffusion percs, they're all going to (eventually) get dirty.

As for cheapest cleaning method; I've used iso+salt with great success, but due to laziness and the generosity of a frient, I switched to GrungeOff. However, that shit is expensive, so most recently I've purchased a gallon of citrus degreaser from Home Depot for about $12. Fill your piece with it, let it sit overnight, strain the degreaser through a coffee filter so you can reuse it, and then rinse your piece out thoroughly before using it.

And I've never heard of Mozone. Pic?

u/terkistan · 1 pointr/asktrees

You can get a tiny cheap digital scale for $10-$15. Here's the #1 scale being sold right now on Amazon ($11.85):

They run on AAA batteries and are good up to 11 pounds, showing your choice of ounces or grams. A good investment for the kitchen....

u/bootypastry · 1 pointr/asktrees

I've bought this one before, and I thought it was awesome. The 3 chambers are nice. Right now, I'm using this one and I have no complaints. Both on Amazon and under $20.

u/growsbigbuds · 2 pointsr/asktrees

A pollen press is pricey but really helps with the storage of bulk pollen. This is what I settled on for the time being.

u/griz120 · 1 pointr/asktrees

Buy a cheap .01gr scale. You can see hundredths of a gram which is useful when you buy that small amount. I'd weigh what you buy next time and mention it if there's an issue.

Scale that I have:

u/tokermansam42 · 2 pointsr/asktrees

Buy a glass drillbit at home depot. That will run you a few bucks. Use the glass drillbit with yiur drill and presto! perfect hole. Find a downstem and add that. If you're lazy and don't want to have to pull the bowl you can make the dowstem and the bowl the same piece and add a shottie on the back. glass drillbit buy a downstem at a headshop and use it.

u/voucher420 · 2 pointsr/asktrees

He needs a carbon filter set up. This is the first one on Amazon I found, a section of stiff tube will complete it. Should last about a year.

u/pepsi_cola_kid · 1 pointr/asktrees

Depends on where you live. I buy mine on Amazon.

You need to buy something with a cap.

Don't use the metal needle to suck up the distillate, it is too thick and won't work. Just use the open tip and clean it off when done.

u/thascarecro · 1 pointr/asktrees

The pills are packed with witamins and creatine i believe. Q Carbo should work the same way. Here this stuff seems to work.

u/Joest23 · 3 pointsr/asktrees

Then that's about what you should get for $20.

Buy a scale and you'll never have to ask the question again.

u/wholesaledeath · 1 pointr/asktrees

Isopropyl alcohol - amazon $6.63 per pint.

If there are any local paint stores that cater to professional painters (structures, not art) , they might carry iso in larger containers at a lower price.