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u/altered_state · 1 pointr/asmr

Wow, thank you so much for the quick reply, Griseus! Your uploads are superb!

> There are ways to solve that though.

Are you rocking this foam windscreen as a solution? It seems to be doing a great job all by itself, from what I can see in your videos. Do you also use a traditional pop filter like this one for an extra layer of filtering or would that be redundant in this case?

> I suggest you put the pc or laptop as far as you can from the mic

Would buying an extension cord of sorts remedy this issue? Or could that introduce mild to moderate distortion?

On a related note, do you use a sound card or preamp for your recordings? Those cost a pretty penny and might just push me into sticking with the best bang for my buck, the Blue Yeti, while I spend the remaining funds on an audio interface if that helps a ton.

Thanks again for your input, and I, too, am psyched to get this project started asap!

u/TheGoreyDetails · 3 pointsr/asmr

hi there!

i wanna start off by saying i had not idea what subreddit this was when i read the comments.
Just saw the keywords about the yeti and sound issues and dug deeper.
It could have been from r/youtube or r/twitch for all i knew.
I listened to you clip and it game me asmr tingles!
haha. it was after that i decided to see what sub i was in.

so as an asmr fan, you might just be being critical of yourself.
I've seen a lot of users here and on youtube say they prefer a more natural sound with the room tone included vs the unnatural silence between words.

that being said, i too have a yeti and could possibly offer some insight. chances are you've read or hear this eles where too.

the yeti is stupid sensitive.
when i first got it, i had my headphones and and was listening to things with the gain all way up.
i could hear my girlfriend come home, and put he keys into the door like the thing was on a megaphone.

so having your gain to about halfway is good. i keep mine there where i stream on twitch. if i put it all the way up, youll hear cars drive by and thats too much for me in that instance.

if you do wanna go for the more quite feel, on thing you can try is the "noise reduction" effect in audacity. (your post mentioend a "white noise reduction", but im not sure thats what youre talking about

i use that effect often, and haven't had issues.
so if we are talking about the same effect, you'll have to let me know your process.

on thing you can do with audacity (and other software like OBS studio) is setup a noise gate. this basically means if the sounds aren't within a certain db threshold, it wont come through.
tutorial here.

how you have your yeti placed can make a difference too.
so for example, if it's just sitting on your desk, it might pick up more noise from you interacting with things on the desk (of the desk itself) as opposed to the yeti being attached to one of those mic arms. a wind screen and pop filter could help too.
You might need an adapter to get the yeti to attach the yeti to the arm, so do your homework.

last thing I can think of is your space.
this guy has a good video about making your space nice for cheap.
noise panels help too if youre trying to spend some cash.

hopefully this helps.

u/DDT197 · 7 pointsr/asmr

I use these every night. They are pretty great even when on the side and make for good earplugs when you are not listening to anything. Super inexpensive too.

u/zimm3rmann · 1 pointr/asmr

This mic is $38 and sounds really good.

I'm pretty sure it's what Northern Whisper uses and his audio is very clean. You're not going to get binaural for cheap, but a mono mic like this should work fine for whispering, crinkling, role plays, etc.

u/nsdjoe · 4 pointsr/asmr

These are good for side sleeping, but not wireless.

MAXROCK (TM) Unique Total Soft Silicon Super Comfortable Sleeping Headphones with Mic for Cellphones,Tablets and 3.5 mm Jack Plug (Black)

u/astubbindeck · 2 pointsr/asmr

I can absolutely recommend the audiobook version of Nelson Mandela's "Long Walk to Freedom" read by Danny Glover. Check out the following page...on the left-hand side of the page, beneath the picture of Nelson Mandela is an audio sample. Great stuff!

u/AceTheIceman · 12 pointsr/asmr

It's kind of on my to-do list to order a pair of these and test them out for ASMR. The concept is great I'm just not sure how well the actual product works.

Until I try those, however, I alternate between playing the videos out loud with my phone speakers and using Sennheiser CX 150 earbuds. These earbuds work the best for me because they have a small driver and they fit right into my ear. I'm not a fan of laying on my side for the earbuds to drill into my ears throughout the night, though, so I either lay on my back or pull the earbuds out right as I'm about to fall asleep.

My recommendation? Find some earbuds with small (9mm) drivers that have either either rubber or memory foam tips. If you look for earbuds with small, round housing they shouldn't be too uncomfortable because they'll be able to fit right in your ear.

I wouldn't recommend laying on your side with earbuds in no matter what kind you're using, though. Unless you have a really soft pillow that kind of forms around your ear instead of pressing up against it, your ears will more than likely be a little sore when you wake up. If you can get in the habit of pulling your earbuds out right before you fall asleep (unless that doesn't work for you) you'll be able to fall asleep to ASMR without sacrificing comfort.

u/Bheckler · 1 pointr/asmr

If you like listening in bed, I highly recommend SleepPhones. Super comfy, good quality (sadly not the same as earbuds), and non-tangle cord.

If you have loud neighbors / roommates however, these won't be good enough to block that sound because they're not in-ear

u/RotonSan · 0 pointsr/asmr

We should not abuse this great artist by saying these legal. Don’t just break copyright. Buy your own. You are not only buying his DVDs, you are buying all of his reputations. You will be proud by being owner of his DVDs at the end of the days. Here here and here Bob Ross DVD — you will find his DVD set with reasonable price. Enjoy.

u/Just_B1aze · 1 pointr/asmr

I have been using a Bluetooth earbuds for the past month and I love it them. Paid $15.00, they are the thin so you can sleep on your side and easy to set up.

u/yeezy__taught_me · 1 pointr/asmr

Pretty much the most popular mic on this sub is the 3dio but it's not really cheap, something like $300 if I remember correctly. I'd have to do a bit more research to find any binaural mics for less


u/chalks777 · 10 pointsr/asmr

yup. The reason anybody buys this at all is because the ice that it forms is completely clear. The cheap molds always end up cloudy. Also, buying the press is cheaper than buying a month's worth of pre-formed spheres. It also looks cool.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/asmr

You don’t need anything amazing, just something serviceable. There are some dirt cheap mics that would sound totally fine. Maybe something like the 7$ one mentioned here.

u/kpajamas · 4 pointsr/asmr

I've heard the headband ones are not good; I forget why but the Amazon reviews motivated me to buy this one instead. I found it to be extremely comfortable to wear even while lying on my side because the bud part is almost completely soft, no hard part. The sound quality was good enough for asmr. The downside is that mine stopped working for no reason after a year or so, so it was not that long lasting. I'm okay with that since it's relatively inexpensive and easy to replace.

u/DeusoftheWired · 2 pointsr/asmr

> Intentional binaural sounds, nature sounds, etc, with the single purpose of triggering sensations in people have existed much longer than 10 years.

None of your examples exist with the single purpose of triggering ASMR in people.

Binaural beats: click. Or I-Doser for the garbage that claimed it could make people high through listening to music.

Meditation sounds: they help you get in trance.

Water and nature sounds: nothing ASMR-specific. Some people like nature sounds for non-ASMR relaxation. Similar to white noise generators.

They exist for triggering other sensations in people than ASMR. Now a small percentage of listeners might have gotten ASMR from these but they were not produced for them as a target group and not for this one specific feeling. This is what sets them apart from OP’s videos.

u/Vishnej · 2 pointsr/asmr

As far as output equipment: Any decent pair of closed / semi-closed headphones with some isolation, your choice. I'm currently wearing some of the cheapest semi-closed cans I've tried - .

For mastering very quiet audio, particularly binaural audio if you ever go that route, my understanding is that even the best speakers in a dedicated anechoic room just don't approach headphones.

u/YoseFuiCide · 2 pointsr/asmr

I use these. Super small, they never bother my ears, unless I've been in bed for 14+ hours.

u/asmr_simplicity · 1 pointr/asmr

Samson Go Mic. /u/langotriel uses it and his audio sounds great. Currently at $37

u/TingleTriggers · 3 pointsr/asmr

We like these -

Small plug - We're giving away a pair once our channel hits 250 subscribers (we're at 230 something now) -

u/Spurrow · 2 pointsr/asmr

I disagree completely. Ear buds are probably the worst thing for asmr videos. Open back or semi open over the year headphones are the best. If you're someone who listens to a lot of binaural videos there is no better option. The sound stage you get from a good pair of open back over the ear headphones is rivaled by nothing else. You don't get a sound stage with earbuds.

I would recommend these. You won't find a better pair of headphones at that price point. These are audiophile quality headphones at a bargain.

u/Potaterchips · 1 pointr/asmr

Speaking of headphones; does anyone have experience with this? It looks interesting.

u/Xok234 · 1 pointr/asmr

can you provide a link? they sound cool, i assume you mean this?

u/AudibleQuiet · 1 pointr/asmr

Ok, then, how about a knock off?

It's about half the price.

u/2z1 · 3 pointsr/asmr

Do you know those head massage things? Get one of those and use it on on them. It works for most people even if they don't experience ASMR.

"Yeah, it's like that, only without the massage thingy."

u/TirarADeguello · 10 pointsr/asmr

Sleepphones , they are like a soft cotton headband and so comfortable to sleep with, my son wears them every night to prevent night terrors. Shop around for price but here they are on amazon:

u/xaronax · 9 pointsr/asmr

Get you one of these thingies.

They're the bee's knees.

u/MistressOfAllPixels · 1 pointr/asmr

I'm more of a head-scratch video person so I often use a scalp massager.

u/Deer_Abby · 4 pointsr/asmr

I use this memory foam blindfold with headphones built in.


If I can't(edit: meaning I'm in a public setting or something) put on a blindfold, I generally use my old headset since it's comfy and I upgraded to a Turtle Beach headset for gaming.

u/andysaurus_rex · 1 pointr/asmr

Yeah, that's been a problem for me too. Because it's uncomfortable to lie on your side with the earbud poking your ear. In that case, I highly recommend these:

They are slimmer than the profile of your ear, so when you lie on your side you don't feel it pressing in (at least not nearly as bad). They're not bluetooth but they're something

u/pokebud · 3 pointsr/asmr

This lapel mic it's $6 for 3 of them

here is a vid of someone using it and you'll see it's better than most of what the ASMRtists are using since it filters out all that shitty background noise.

sometimes it does add a small electrical hum but it's fairly negligible and for $6 it can't be beat.

u/SDraconis · 1 pointr/asmr

No worries. Just because one video doesn't work for me doesn't mean I can't enjoy your other vids.

Also while IEMs can get crazy priced, some can be had for pretty cheap. The MEElectronics M6's are only $20 on Amazon. You can see what I mean on even those not being able to swap ears.

u/Sohail316 · 1 pointr/asmr

I use bluetooth earphones and I always seem on my back(unsure if you do) I've had some for a year+ but recently a pair of mine got fucked so I had to get new ones,

those are the sort I use

u/Lantec · 5 pointsr/asmr

I use these.

They got a really low profile and they're soft. I have sleep phones but I find that unless I have the actual earpieces absolutely aligned properly, they leave some pressure points and I get some pain in my ears from them.


But it depends on the shape of your ears too I guess

u/Raptor007 · 2 pointsr/asmr

I was going to say "here it is for $80" but then I realized this is only 9 episodes. Who the heck puts 9 episodes across 10 DVDs??

Edit: Holy crap, I didn't realize he made 390 episodes! No wonder it's $1400 for the complete set. Unfortunately that is just waaay too much to spend, and I'm not even sure where I'd keep them all. Is it on Netflix?