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u/blakeleywood · 6 pointsr/atlbeer

I had a fantastic time in Minneapolis and Iowa. Met two other folks from Atlanta that also went up for the TG lottery. Both states showed just what it means to a brewery to be able to sell their beer in the taproom (something Minnesota just got in 2011).

Buddy and I did not hit a bad brewery the whole trip (by design but none disappointed). Indeed, Dangerous Man, Fulton, and Fair State are doing some awesome stuff in Minneapolis (and Surly of course), and Pulpit Rock in Decorah was well worth the stop. I'm not sure either of us expected how small Toppling Goliath would be. Their taproom was about the half the size of Three Taverns' space.

Also, if you've never heard of this Wine Check bag, look into it. It's the real deal and worked like a charm (just make sure you get the one with the 12 shipper and box). TSA opened it on the way home, but they did not mess with anything only to add additional bubble wrap to the KBBS bottle haha (thanks TSA?).

u/jpskydawg · 3 pointsr/atlbeer

Yea every time I went, it was Mike and his wife pouring, talking beer etc.
Looking around, I noticed they hand bottle just about everything. He used to work at Green Man. Super nice guy. Great beers and imagination. He also wrote a book called "Homebrew: beyond the Basics" which is really good.

u/austinlouisray · 1 pointr/atlbeer

I thought Steve Hindy's book was wonderful:

It's a great historical look at how we got here, but it's also opinionated and written by someone with a great perspective. He pulls no punches, but is fair and smart as well.

u/misterhoont · 2 pointsr/atlbeer


Anyone looking for a kegerator? I just got one and have decided it needs a home with a proper man/woman-cave or basement. Never been used-put the wheels on and it was decided that it has too big a footprint in our kitchen. It's down to $400 on amazon (I paid $450 + tax), but I'll let it go for $350 if anyone is interested.

It's this one...

I assume posting an item for sale isn't breaking any forum rules, but wanted to make sure before I created a dedicated post.

u/rj_atl · 2 pointsr/atlbeer

On the whole DUI topic, I bought a breathalyzer from amazon, its awesome - - peace of mind is totally worth it. And its peanuts compared to what I spend on beer and fedex.

u/thibedeauxmarxy · 2 pointsr/atlbeer

That doesn't sound quite right.

Prohibition movements pre-date WWI and WWII and had much more to do with religious temperance groups (specifically among Protestants and particularly among Methodists) than any anti-German sentiment. If you enjoy the subject, I highly recommend Ken Burn's Prohibition series as well as Daniel Okrent's "Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition."

u/kharedryl · 10 pointsr/atlbeer

So cool!

By the way, if you haven't already everyone needs to read Atlanta Beer: A Heady History

u/GeneralJapery · 1 pointr/atlbeer

You need this, for the future. I use this stuff every time I drink, and haven't had a hangover since.

u/itsme_timd · 19 pointsr/atlbeer

From "The Curiosities of Ale & Beer", published in 1889.

> Since the dawn of our history Barley-wine has been the "natural drink" for an "Englysshe man," and has had no unimportant influence on English life and manners.

Victorian #BiL

u/gr8bier · 3 pointsr/atlbeer

A real helluva engineer wouldn't even ask that question. I'm disappointed, but willing to offer some guidance to get you back on track.

In all likelihood, the compressor is fine, and the problem is a failed starter relay. I was able to revive a "dead" freezer I got off CL by replacing the PTC Starter Relay, like this -

Probably the easiest thing to do is buy a Hard Start Kit like one of these - or Figure out the right one for your freezer; that 1st link has a place to enter your model number. You can just install this and be done, or if that gets it running, you could pull this back out and then replace the failed part, knowing that you're on the right track.

If the freezer doesn't run with the hard start kit, then cut your losses and replace the freezer. Hey GT ain't much for a sports fan lately, but they at least turn out people qualified for appliance repair.

u/Whiskey_Clear · 5 pointsr/atlbeer

I think this discussion would be more appropriate in /r/atlbeercarryonsuitcases. /s

There are cheap suitcases that break, and then there are serious suitcases that cost way more. I do not regret my purchase of this Briggs and Riley one bit. It has an old L.L. Bean style lifetime warranty. Baggage handler threw it into the intake of a high bypass turbofan before rage quitting? That's covered. It keeps hanging clothes in one half (great for business travel) and has a normal section on the other. Whatever you get, don't get the spinner wheels. They are hard to roll long distances, outdoors, etc. and more prone to breakage because they stick out.

I tend to just ship beer to myself and carry on both ways, but my beer routine with this suitcase is as follows.

On way to destination: Hanging clothes in top half, folded clothes, all else, and an empty duffel in the bottom. Carry on.

On way home: Hanging clothes in top half, dirty clothes for padding as needed and beer in bottom. Fill previously empty duffel with remaining dirty clothes, etc. Check both bags. I used this technique recently to fit 5ish 750ml bottles from the Veil.

u/testingapril · 2 pointsr/atlbeer

I'm not sure about what /u/JHCain is running, but you might be interested in one of the poor mans beer engines that I've seen.

Basically you use a corny keg for the cask, just keg condition it with low priming sugar for the low volumes CO2, then you use an RV water hand pump and just connect it with beer line that fits, and then you use a low pressure propane regulator on a low pressure CO2 line as a breather. Without the air exposure, you can get longer shelf life out of the beer. I keep toying with the idea of doing this, but have never gotten around to it.

I think there's a BYO article on it somehwere. and I think the guy built a DIY type sparkler for the end of the RV pump spout.