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u/s48844010 · 1 pointr/backpain

Hi Ariyahn

I have coccyx pain in my back and I sit in front of a computer all day long (I'm a software engineer). My lower back and my ass hurt every day, I used to use this pillow on my chair but lately it's just not helping anymore. I have to stand up a lot throughout the day just to relieve the pain. So I bought a new seat cushion called ChiroDoc Memory Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion on Amazon with hopes that it could relieve my lower back pain.

This is the third and the best seat cushion I have ever bought on Amazon (first and second were too hard). What's so great about it is that while it's super soft there's still this certain firmness about it so it has not yet gone flat. Memory foam maybe. When I first sit on it I feel the quality and the stiffness which I mentioned which to me is great because the material isn't degrading but give it 1-3 mins and the material warms up and forms to you like a glove and you automatically feel the support and comfort. Now I take this lil guy with me literally everywhere I go.

It's been about 3 weeks since I have used this product and it doesn't feel cheap or will flatten anytime soon. When you sit down on it it compresses but as soon as you get back up it stiffens back up. Let's see how long it will last but so far I love this thing religiously and my colleagues in the office who have used it swear by it as well.

Amazingly, it's not that expensive. Mine cost about $35. Is it worth it? In my opinion, absolutely: thousands of dollars that would have gone to the chiropractor to straighten and fix my spine and posture was thousands of dollars saved thanks to this bad boy.

It helps a lot (especially in the car or at work and if when we go into a restaurant or somewhere with hard seats (hate those darn wooden chairs lol).

Verdict: Get your hands on this bad boy, it will save your back and entire body a world of pain and in the long-run, your wallet. I will update you guys within the next month or so but so far I'm loving it every damn second (so is my butt).

u/attackoftheack · 2 pointsr/backpain

Discs can heal as strong or stronger than their pre-injury condition if they are properly rehabbed. Essentially the injured discs scar over and heal more calloused. That's the mechanism by which an elite powerlifter or football players spine is more stiff and rigid than a gymnast or yogi.

One point of note - I don't know your condition and I am not your doctor or even a doctor at all - I'm an athlete and a strength and conditioning coach - BUT generally speaking a hip hinge is the very exercise you should be performing and practicing. Generally speaking lower back injuries happen due to improper hinging mechanics. Most hinge at the spine rather than the hips. It's from a lack of pelvic control and spinal integration between the pelvis (hips), spine (back), and shoulders. The underlying mechanism is generally improper breathing mechanics. It's also due to short and tightened hip flexors, weak glutes, and over dominant quads due to a sedentary population sitting too frequently for too long periods of time. Sitting exacerbates chest breathing and pelvic pressure.

You can look at buying Dr Stuart McGill's book The Gift of Injury. It's Brian Carroll, a top 10 all time powerlifters, rehab journey with Dr McGill. They outline a plan of how to run a recovery protocol.

You can also read Dr Eric Goodman's BOOK True to Form and find some of his trainings on YouTube for free called Foundations Training. Here is his TED Talk where he discusses improper hinging being a leading cause of back pain. TED Talk beginner Foundations Training (targeted at decompressing the spine, opening up the hips and strengthening the entire posterior chain. It's a non weight bearing routine. A good generalized warm up protocol before you lift.)

Gift of Injury book link You can also look up his other books or website at

Hip hinge video. Mind Pump also has a very informational podcast where you can learn a lot more about lifting, training, and health.

Barbell Collective (Shrugged) is another great podcast that is educational for recreational athletes and elite athletes or the average Joe.

Athlean-x. Jeff Cavalier is a physical therapist and puts out great educational content especially on anatomy and mechanics.

Jeff Nippard also tends to have very good content.

Tldr: Learning to properly hinge is usually step 1 to fixing a spine AFTER inflammation and pain has subsided. Dr McGill and Dr Goodman have rehab protocols that I linked. There's a ton of free YouTube content that can help you as well. If you haven't tried diaphragmatic breathing methods like box breathing, Wim Hof, breath of fire or crocodile breathing, start there. Good luck.

u/DedRok · 1 pointr/backpain

You gotta think of it day by day. Each time you do it, it dulls the pain 1%. Do it for 100 days. It took me about that long to considered my back healed but I wanted it to be stronger so I just kept going. It corrects your posture and I overly just feel better doing it without pain. It's like a hybrid of Yoga which is only good for you body.

There are different foundation excersize you can find online for free. I ended up just buying a 15 dollar book on Amazon. It had a bunch of 2 week routines with different complexities. Great pictures of what muscles should be activating and ect.

I probably spent $3000-4000 on pysio, chirco, and massages over 5 years and this 15 dollar book and free YouTube video I gave you are what fixed me.

u/WrittenByNick · 3 pointsr/backpain

Yeah, my personal track record with chiropractors wasn't great.

The McKenzie back exercise method absolutely helped me - with my second bout of back pain, I got that book and slowly started the exercises while waiting almost two months before my appointment with the specialist who helped me years earlier. When I got the reminder call for my appointment, my back was so much better I actually cancelled. Now, it certainly sounds like your case is a rather severe one, so I won't pretend it is a magical cure for you.

This is the exercise that had the biggest impact for me, a prone Press Up:

Here's the book that I used, and highly recommend:

I also like Back Mechanic by Stuart McGill, so I recommend that as well. His "Big 3" exercises are the ones I do regularly to maintain and strengthen my back. But the McKenzie book was a life changer for me in pain relief. I went from pain radiating down my leg, unable to sleep, numbness and foot drop to a relatively pain free daily life. I've had occurrences of pain when I push myself too hard (Crossfit was great, but not for my back), and I always go back to these exercises to help.

All of that to say, dealing with your depression would be a great idea. You might even look into some of the online services now available, they can be affordable and easily accessible compared to in-person sessions. That being said, I do think therapists can be a bit like dating - you might have to search around to find the best fit for you. Like any other profession, there are better and worse therapists out there, and ones that may not be right for you.

u/tp803 · 2 pointsr/backpain

I had a hemi lumbar laminectomy for pretty similar reasons eight years ago when I was 21. It sort of helped I guess, but it was a pretty painful process and I had lingering problems that never really got better. In fact, I’m not convinced the surgery actually helped, or if it was the post surgical rest and rehab that made my back moderately better at the time.

About six months ago however I stumbled upon “The Back Mechanic” by Dr. Stuart McGill thanks to this sub. After following his advice as gospel my back pain has gotten considerably better for the first time since before injuring it. He’s a PHD kinesiologist who’s life’s work has been back pain patients. His advice was refreshing, new, and backed by years of clinical research. He does talk about surgery and his advice is that it should be a absolute last resort, and that the surgery itself often doesn’t actually fix the problem (my surgery experience supporting that). Based on my experience, I would strongly urge you to postpone your surgery before getting the book and giving his advice an honest try.

The amazon reviews are spectacular, and I’m far from the only staunch advocate of the book on this sub. This book alone has greatly improved my quality of life, and I hope it can do the same to you!!

Back Mechanic by Dr. Stuart McGill (2015-09-30)

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u/lovemeinthemoment · 1 pointr/backpain

I bought these...

I think they were around $80 in my size. I'm not going to debate the merits of weightlifting shoes vs. flat soled shoes. I tried both. I can tell you with flatter shoes (I also used Vivos) I had more "wobbliness" in my ankles which meant I had more wobbliness with my back. Weightlifting shoes anchored me better so my squat is more stable. As long as I have good squat form and focus on the vertical plane, my back holds up and I get stronger. If my squat form weakens and I kick my butt back and hinge down with my back, then it feels like I've been hit with Thor's hammer.

u/NYSenseOfHumor · 1 pointr/backpain

I'm 25-35 and have had back pain for years, sitting makes it worse and driving is worse than sitting so your experience is typical.

If you have a medical emergency get to an ER and/or call 911 or your national equivalent.

I've found massages help a lot, more than chiropractic in my experience. Massages for me provide longer-term relief and the massage therapist also focuses on secondary symptoms in the arms and legs that can be caused by a radiated nerve.

Since your massage is not until Friday see if you can get a walk-in or at least short notice chiropractic appointment, many have them available for this reason and it might just help carry you over.

If you can get an appointment with your primary care they may write a prescription. You should do this anyway because back problems only get worse.

I've found that wearing a back brace while sitting at my desk helps a lot, [this one] ( is the number one best seller on Amazon for a reason, I wore it all day today.

Make sure to stretch, a lot. I am bad about it when I am working and get into a project but it's important. [Foam rollers] ( are great for before and after work since it may be strange to have in your office.

For while at work, look at these videos on desk stretching from the [Mayo Clinic] (

Heat and/or ice helps too.

u/ms_lovely · 2 pointsr/backpain

I bought this book recently and it helped me through one of the two worst back experiences I've ever had. I would agree that it's Big Three focused. It doesn't have like full workouts in there, but it does talk about how to adapt common exercises to not be in pain (e.g. deadlifts, squats, etc.). So it's more of "this is how you correctly exercise" instead of "do these five exercises three times, then these four, then these two, and you'll be healed!".


I've heard this book might have more workouts (also McGill). I actually had this book briefly, but it's too technical for my taste.

Another McGill book that might help is this one. Sorry, haven't read it, but I wishlisted it awhile ago and some of the review seem to indicate there are workouts in it. Maybe peruse the reviews for both?

Hope this helps!

u/benj401 · 3 pointsr/backpain

Always the best choice. Also pickup this book

McKenzie method is the basis for passive treatment for the lower back. The exercises they will have you do are going to be based around this. The info in that short short tome is invaluable.

Feel free to hit me up w any questions. I have almost a combined total of two years (not consecutive) PT experiences, a couple epidural injections and I am around 18 months post op fusion on L5S1.

Avoid surgery if possible but don't be scared either - being at a young and only needing a single level, odds of success are much higher. I had mine done just before my 28th birthday. Turned 29 just in August, so I know the feels.

u/ShrinkingWizard · 0 pointsr/backpain

If you want to workout in the morning you could wake up a little earlier so your discs have time to adjust. When the exercise is just walking and not a lot of spine bending the risk smaller but an unnecessary one nevertheless.

The best book to start with is [Back Mechanic] ( as mentioned in one of the pinned posts. He does have some other books but those are aimed at professionals (Low Back Disorders & Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance). McGill doesn't handle weight loss. As an exercise physiologist that happened to be my field of expertise and I combined it with McGills teachings.

u/A125146366 · 1 pointr/backpain

I think a heated memory foam cushion may help, heat therapy is good for relieving back pain. I bought this cushion
and I started using it in my car and sitting at office . After a couple days of use it was amazing . It really took the pressure off my spine.
I wish had bought this sooner.

u/PushitClaw · 1 pointr/backpain

If you have scoliosis you should be talking to your doctor. Something else you can do is correct your posture when you sit, see if that helps. Get a lumbar roll, put your butt against the back of the seat and sit up straight. Obviously, search the internet about what you should look like sitting with proper posture. Definitely get x-rays and an MRI.

u/starggg · 1 pointr/backpain

Here is the tape that I use, I just tape around the outside edges of the patch in a square. I usually put the tape on the edges of the patch first (with the film still on the patch, so it's not sticking to stuff), then peel off the film, and then transfer the patch to my back after that, because I'm not that coordinated with taping behind myself lol ;) i have found that tape can really hurt when you take it off, and even rip off skin! So this tape is gentler, but also sticky enough to actually stay on for 12 hours. Also, you're supposed to take at least 12 hours off between patches, so your skin can breathe, just FYI.

u/TS2Master · 1 pointr/backpain

Get some hot patches. I use them to help calm down stubborn knots. The deep heat ones are good cause they stick on you, also have some of the bigger ones that wrap around.

u/RichardMortimus · 1 pointr/backpain

Stuart McGill & Brian Carroll’s ‘Gift of Injury’ sounds brilliant

u/emmamee41 · 1 pointr/backpain

I have back pain and slept in my friends guest bedroom this past weekend...she had a memory foam mattress that I found to be really comfortable. She told me it was only $300ish! I believe she said “Alta” so I’m thinking maybe this

u/SKatieRo · 2 pointsr/backpain

Our inversion table lets me do exactly what you're looking for. I don't go upside down, just a little past horizontal and then push with my elbows. It is similar to this one:

u/luke1899 · 1 pointr/backpain

Get one of these.

Its almost as good as real acupuncture, cheaper, and you can do at home whenever you want. I jump on mine whenever Im feeling pain.

Also, think about buying some CBD oil. That helps with the pain too

u/worf2picardfor3 · 1 pointr/backpain

Yes! What's helped me mitigate the pain over the years is to: 1) do 15 minutes of stretching/mobility exercises first thing in the morning (free routines are available on the Nike Training App and 2) take a break from walking and do a "lower back squat stretch". I also use a foam roller afterwards. It's only a few bucks on Amazon.

u/Mikey77777 · 2 pointsr/backpain

Commiserations, that sucks. First of all, I'll second the other comments that you should focus on recovery before throwing yourself back into training. Otherwise you risk making the problem far worse. Also, definitely read `Back Mechanics' by Stuart McGill. His advice is based on years of scientific research.

It's not all doom and gloom, though. There are plenty of cases of high-level athletes coming back from serious back injuries. Stuart McGill wrote a book with a powerlifter who had a really devastating injury, and came back from it. Closer to your case, famous BJJ coach Rener Gracie talks about his recovery from a herniated disc in this video.

Best of luck. Hope you manage to make a good recovery.

u/oopssorrydaddy · 6 pointsr/backpain

In my experience, back pain is usually caused by tight muscles, injury, or your brain.


Because you don't appear to have gotten injured, I would suggest stretching your hamstrings, QL, and hips before and after you go to bed.


While stretching helped me, my biggest breakthrough was reading This book. I think our minds have a much bigger impact on muscle pain than we think.


Just my two cents! Good luck – you will figure this out.

u/mytentsalwayspitched · 1 pointr/backpain

Could be a million things. A lot of back pain problems are caused by distorted discs which are located in between the vertebra of your spine. When these discs become distorted over time, they may eventually press against your central nervous system which may cause pain and discomfort. Their distortion can be a result of bad posture or poor lifting technique; really anything (Mine became distorted when I went up for a dunk and landed flat footed).

Try these three stretches and if they provide you relief, then purchase this book:

  1. lie on your stomach flat on the ground with your head turned to the side and your arms by your side. Try to completely relax for 2-3 min and specifically try to relax your lower back muscles.
  2. immediately after, support your upper body by resting them on your elbows, make sure to completely relax any muscles below your pelvis. take some deep breaths and stay for 2-3 min.
  3. Starting from laying on your stomach, use your arms to extend your back back as far as possible for 2 seconds, then release back to the ground.

    this link has pictures that illustrate what I'm trying to explain. VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT DO EXERCISE 4,5, OR 6 AT THIS TIME, your body may not be ready for these stretches yet.,d.aWw&psig=AFQjCNG_yHCDxeVTtvMEcidR1R0H1wSAMQ&ust=1408136586277999

    Really help this helps and hope the pain goes away!