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u/leavethisworldbeh1nd · 6 pointsr/bangalore

You can self-study that stuff man. That's what i did. It will take you many many months(or years) of self study to complete this stuff.

I can give you a list of books i used as well -

Nutrition -

NUTRITION NOW (This is a academic textbook used in nutrition courses.)

Lyle mcdonalds stuff -

weightrainer's stuff -

American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition

Psychology -

Phew big fan of this subject. List of academic books i used to self study.

  • Social psych- Eliot aronson - Social animal.
  • Psychology 101 - Discovering psychology 6th edition.
  • Biological psychology - Kalat.
  • Positive psychology - Snyder.
  • Cognitive psychology - sternberg.
  • Evolutionary psychology - david buss.
  • Influence - Robert ciadini.
  • Theories on personality - Feist authors.
  • Sensation and perception - goldstein.

    Economics -

    Macroeconomics and microeconomics - mankiw. Basically any mankiw book will give you a basic overview.

    Adam smith - wealth of nations.

    Economics can go way deep as well and it will take years to gain mastery of the subject.
    You got game theory, Behavioral economics, developmental economics etc etc..

    These are very very deep subjects to be exploring - And what you plan to do in 1 year is simply not possible. Any courses offered by any institute will be puny and won't cover anything decently considering the vastness of the topics we are talking about.
u/VladtheMystic · 1 pointr/bangalore

Hey, couple of suggestions

Try out foundation back training. Link to the book here

The exercises in the book are mostly for lower and mid back issues so might not be fully relevant to you. They helped me immensely when I had severe lower back trouble. Have been virtually pain free since I started doing them. I also had cervical disc trouble and was told that the space between two of my neck discs has reduced due to an injury. This left me unable to turn my neck, move my arms beyond shoulder level, throw things for a while. It got better on its own after a while though. I did go through trying many exercises online to fix it (dont remember which). The basic theory being that if your supporting muscles are strong, the discs will eventually be OK.

I have no personal experience but have seen a lot of noise about Qi Spine clinics in Bangalore.

Good luck, hope it gets better

u/donoteatthatfrog · 2 pointsr/bangalore

i have these books currently.

only one is a novel.

u/slack101 · 5 pointsr/bangalore

I had 5 sessions with Rachna Muralidhar at Athoz Center in Indira Nagar. Her therapy was based on mindfulness and ACT, I thought she was good. But after that I felt like I should give CBT a shot. There is this book which I've been using for a while : Feeling good: The new mood therapy. Its been helping a lot. And its been reducing the symptoms quite quickly. Apparently some people have done clinical trials and found that this book helps like some 70% of depressed patients or something like that (Although I haven't elaborately studied about this research). The author's mentor is a guy who's called the "father of cognitive therapy".

u/kaipulle · 2 pointsr/bangalore

Definitely Python. My friend actually did this and his son is doing really well. He is now 12 years old and is already way ahead of the curve in comparison with his peers, though his parents do not compare him with others as such. Also, teach one or two non-native languages. Need not be French/German/Spanish, Indian languages are a lot useful. Pick any language of the neighbouring state, that should do it.


u/abovequator · 3 pointsr/bangalore

Before you do any of that - are you sure that this is what you want? VGA to S-Video conversion doesn't work. This type of connector only works if you video card specifically generates S-Video compatible signal from your VGA connector. That's not common.

Example link: read review here
and here

What you may need is a converter box like this:

Lastly - I would suggest as a cheap (but well slightly unreliable) option to get buy such stuff.

u/LegGlance · 1 pointr/bangalore

Looks like that's what I really need! The reviews for this sound encouraging!

u/A_confusedlover · 1 pointr/bangalore

Oh I have watched Lucia, brilliant story telling. Blew me away when I first watched it. I'll be sure to check out the stuff you listed.

Also is this the book you're talking about?

u/stonerparent · 2 pointsr/bangalore

Hello. I have been loosing hair steadily over last 15 years. Because of stress, too much smoking. I don't give a damn about it since am married and wrong side of 30s. However i did try various means to increase hair growth.

One of the most recommended natural remedy is applying onion juice on head and then washing it off. This is a cumbersome process and very difficult to do if u dont have done help from family.

Recently I heard about onion oil on Amazon. Been using it for a month and it is showing promising results. Even my Baber says he can spot hair growth.

Beardhood Onion Oil with Redensyl...

u/CapnQuirk · 1 pointr/bangalore

You can get some really good ones online. Check this

u/sidx64 · 2 pointsr/bangalore

I'm guessing you've not tried Amazon yet?

The Original Rider Waite Tarot Pack

u/phonytough · 7 pointsr/bangalore

You can very much pour out of commerical kegs at home, you do not need a Co2 cylinder either. You need a keg tap with a built in Pump.

Breweries are not allowed to sell/ tranport the beer out of their premises.