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u/BastianBangtan · 34 pointsr/bangtan

US/PR/Can = Buy tracks separately. Do NOT complete the album, ever.

blaqbfly quick reminders for streaming across platforms

btsanalytics free trials compilation

if you ordered from amazon, there’s email for free trial! please check ur email for amazon music trial

btsanalytics purchase guide

USARMYxSPOTIFY buying info (pics)

namjinheaven spotify tips thread

_gaciria promo posters for BWL reference BTS street promo

crumkbles4kookie iTunes reminder (she makes awesome iTunes playlist too)

BTSdailyinfo compilation of links for the next few days of events BTS attending

BTSonShazam this is important so please read

BTSonShazam part 2

modooborahae YouTube streaming (short and easy)

k side of fandom info - so don’t jump to conclusions bc they have to fit criteria while i-side don’t have to

ways to handle constructive criticism poster

🚨 Reminder regarding the share of articles - please make sure to read it first before share. We have option to pick and choose which article to support. Don’t just share bc it says BTS, share only bc it’s worthy of being read/shared. Not every writer will care for fact checking. So read and reread even read again if need before share.

💡 Spotify has option to “block artist/don’t play this artist” so use it, put the option to use. Block any artist you want to to give support to. I’ve blocked a lot bc I also use tth Spotify playlist during early weeks of track promo, it’s to show we the track on tth. But I refuse to give even a single stream to artists I don’t want to support. I’m us army, x.x” there are a lot of artists I can’t separate music from the person...

Most importantly 💜 enjoy BTS music, enjoy listening, sharing, talking, crying over BTS music with fellow ARMYs 💜 send BTS encouragement and energy as they do promotions 💜 take care of yourself as you party with the ARMY for PERSONA 💜

u/Eren_ · 1 pointr/bangtan



u/mr_pigeonsn · 1 pointr/bangtan

Date of the malicious post
Youtube: Oct 29, 2019
Spotify: Oct 18, 2019
Amazon Music: Oct 17, 2019

Post platform and URL
Amazon Music:

Post Owner
Seiell’s Instagram:
G-two (producer of Scenne Nennè) Instagram:

The instagram links posted under the video no longer work. The posts seem to have been removed after ARMY started taking notice of what seems to be a heavy case of plagiarism of Fake Love.

Here are the links in question:

Content of the post

Both the video on Youtube and the song posted on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music seem to be heavily plagiarizing Fake Love and also have some lines that say similar things to what Fake Love says, although they’re not the same. When ARMY discovered it, they started commenting under the video about this issue but the artist started removing their comments.

Additionally, the two instagrams linked under the video were deactivated, the like/dislike ratio was hidden and the description under the video was modified to suddenly say that this was a sample/remix of Fake Love.

We have a screen recording evidence of the video description before it was modified as well as a screen recording of the song uploaded on Spotify and the fact that the links under the video no longer lead to active instagrams (which can be seen in the screen recording of the YouTube video).

We added a screenshot from his instagram where he poses with a white mask in his hand, which seems like a clear reference to both Fake Love and Singularity. We know this doesn’t qualify as plagiarism, but it’s worth adding to the proof, seeing the context, showing that he knew what he was doing and he’s not apologetic about it.

We had two screen recordings of two conversations that he had with two ARMY in which he says that no copying was involved and greatly insults both BTS and ARMY, but for legal reasons we had to remove them from the google drive link. In case you need it we can provide a transcription or send the video to you, but please consider that these are private dms, made public by the two ARMY.

OTHER (photos, videos, screenshots etc):
Here’s a google drive link where we uploaded all the proof we could find

u/peachy05 · 1 pointr/bangtan

Hello everyone!! I'm a new ARMY, thank you for all your information, this is an amazing fandom!

I wanted to ask, if I preorder from this link, will I get a poster? Sorry if it is a stupid question, last time I ordered a kpop album I thought it came with a poster but it didnt'!! thank you so much everyone!! hope to see you around :)

u/classie__lassie · 6 pointsr/bangtan

I bought some inexpensive concert earplugs off of amazon. I don’t go to concerts much, so I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on something I’d only use a couple of times. The ones I bought worked great! The music and their voices were crystal clear, but it’s like the volume of the crowd was turned down. I could still hear the fanchants perfectly fine, and I had no problem talking with my sister next to me. I lost my voice singing and screaming, but at least I saved my hearing!

here’s what’s I bought

Someone who goes to a lot of concerts might be able to recommend something better, but those worked for me.

u/mamabelles · 2 pointsr/bangtan

lol my parents get tired of it too but they cant deny my request because they love it just as much as i do. my mom cant find her really old one from when we were kids BUT she bought this one a year ago and has been getting recipes from it since then. I personally recommend making the 참치전 (tuna pancake) with some kimchi fried rice. i make that when i'm in between classes because it's fast and it tastes sooooo good. it reminds me of my childhood.

u/amethystee · 3 pointsr/bangtan

As a heads up, LY: Tear on Amazon has been updated with the new album covers!! Each version has an unraveled version of the original LY: Her flowers o:

u/jameswarrensaid · 2 pointsr/bangtan

I have a quick question - sorry if the answer is obvious, but I've googled around and can't seem to find it.

When I go to preorder Love Yourself: Her on Amazon, it shows two different formats - one has a release date of Sept 18 and is sold out - the other is available and has an Oct. 4 release date.

Is the October 4 the date Amazon expects to have more in stock? Or is this a different version? The descriptions are the same for both. I've never done this before so, again, sorry if this is obvious to everyone here.

u/Keatonfuchs · 2 pointsr/bangtan

About Amazon: PLEASE make sure you don't buy from a reseller!

THIS is the official German link:

It isn't "imported", so you can get it fast, cheap (Prime even) and it counts for our charts!

-> I know on Reddit we like to look down on stan Twitter, but this kind of information has been circulating there even long before CB, so I really recommend to check in there at least occasionally to stay up to date. <3


I pre-ordered mine at my small local MediaMarkt, they stocked it on 15th April already!

With small local stores you can always check on their store finder if they stock it (not guaranteed!). If they don't have it, make them order. :P If you go to bigger stores (say Berlin Alexanderplatz), they seem to stock a whole BTS arsenal including the "Notes" books in several languages. :D

I know that MediaMarkt/Saturn and Müller have it, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are more. Especially now that it has been in the charts for so long. Several stores have some promotional setup for chart albums.



Small anecdote about version choices: They have one product code for all versions and the MM clerk tried to get all 4 on hand so I can choose, but they only ended up with 3+4. I wanted 1 or 2, but decided to get one anyway to make sure my sales count for the first tracking week. We barely missed #1 album though. TT

u/Feztheshep · 10 pointsr/bangtan

It's not being sold by Big Hit or anything so no money goes to them tho lmao

But here's the Amazon link to it It's about $16 and has Prime Shipping~ but it doesn't come with a dome top so unless you buy something for it, it will be "Squirrel Freed From a Garden." Please if anyone buys it tell me lololol I wanna know there are other ridiculous individuals like me and what you're gonna do w it. It's in my shopping cart but I haven't purchased it yet.

Edit: I'm fairly certain this is the exact bowl but I might be wrong, as there have been multiple places cited. Lolol but what's the chances someone would copy this bowl and sell it somewhere else

u/_basquiat · 13 pointsr/bangtan

Everybody else covered it. I just want you to know you’re a great brother.

Edit— if she’s into face masks, Amazon is selling a BTSxMediheal collab that has photocards. Similarly, VT Cosmetics is selling a collagen pact that comes with hand drawn stickers from Jungook and that order also comes with a poster of the entire group!

u/seasoul · 23 pointsr/bangtan


To RENT (doesnt include the bonus footages):


TO PURCHASE (includes the bonus footage)


u/reallyemy · 2 pointsr/bangtan

Yes, the 4 versions are different! You can see the specifications here.

Most albums with come with a photobook + a CD, plus extras. In this case, if you preorder first press edition, the extras include 2 photocards, a minibook, and a poster. The 4 versions will all have the same CD, but 4 different photobooks and 4 different posters. The PC are random 1 out of 28 PCs.

Unfortunately, buying from Kpop Mart or other 3rd parties such as kpoptown, ktown4u, yesasia, koreanmall, etc. don't count towards Billboard. Only this particular listing on Amazon officially posted by Bighit (with Amazon Prime shipping) counts towards Billboard. Some of the other sites do count towards Hanteo and Gaon though!

Let me know if you have any other questions. :)

u/Turquoise-Turmoil · 3 pointsr/bangtan

Isn't this the 4 set?

Edit: DON'T BUY FROM "BigHit Entertainment" on Amazon. Buy from Amazon only. Explanations below.

u/dorkprincess · 2 pointsr/bangtan

I just went to the fancafe post myself (since I have a leveled up account) and verified. This is the official Amazon link! It's safe to buy from. Additionally, this is the official Target preorder link!

u/big_woof_woof · 1 pointr/bangtan

Wish list: BT21xHunt Innerwear pajamas (but they're difficult to acquire TT)

Practical: BT21 merch such as plushies are available at Amazon's Line Friends Global Store


[Ceramic squirrel bowl](
=fsclp_pl_dp_1) from a Run!BTS episode for the funsies! (Like a gag gift before you give her the real one haha)

u/NEcontrast · 1 pointr/bangtan

So the amazon link provided is for both US and Canada, but is there an link for Canadians?

  1. I have amazon prime for, and for some reason it doesn't transfer to
  2. Was hoping for slightly faster delivery from opposed to
  3. Found this page, but have no idea if it includes the photocard, posters, etc. since its not in the description.
u/friedeggovereasy · 1 pointr/bangtan

They now seem to have 2 formats and editions - with one of them being released on October 4th. Is that when the next shipment will be in? That's still the legit official seller, right?

EDIT: 2 weeks post release date is still not too bad considering kpoptown took 1 month for me, and it may be ok for new fans that might come in after this album is released...

u/dreamtyme · 1 pointr/bangtan

Saw this link from BTS US x 50 states. and I just ordered it. I hope this is the right one.

u/Rhyethil · 24 pointsr/bangtan

It should be coming out on other platforms very soon. I'll make sure to edit them on this comment when I see them.






u/napmonsters · 2 pointsr/bangtan

Here's Bighit's official link to the second batch! Yeah, I don't think anybody saw that coming - or at least I didn't see it coming. I kind of thought they would have enough for everyone who wants to buy one.

u/maehwa-cha · 27 pointsr/bangtan

To add on to this comment, if you're an avid concert go-er (or a person who works in a loud office or needs quiet to concentrate, natch), I highly suggest investing in these. They're very reasonably priced, and I've had a few pairs (carry a pair in my purse and in my work bag) that have lasted 10+ years.

(edited for clarity)

u/Aqua_Cai · 2 pointsr/bangtan

u/dorkprincess apparently the amazon pre-order link was released already on the fancafe


is this enough to warrant a post?

u/sugataee · 46 pointsr/bangtan

I have Tae's squirrel nut bowl. No rl pics since I'm not home but you can get it on Amazon. I have long given up that all disposable income will be used for such ridiculous Bangtan things 😂

u/kaktusgedanken · 2 pointsr/bangtan

and this just happened

new album covers

u/NoelBlueRed · 8 pointsr/bangtan

Well, Russia was eyeballing some northern Japanese islands and playing games with the Japanese government; it was a mess.

I don't know the text books, but I highly highly recommend Racing the Enemy:



u/photo4jin · 1 pointr/bangtan

Amazon Canada stocks it, and it counts for official charts. Preorder was $28.97 and I've seen the price drop to $26 a few different times, so if you keep checking back you might be able to snag it for that price.

u/shadowfireflame · 6 pointsr/bangtan

I too would rather have the secret to Jimin's makeup routine than all the secrets of the universe, but alas I don't know.

However, I suspect that it is the combination of Mediheal Face Masks (they are really great), an illuminating primer, a hydrating cushion compact (like the ones by VT), dewy lip gloss, and constant touch-ups.

u/celinesalon · 7 pointsr/bangtan

Sadly there was no single textbook for this class, since it was a one of a kind thing, and I took it nearly a decade ago so I don't have my old school papers from it anymore. The professor is a huge advocate against nuclear power/weapons and spent many years searching for documents in both American and Japanese archives to make the course, so many of the materials were photo-copied articles or translations of articles. I'm kind of shocked she hasn't written her own textbook on the topic, but it appears that after Fukushima she has been focusing more on writing books that address the long-term and devastating effects of nuclear radiation in general rather than simply atomic bomb literature.

Some quick googling pulled up this book though :
I haven't read it but the summary seems like it may follow a similar narrative to what I was taught. It looks like it focuses heavily on Soviet Union-related politics so perhaps you might enjoy reading it.

u/dawnfires · 2 pointsr/bangtan

Oh sorry, I misunderstood then! I thought you were asking if there was an official shirt like that. Sorry I can't help with quality unofficial stuff... I only bought a jacket and shirt and the shirt was really terrible.

u/wonderfullyedible · 37 pointsr/bangtan

I was going to wait to see the cover before ordering but what the hell, just placed my order - it's not going to change my decision to buy anyway and I want that photobook!

Here is the Amazon link again for anyone who wants to contribute to pre-orders. Don't trust the other listings, this is the only official BTS link for this album from their Twitter. Each purchase up to 5 contributes to Billboard.