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u/ares_god_of_pie · 2 pointsr/baseballcards


The display doesn't get any direct (or really, indirect) exposure to sunlight. There's a window facing the case, but it's always completely blocked with cellular blinds, so no sunlight.

I just now did a bit of research after you asked, and it does seem like there is still some longterm risk with other indirect sources of UV light. This article is pretty informative:

One option seems to be the UV rated holders. But for graded cards in slabs, the UV protected holders obv won't work, so perhaps something like this could work as well:

Any ideas or insight on how we can better protect from light exposure?

u/JTRoberts · 5 pointsr/baseballcards

If Cecchini or Lopez turn into anything, those '87 Style Inserts are fairly popular (the Judge and Benintendi versions go for $10-20 right now), but that's more a waiting game.

You might be able to get a ton for that Machado autograph, though. Great pull.

Edit: If you haven't already, invest in a couple penny sleeves and plastic top loaders to keep them safe, especially the Machado.

Here are a couple amazon links for what I use:

u/WallySprks · 1 pointr/baseballcards

I got one in a case break and they sent it in an oversized toploader. The toploader is a bit too big, but it protects it just fine. Not sure if they make a perfect sized one for these cards.

*Jumbo Toploaders

u/Rich68n1 · 3 pointsr/baseballcards


Ultra Pro 200 Regular TOPLOADERS Standard + 200 Free Sleeves New Top Load Lot

u/NESMission · 1 pointr/baseballcards

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can get these for just under 10 cents each shipped to your home tomorrow

Ultra Pro 200 Regular TOPLOADERS Standard + 200 Free Sleeves New Top Load Lot

u/caw1218 · 2 pointsr/baseballcards

Looking at the amazon listings for the book, it looks like the guide is not a complete record of the pricing for all sets. You can get a one month subscription to beckett for one sport for like $12. You can copy and paste their pricing checklist by set into a spreadsheet to "keep" for your own use after your 1 month expires.


u/AaronCarver · 1 pointr/baseballcards

These will work fine as long as you hvae graded card sleeves as well; Otherwise the cases will slip out too easily.

u/zachalicious · 1 pointr/baseballcards

If you plan on collecting for a while, I'd order an assortment. If you get some 55pt, 75pt 100pt, 130pt, and 180pt, that should cover most sizes. If you tell us exactly what the cards are, someone might even be able to tell you what size you need. As for the penny sleeves, the ultra pro 130pt sleeves can fit cards closer to 180pt in my experience.

u/cryptwriter · 3 pointsr/baseballcards

You should bag that card. Example: Ultra Pro Standard Team Bags 2 Packs of 100 New Team Set Lot Value Pack

u/pander69 · 1 pointr/baseballcards

Ultra Pro Clear Thick Card Sleeves | Holds cards up to 130-Point | 100-Count

Tobacco Card Sleeves 100 Count

BCW 1-TLCH-TBC-25 Tobacco Card Topload Holder

They could be cheaper elsewhere, but these came up quick for me.

u/nypr13 · 3 pointsr/baseballcards

You need to read the NY Post writers book on the Honus Wagner card. The whole company image was built on a fradulent card grade, but the FBI from what I have heard has circled for years but never moved on these guys. So........

u/yemrot · 2 pointsr/baseballcards

Incredibly good answer, only parts /u/pauldrye left out would for advice, Topps has at least 5 different lines out that I can think of and they own other brands such as Bowman. Regular and Lineage have the newer look while heritage has the same look of cards 60 years ago and Allen & Ginter have the feel of tobbacco cards. But you can collect autos or patches, you mentioned the A's, its kind of cheating but you can buy all the 2013 topps cards As cards in a team set.

edit: links

u/DogKama · -1 pointsr/baseballcards

This isn't the exact size you need, but its in the same vain.