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u/zerk16 · -1 pointsr/battlefield3

Thanks! No i dont think you can, i dont think you get the precision (i.e. speed control and turning consistency) you need from using a Keyboard+Mouse, but the joystick i use is not too expensive and perfect IMO, Logitech 3D Pro. Picked it up at best buy for like $35. Or if you have a spare wired xbox 360 controller laying around you could plug that into the PC and it will all just work.

They joystick is $25 on amazon right now

EDIT: Grammar and punctuation to make a clearer statement.

u/amidemon · 1 pointr/battlefield3
  • Use an Xbox controller to fly I do and it is great.

  • Unless you do Conquest Large on a 32-man server it feels more full than console. No running forever on Caspian trying to find someone to kill. Regular Conquest with 32 people has the same full feeling on a smaller map. (vs 24-man on consoles)

  • Leveling up seemed way faster to me. More players means more kills/heals/resupplies

  • Metro on 64 is a clusterfuck imo. I don't bother. Grand Bazaar is doable (though 48 on Large is better imo). 32-man Close Quarters is pretty intense but enjoyable as well.

    The graphics are so much better (i5-3570k and GTX 560ti). I moved my Turtle Beach headset to my computer and use that exclusively for audio when playing. I went back to play with friends on Xbox and at first I was so appreciative of my couch and 46" TV. . .then I noticed the mediocre (used to think it was hot shit) graphics and clunky play style with a controller. Set the sensitivity to high for run-n-gun then you can't snipe for shit as your reticle is all over the place. Turn it down for sniping and you can't turn for shit in close combat.

    TL;DR: I switched to PC when I built a new rig after 1000+ hours on Xbox and I won't go back. Gonna sell my BF3 and BC:2 copies for Xbox and never look back.
u/redditor_253 · 2 pointsr/battlefield3

battlefield 3 @ amazon

"$20 Credit Plus Amazon Exclusive Dog Tag Pack and Limited Edition Bonuses
Order Battlefield 3 - Limited Edition for Xbox 360 or PS3 and receive a $20 promotional credit plus the Amazon exclusive Dog Tag Pack as well as the Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand expansion pack for free. Promotional credit good toward the purchase of items shipped and sold by (certain exclusions apply, including gift cards, Kindle books, MP3s, and video rentals and downloads). We will send you a promotional code via email within two days after your order ships. The code to access the exclusive content will be emailed to you within two days after your order ships. Limit one per customer. The Limited Edition content will be available in the product packaging. This offer will be extended to all existing pre-orders. Amazon reserves the right to change or terminate this promotion at any time. Offer valid when shipped and sold by"

u/imonupboat · 2 pointsr/battlefield3

It's 33% off at Amazon right now as a digital download. Not sure how picky they are about your region, but it's worth looking into.

If that price is still too high or doesn't work in Canada, you may be better off waiting a couple of weeks. It's been on sale off and on all over the place from time to time, but everyone seems to be set back at full price now.

Good luck!

u/supersaw · 3 pointsr/battlefield3

I've been using this

It's probably the best value for money as far as joysticks are concerned, BF3 has reasonably good joystick support the only thing that's missing is seperate sensitivity for vehicles, I think right now it's all tied to the mouse sensitivity and if you have that set pretty high it can be a bit twitchy when flying.

u/jwittenmyer · 4 pointsr/battlefield3

The MX518 is no longer made and can be tough to find (though it is in stock at Amazon right now). Logitech just came out with the G400 to replace it. It's very similar in size, shape, and button layout with an improved sensor. I have a G5 and just recently bought a G500, they're both great. I wrestled between the G400 and the G500, but went with the G500 because it has adjustable sens, adjustable weight, and a laser sensor.

Also, don't forget about a good mouse pad! A good pad will improve your game at least as much as a good mouse. I have a Razer eXactMat (which is now tough to find) and a SteelSeries 4HD. I prefer the Razer, because it's aluminum and two-sided, but the SteelSeries does the job for half the cost.

u/Decepticon1 · -8 pointsr/battlefield3

that was a beautiful torrent of downvotes... not expecting that from such an inactive thread. pretty awesome. the issue is still here though, who would still buy bf3 premium for 50 in any situation...

u/hollymartin · 2 pointsr/battlefield3

That is my question as well.

Plus it isn't making me feel any better when I see two different images:

Mind you these links point out the Xbox version. They are the same for the PC and PS3 though.

Hopefully will update the information/images soon. Who knows, maybe Canada will get a separate bonus? (not likely)

u/LogicalSpider · 2 pointsr/battlefield3

Most people, and using here as an example, are hardened to answer this question with an immediate "no." Conversely, there are several mouse/keyboard converters for the PS3; here is the best one: Eagle Eye Converter
Plenty of videos on how to install, operate, and how it functions are available on Youtube. The advantage of using this in comparison to a controller is valid, but a great number of people are using it.

u/zombicidalscientist · 1 pointr/battlefield3

BC2 lasted a fairly long time and was pretty active (as far as I know anyway) up until BF3 started looming on the horizon. It was helped by some awesome Steam sales ($7.50, maybe as low as $6 at some point).

Considering BF3 is a main series release (and not a Battlefield: Bad Company release) I bet it will be around (and populated) until Battlefield 4.

Amazon has the digital version for sale atm for $51 USD if you're planning to get it for the PC. Make sure you click "PC Download" on that link otherwise it will just show the regular $60 price. They give you a key that will plug into Origin.

u/yoshiruu · 0 pointsr/battlefield3

I agree with this pick one or the other that your friends are useing or which you like better... I suggest PC.

From what I know you cant put down 5$ for PC version anywhere you just have to get the whole thing.

This might help

u/odd_affiliate_link · 2 pointsr/battlefield3

I would take this with a big grain of salt. This goes 100% against my past experience with Steam <-> Origin:

  • I cannot activate my Battlefield 2 key (purchased from Origin on sale for $5) in Steam.

  • I was able to activate BF:BC2 that I purchased from Steam in Origin.

    If you want to have a better chance at future Steam compatability, I would purchase a physical disc or a digital download from a 3rd part (like Amazon who have it on a decent sale right now).

    Of course neither of these options guarantee that if Steam offers BF3 that it will work, but you have a better chance of it working than just ordering through Origin.
u/gNome_imr · 1 pointr/battlefield3

Beautiful! Unfortunately, I don't have any wireless headset suggestions. I use this guy, but it is neither wireless nor exactly unobtrusive. It is however a great headset for its price range (for gaming).

u/Bullwinkle1983 · 3 pointsr/battlefield3

Just bought one myself. I found the two cheapest options were:

Logitech 3d Pro

Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS

I went with the Thrustmaster as it looked like a higher quality unit, and I've got a large desk.

The default binds in BF3 were not correct, but I was able to rebind the controls and it works great.

u/nanowerx · 2 pointsr/battlefield3

Basically a wireless 360 or PS3 controller needs some sort of wireless receiver connected to your PC to work. The wired 360 ones are plug and play, however.

Your best bet is to suck it up and get a wired 360 controller as that and the wireless receiver are pretty close in price, and you would have an extra controller.

u/zingbat · 2 pointsr/battlefield3

Good choice. The joystick feels solid and sits well on the table with a heavy base. I got it on Amazon. Here is the link. If you have prime, you'll have it in 2 days.

u/turfyman · 4 pointsr/battlefield3

Looks like Amazon is offering a discounted Digital Download version of the BF3: LE. $41.99, not too bad considering. No listed Preorder bonuses though, so YMMV there.

u/theholyduck · 1 pointr/battlefield3

Actually, you don't, microsoft sells an XBOX 360 wirless adapter thing for windows. that lets you connect up to 4 xbox wirless controllers and 4 xbox wireless headsets to your pc.

Its pretty useful for those Controller enabled games in general, and other places where you want to use xbox equipment on pc

u/haruky8 · 1 pointr/battlefield3

Pretty much this.

You should have gotten just 4 gigs of ram, 600W PSU, DVD drive rather than blu ray.

If you can return it, do so. Invest in the Phenom II X4 and a different graphics card.

To answer your question, you can purchase a disc copy from any retailer. Amazon provides unique dog tags, Best Buy provides a SPECACT skin set for multiplayer, and Gamestop provides Physical Warfare pack which gives you early access to more weapons.

As for purchasing convenience, digital is the way to go. All you do is sit there and click to download and launch.

Amazon's price is currently the cheapest at $52.
They will provide a code which you redeem on Origin and download from there. Origin, in case you do not know, is a digital downloading client much like Steam.

u/cheetum · 2 pointsr/battlefield3

I couldn't get this joystick to work properly in the beta. I was able to get a 360 gamepad to work though (on PC, this in case you are wondering ). However it seemed to have some drawbacks. I couldn't figure out how to mouse-look (look out canopy sides/top), how to mark targets ("Q" on the keyboard). However, that doesn't mean its not possible. I didn't test it long enough or try to adjust keybinds.

supposedly the retail version will have full joystick support, and it wasn't fully implemented in the beta version. Hopefully this is why I couldn't get the Logitech Extreme Pro 3D working.

u/hobovision · -1 pointsr/battlefield3

This one.

If you are going to play any flight sims, this one is well rated and looks like it has all the buttons.

u/MischeviousCat · 1 pointr/battlefield3

Well, the order never said that it came with the online pass, but the order didn't say that the online pass wasn't included. Even though I was buying a used version, I assumed it came with an online pass, since they never stated otherwise. Upon calling them, they responded with "It says in our FAQ that the online pass may not be included" but upon looking at the Amazon page, there is no "FAQ" link, only a "domestic shipping rates" and "return policy". I feel ripped off, but the lady on the phone was polite about it. Bleh. Is there any way Amazon could still help, or would Amazon just contact the company, only to tell me exactly what I was just told?

u/MarkHawkCam · 2 pointsr/battlefield3

Buy this :D (make sure you buy the OFFICIAL MICROSOFT one) That's what I use to fly. Note* free head movement sucks...

u/ArmoredCavalry · 1 pointr/battlefield3

Speaking of which, Amazon has it for the same price:

If anyone still was interested in gifting, I would recommend going through them... (not sure if they have a gift option, but even if they don't, they give you the key for Origin, instead of binding it to any account).

u/cyan1de23 · 1 pointr/battlefield3

See here:

And I have my Xbox live tag posted because I'll probably end up getting both copies in order to play with my friends who aren't equipped with a good gaming PC.

u/Fungineer_ · 2 pointsr/battlefield3

I would recommend a Sidewinder Precision 2:

It seems they don't sell them anymore but you can get a good used one on eBay for ~$30.00. The Logitechs are to stiff, to me, and Thrustmasters are too big. I also didn't like the Saitek either.

u/erikvonvicious · 1 pointr/battlefield3

also 30 bucks has a throttle stick, twist rudder (you can also lock), adjustable tension, has rudder on the throttles back side, programmable, SPLITS in 2 if you want and even works on ps3 if you are so inclined or have one with some flight game already.

u/xgnarf · 1 pointr/battlefield3

Amazon for saving $10-14(tax) ($20+ if you ordered over a week ago)

spectact doesn't seem like a good pre-order perk to me since BF3 will have other unlockable camo, but I care more about real money than virtual ingame stuff.

u/KamikazeSexPilot · 1 pointr/battlefield3

I used to fly in BF2 & Project Reality with this badboy It did me well. But I'm not sure if there has been any confirmation on joystick support for the full release. But the beta currently does not support joysticks.

u/dudechris88 · 1 pointr/battlefield3

I've got a Thrustmaster T-Flight that I think you'd like. It'll do about 90% of the things the X52 does for 1/5th the price. At the very least it is worth checking out.

u/nmezib · 1 pointr/battlefield3

The deal was for 30% off just a few days ago, but you can still get it for 15% off ($51) right now on Amazon (digital download only -- but you can preload the game so you can play right when it unlocks!) Just cancel that preorder and order this one.


u/jimstr · 1 pointr/battlefield3

at $40 on amazon it's still a very good deal imo.

u/Trax852 · 1 pointr/battlefield3

> Invest in one of these

There's no reason to get anything other than the 3D pro (Logitech) they run $30 and are stock at Best Buy, I'm on my 4th one.

u/awilder27 · 1 pointr/battlefield3

Amazon has it in their download service for only 50.99.

Just make sure pc download is selected. Took about 2 hours to download for me as the file is 10.2 gigs.

u/Fantikerz · 3 pointsr/battlefield3

As someone who runs flight sims on the PC a lot, this is one of the cheaper and better sticks.

u/t-had · 1 pointr/battlefield3

The Thrustmaster HOTAS T. Flight is around 40-50 depending where you get it. is like $33USD

EDIT: Now with a link!

Thrustmaster HOTAS T.Flight

u/metalspork · 1 pointr/battlefield3

There's actually a smaller throttle on the single joystick that controls acceleration.
It's the small black tab right under the joystick in the picture. The Logitech Attack 3 also has a throttle there. In games with proper joystick support, the acceleration is linear.

u/peanutbutterfan · 2 pointsr/battlefield3

Amazon has it for 38 for PC
(No clue how to make that hyperlink neater)

Is this about the best price I will see it for PC for a while?
I want to play BF3, but wasnt great at BF2, so I dont want to pay 60 bucks.

u/RedditGoldDigger · 2 pointsr/battlefield3

This joystick from Amazon just dropped in price today (to it's lowest price according to Traktor), and it's pretty highly rated, and ranks highest by relevance on Amazon. I've never used it, but I ordered it today when the price dropped.

u/mustydills · 2 pointsr/battlefield3

Make sure to look around before you buy it. Right now has it on sale for $39.99.

u/yayparties · 0 pointsr/battlefield3

i have sennheiser hd280 pro i am contemplating getting the sony surround sound headset instead of a clip on mic because it has surround sound. How would you rate the increase in surround sound versus the loss in sound quality, because I am guessing that the loss in quality may not be very much versus the gain of perspective.

u/amptacular · 3 pointsr/battlefield3

I've heard great things about the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick in other games, but I don't know how well it does in BF3. That's the one i'm looking into ATM, but haven't seen any BF3 feedback on it.

u/McDonutz · 2 pointsr/battlefield3

I would love to invest in one of these, but I'm finding it hard to justify £200 on a knife that doesn't do anything more than my plethora of other knives

Edit: I'm talking about this

u/SeedyOne · 1 pointr/battlefield3

Look into the Logitech 3D Extreme Pro (~$27). Fairly inexpensive and a common joystick many people use. That way if you find you don't like it very much and go back to keyboard/mouse (as I did), you wont be out a bunch of cash.

u/Ihjop · 3 pointsr/battlefield3

Amazon link

>A design collaboration between Ethan Becker of BK&T and John Benner of TDI, the Tac Tool smashes, bashes, prys, hammers and cuts. It is equally powerful at lifting stubborn hinge pins, prying open doors or windows, and hammering out glass as it is efficient at cutting 550 cord.

The closest thing you will find.

u/L4MB · 1 pointr/battlefield3

One should note that you can either buy a MS wired controller, or you will need to buy this to use a wireless controller.

u/Uber_Hobo · 4 pointsr/battlefield3

If you are on PC, Amazon has a pre-loadable digital edition for only $50

u/Rednys · 1 pointr/battlefield3

Have you tried ordering it from the US page? I'm an american living in the uk and this is how I purchased it.

u/J0hn-Stuart-Mill · 2 pointsr/battlefield3

Premium has been on sale many times for $15-$25, and Premium contains all of the expansions. Currenly $29 in the US.

u/Flan26 · 3 pointsr/battlefield3

Why is it showing at $59.99 for me?

Also, Amazon has the "Tell us about a lower price" link, if you people want to try and influence them to match it.

u/Avuja · 1 pointr/battlefield3

This has been on my Wishlist for a while now.. whew looks like it went up in cost, all these damn BF3 players driving up demand!

u/Shadow771 · 3 pointsr/battlefield3

Battlefield 3 is on sale here for $30.

u/Seanctk10001 · 5 pointsr/battlefield3

Premium only costs $29.99 now, so essentially you'll be paying the same price as if you bought the DLC separately but you get the perks along with it, such as BF4 beta, weapon skins, etc.


u/malic3 · 2 pointsr/battlefield3

EGAD!!!, no, logitech just cant get controllers right, id get a regular wired 360 controller for computer/xbox

u/LeYang · 0 pointsr/battlefield3

Amazon - 3rd Party


Though eBay tends to be the Knock-Off ones (though they work just as well).

I got my as a combo pack off of Dell when they were selling them for 25 dollars (both controller and adapter). It's kind of hard to find the adapter at brick and mortar retailers.

u/tsr2 · 1 pointr/battlefield3

$49.98 Cheap, but it ships the day of release. Sort of depends on how early you want it Vs. Price. Could pick it up from GameStop that day for $60. Seems all the physical copies go for $60. Someone correct me if I wrong.

u/matt01ss · 5 pointsr/battlefield3

I see a lot of headphone comments, what if you are using a 5.1 speaker system with no wives/babies/neighbors to worry about.