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u/Logiman43 · 3 pointsr/Battlefield

YES and YES! I love it

I'm passionate about old pictures and the history behind them.

I recommend the book The colour of time written by /u/marinamaral it is a beautiful book in the similar tone.

u/J11Wars · 1 pointr/Battlefield

It’s a pretty broad statement but I’d be happy to share my reasoning.

The last one is pretty important because it’s an example of the exception to the rule, a German who was disgusted by what his countrymen allowed.

You also have to remember that complicity isn’t all equal. I’m not saying all germans were killers or even necessarily active in their antisemitism. The holocaust led to the coining of the phrase “the banality of evil.”

I could tell you that the fact that Hitler was elected into power or that millions joined his party was enough. I could tell you that the fact that so few fought back within Germany is evidence. But really all that it took was for the majority to simply allow and accept if not condone the mass atrocities.

I’ll leave you with this book:

This is perhaps the most damning evidence we have that the average German knew enough to know what was happening, and that it was overwhelmingly accepted by them.

There’s also this:

I believe that his thesis that antisemitism was uniquely German is flawed but his arguments and evidence for an existence of virulent antisemitism embedded in the German national identity is pretty clear.

Edit: this article is also pretty interesting.

u/CossRooper · 2 pointsr/Battlefield

Here's the serverlist courtesy of GameMonitor... I've been keeping tabs on it for quite a while. Usually one or two fairly well-filled servers at peak US hours.

I just ventured across teh internet trying to find a copy... it's kinda tough man. ~~ Amazon used to keep a really good supply of every edition of BF:42/V, now I can't seem to find anything.~~ This is sorta pissing me the hell off... why haven't they put these classics on Steam and Origin yet?

But, if you do get your hands on a copy, drop a self-post at r/classicbattlefield (or here, whatever) and well hop in mumble and server crawl for a while. I've played 42 most of my gaming career, but I do recall some really excellent times in BF Vietnam. It had plenty of welcome improvements from BF42.

Edit: Hold the phone! Just stumbled on the amazon links I was looking for.

BF42 Complete Collection incl Vietnam : Used for about $15

BFV standalone : New for $10, used for $2 (lol)

u/Hipster-Stalin · 2 pointsr/Battlefield

I finally have time to upload a bunch of pictures from Paris's Musee d'armee.

For some reason, the camera took terrible pictures indoors. Suffice to say, I got a new camera after this trip.

I studied history in college and found this book to be the best resource on WW1.. A World Undone by GJ Meyer. Easy to read and isn't dull like some history books can be.

u/Safor001 · 1 pointr/Battlefield

I picked up this for 10 bucks at a GameStop (one that was surprisingly selling a lot of PC games, maybe it's just me but I rarely see that anymore)about 2 years ago. Of course, judging from the Amazon pricing it's hard to find a reasonably priced copy of that particular collection, and you are looking for a downloadable copy anyway, right? If you are willing to settle for a disk copy (I haven't seen 1942/Vietnam up for download anywhere, sorry. I honestly don't think you will find a downloadable, legal copy), you could get this and this for 25 bucks.

u/IwoJimaGER · 1 pointr/Battlefield

Matimio needs to learn some history about the tanks in WW1.

This book perhaps:

There are many others.

The WW1 ones were quite ineffective, and could only make a substantial difference if used in coordination and with fairly large numbers of tanks and infantry. Something the Germans quickly understood for their future development of the Blitzkrieg doctrine.

The germans werent afraid of them after the initial experience, their drawbacks were numerous and their advantages could be counted on one hand. Well placed artillery and grenades took them out fast.

Matimio is like ''omg you guys the first tanks drove fear into the enemy yea they should feel and be OP because tanks!!''.

Well no, that's not how it works.

The logic of "its supposed to be powerful because its a tank" is ridiculous when you talk about a game environment that intricately tries to balance infantry weapons, but then, according to Matimio's logic suddenly turns a blind eye to the vehicles in order to make them powerful and overpowered and whatnot ''because they are tanks''.

But tanks should be balanced, not overpowered in that sense. I hope DICE put enough counters on the map in the form of bombers or heavy artillery -not the stationary always-spawned-in-the-same-place AT guns that will be useless against competent tankers- or something to take camping tanks out, as infantry cant close the gap and the AT rifles are not damaging enough on large distances.

u/whatismoo · 1 pointr/Battlefield

I'd honestly recommend Hew Strachan's books over this. His work is much more in line with the current views in the field.

Volume one: to arms

His less in depth single volume overview of the war

u/LogicCure · 4 pointsr/Battlefield

The First World War by John Keegan is a really excellent overview of the war that's a really great read in its own right.

u/VTFC · 2 pointsr/Battlefield

All the triggered people can buy these while the rest of us are enjoying another fun Battlefield game

u/littlegolferboy · 2 pointsr/Battlefield

This is the book I read, I just went to my library and browsed the WWI section and looked for something on the topic that I might like to read.

u/h00tahs · 2 pointsr/Battlefield

If you play it on the PC you can get it for 15 bucks

edit: noticed PC is in the topic.. durr

u/rillip · 1 pointr/Battlefield

If he's at all sentimental this is what I got my dad.

u/Kiwi_Force · 7 pointsr/Battlefield

How is this brigading? I can provide more academic sources if needed.

The Clean Wehrmacht myth is a well documented fact in history academica. I just generally start off with a wiki article as they are easy to read and the sources for it are found at the bottom of the page if you want to verify it. No one is saying all or even half of the Wehrmacht were members of the Nazi Party. Quite the opposite, the entire point is that just because you weren't a card carrying member, doesn't mean they didn't do just as bad and sometimes worse things in the name of Nazism.

u/W1ckeDxt · 24 pointsr/Battlefield

You are right, everyone here should read Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich

u/rwltwo · 1 pointr/Battlefield

I'm currently reading a book on the Somme (The Somme by Martin Gilbert). I happened to get to the part about 9/15/1916 and the use of tanks on 9/15/2016...

u/Smocken · 1 pointr/Battlefield

Please read [Storms of steel] ( I think you will have a second opinion regarding the pace of fighting.

u/wrathofoprah · 2 pointsr/Battlefield

Required reading, Storm of Steel by Ernst Jünger.

The churned-up field was gruesome. In among the living defenders lay the dead. When we dug foxholes,we realized that they were stacked in layers. One company after another, pressed together in the drumfire, had been mown down, then the bodies had been buried under showers of dirt sent up by the shells, and then the relief company had taken their predecessor’s place. And now it was our turn.