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u/bessiesbff · 1 pointr/beagle

My Bessie was prone to getting ear infections until we started using Zymox Otic Pet Ear Treatment ( We clean her ears once a week with this during the spring and summer months, and less frequently the other months (we live in New England). This is a good video that shows how to clean their ears: She hasn't had an ear infection since we started using the Zymox 2+ years ago. Good luck! :-)

u/jms18 · 3 pointsr/beagle

There's probably something in his past that causes him to react like that. I would try to avoid needing to wake him if possible.

In circumstances where you do need to wake him, bring an extra extra smelly treat with you (liver, salmon -- or something like this: Zuke's Salmon Treats). Stick the treat in front of his nose and I would bet he wakes up in a better mood.

u/LocalAmazonBot · 1 pointr/beagle

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u/uh-leash-uh · 1 pointr/beagle

It works well and has an easier and more difficult setting. He loves it and it keeps him stimulated - cause he’ll do anything for food (but not much else) 😂

u/Boldly_GoingNowhere · 1 pointr/beagle

My beagle/chihuahua mix LOVES these Kong Squeez toys. They are the only rubber toys/balls I have been able to buy for her that she doesn't destroy. She's also a big fan of rope toys!

u/fierysextos · 2 pointsr/beagle

He's a cutie! Mine doesn't really have a smell, a few people have commented on her not having 'that' beagle smell. I bathe her fairly often & I use an oatmeal shampoo/conditioner to keep her skin happy. She's 11 years old & I've been using this brand most of life. She's suuuuper soft, too!

u/z55star · 1 pointr/beagle

I use a Stunt Puppy with my little guy and he seems to do just fine! It takes a little bit of time for him to stop sniffing at the beginning of our run, but once we get running he seems to do just fine.

This leash is nice because it doesn't drag him if he decides to take a quick sniff break.

u/striving_forthestars · 1 pointr/beagle

Growing up I had two beagles, and we used a bowl like this one here. Also, we would water down half the kibble so it was kinda soft/mushy and then mix in the hard half, and that seemed to help too.

u/JavyCosta · 2 pointsr/beagle

Cool thanks! Found them on amazon

u/thedirtybeagle · 1 pointr/beagle

I have three beagles. They have gotten better, but I still can't get a dog pillow to last more than a month or so. I bought [one of these beds ](The Original Elevated Pet Bed By Coolaroo - Large Brunswick Green about a month ago and not so much as a scratch on it. I think they really liked pulling the stuffing out of pillows and since there is no stuffing on this one, they aren't overly motivated to chew.

Edit: I'm on mobile. Worried the link did not post properly. Here you go, just in case

The Original Elevated Pet Bed By Coolaroo - Large Brunswick Green

u/Lolofromtheblock · 1 pointr/beagle

I use the freedom harness
You can buy a leash as well and have it attach on the front and back for extra help steering.

u/NguoiYeu · 2 pointsr/beagle

I have a recommendation! There are these faux sheepskin toys on Amazon, we got my beagle one on sale to begin with, and it took him months to go through. And he loves them. He just sits and gnaws at it most of the time, but he has also tossed them around and played tug with them.

Now, he did eventually get through it, but it took a long, long time. We have 2 whole ones and one torn one right now. It comes in different shapes and sizes. We started with the bone, but got a man and a ball too.

PetSafe Sheepskin Bone, Medium

u/doomrabbit · 12 pointsr/beagle

Sounds like a beagle to me. Went from a Lab previously, one of the most outgoing breeds, and thought I had a broken dog. Nope, they just have an insane sense of smell and food is central to who they are. Being in the room with you is all they really want.

As to tripping in the kitchen, this gate has been a lifesaver.

u/turtlehana · 3 pointsr/beagle
  • What type of brush should I buy to prevent as much shedding as possible?

  • What type of doggy treats should I get to help me train him more easily?

    Since he is so young soft dog treats or soft food (or put water or unpasteurized goats milk in hard food to make it softer).

  • what brand of dog food should I get for him? He's currently 5 weeks old but he can walk around and run a little more than his litter mates.

    See what the people you are getting the dog from are feeding him, slowly transition otherwise you'll end up cleaning up nasty poops.

    5 weeks... He isn't even fully weaned yet. They shouldn't be adopted out until 8 weeks. Poor things. Make sure he had a warm bed.

    >I will likely have more questions as time goes on but for now that is all, thank you guys for any info you can give

    Make sure you get him out enough and I don't recommend puppy pads (teaches bad habits). Take him out every hour, then every two, etc and say potty or whatever word you choose. If he wants to play and doesn't have to pee take him back in so he knows the difference between going out and going potty.

    Keep food and trash out of reach or covered well.

    Also talk to your vet, see if pup needs formula or not.

u/TPG7 · 2 pointsr/beagle

K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Pet Seat Small Gray 14.5" x 20"

It’s a really nice seat.

u/zen_is_the_goal · 5 pointsr/beagle

I've used Zymox with good results.

u/jdashd · 3 pointsr/beagle

Sorry for your loss. To help, I cannot recommend this book enough Dogs Don't Die, Dogs Stay