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u/LemonTheFish · 1 pointr/beatbox

For budget:
(All can be bought on amazon)


Shure pga48,
Shure sm58.


Behringer Xenyx 502 or 802

Obviously the more you spend the better the value, but any of these should get you a pretty high price/performance in my opinion.

You’ll also need an xlr cable if the mic doesn’t come with one and something like this so you plug standard headphones in:

If you have unlimited money to spend, then a sennheiser e945 and an rc505 are going to future proof your beatboxing career.

Should be all you need, good luck!

u/dumptruckman · 1 pointr/beatbox

If you're looking for a portable PA system, I recently got a Samson Expedition Express w/ Bluetooth and it's absolutely amazing for the price. Most other portable amplification units in the same price range cannot compete at all with the amount of bass this one can produce, which is an important factor for me. On top of this I use an Electro Harmonix Soul Preacher Compressor Pedal which provides a surprisingly nice compression effect for beatboxing. Together with my Shure SM-58 I get an amazing sound out on the streets for right around $400 USD.

u/dzifzar · 2 pointsr/beatbox

Totally doable via software or hardware, and can be pretty cheap.

It really depends on your mic -- the Yetis have a headphone port on them, so if it's powered the sound will go through the headphone jack. And if you have a USB mic, garageband/audacity/audition have monitoring options that can be pretty quick (I often use mine with unnoticeable lag).

If you have an XLR mic, there are a handful of mini soundboards that will allow you to plug your headphones in directly, w/o a computer. If the mic is powered then you might be able to get an XLR to 1/8" converter and plug the headphones directly in, if it's unpowered that wouldn't work so well.


Hope this helps!

u/AlexFiend · 1 pointr/beatbox

Everyday looper is a great looper for ios. I also use pyle pro amps for my beatbox meet ups I host. Here is a cheap but decent amp

Also you can get mics for cheap. I feel the radio shack 40 dollar mic is quite worth it. It is durable and sounds great similar to a shure sm-58.

u/Hotarama · 1 pointr/beatbox

Well then I can't answer about the amp, but here's the mic I bought:
It's the Shure SM48 which is a budget model of the Shure SM58(the model used during pretty much all beatbox battles). It costs less than half what the SM58 costs with very minor differences in audio quality. If you really want bass to come through as well, I would also reccomend you get this mixer:
It's only $40 which is the cheapest you'll find a mixer of this quality. You can adjust the bass settings to your liking no matter what set up you're using, on an amp or recording on a computer.

u/GuRuGriZZly · 1 pointr/beatbox

Thanks homie!

To anyone curious... Yes, it is expensive.