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u/macswell · 4 pointsr/beermoney

You can find all this info if you dig, but it's pretty confusing at first.

If you only have 3 hours a day you want to start by maximizing your passive earners.

  1. The PerkTV app running on 5 cheap android phones, $15 LG Exceed 2's are my personal favorite currently.
  2. Root them using towelroot
  3. Install perktv and beermoney assist
  4. Make an account on perk and use beer money assist to keep the screen always on.
  5. Start perk and play app videos. I recommend placing the phones next to your bathroom or computer. Some place you visit regularly so that your time/brain investment is minimal.
  6. Profit - This setup earns me $60-80 a month (US). Earning is better right now due to holidays throwing more money at advertisers.

    That's a little more than a month to break even and start making a profit, you can start with your existing phone/tablet etc as well.

    From there you can look into growing your farm, supposedly you can have up to 5 devices running each perk app. But you run the risk of getting flagged/banned if earn too quickly, which will then require you to contact perk support etc etc.

    You can look into other passive paid ad-viewing apps. Checkpoints and Charger pay are the noteworthy ones. But they're not worth it if you're not already maxing out perk.

    I only do passive earning so you'll need to chat with others about active earners. Swagbucks is pretty popular and reliable for surveys and similar activities.
u/DeserveToEarn · 2 pointsr/beermoney

I have 2 Hydros from Amazon, and they are just fine, they are almost the go-to for Perk. I recommend, and Wow! GJ on Swag!!! If you like, I can pm for some other beermoney tips & suggestions you might like.
{Plus, some Swag tips.}
: )
The Kyocera Hydro --
this link might help:

u/FightGar · 1 pointr/beermoney

Funny. I've been doing swagbucks, amazon turk and paidveiwpoint for a few weeks and planned on getting either an Orient Mako or a Seiko Diver soon. I haven't cashed out in either but I figure I have roughly $120 from doing both with little effort.

That is a very nice watch, hope you enjoy it.

Edit: Here's a look at my earnings so far from mTurk and SwagBucks(Still gotta spend them bucks)

Here's a ref to Swagbucks, nonref

and to PaidViewPoint, nonref

u/siggysiggy · 7 pointsr/beermoney

If you find a particular phone on Amazon, you can track said-phone on the following site:

It is a great site! You set a price for what you are willing to pay and once the price drops to that threshold, it will alert you via email.


-Forgot to add a phone for you to track that is a great phone (I have 10 of them -- and all have held up great). It is the "LG Optimus Exceed 2" ( ... Over Christmas, the phone dropped to a great deal of $11.99. More than likely, however, wont see that price for awhile... Track it with camelcamelcamel and you can let it tell you once it gets below $15.00; at that price, it is a good value.

u/r_sarvas · 1 pointr/beermoney

Thanks, I'm glad you like it. I've added a few devices since then. To answer your questions...

Setup guide - Sorry to say that if there is a setup guide, I didn't read it. I do IT for a living, so setting up a few devices on a network is not something that I have to think much about.

Paying for themselves - I got into this slowly. It all started from the profits of using CashPirate on a single tablet (not shown). From there, I used the profits to buy another device. The profits from that bought another, and so on. Essentially were paid for from the moment I bought them - except for the first tablet, and that was an Xmas gift.

Device management - I don't use anything to manage my devices, they are placed within easy reach from where I sit by my computer. If the fail when I'm not home or over night, then they fail. If an app starts to fail frequently, then I retask a device to run another app.

The timer - If the timer doesn't cut off power at the correct time, then it isn't working. It is a cheap, simple mechanical timer with 1/2 hour settings.

Shopping list - Some of the stuff you see in the picture was used because I either had it on hand or bought it cheap. I may not buy some of the same things, if I were to do it again. Still, the two things I do recommend are:

Everything else - devices included, depends on what is cheap at the moment.

u/XeroxSinner · 2 pointsr/beermoney

Saving up for a macro lens for my camera.

Also looking at a cheap starter kit for silk screen. I've got a crafts project in mind that could use a little enhancing.

The problem is I buy books for my Kindle and Amazon take it out of gift card totals first. ^_^ Since I'm paranoid about my SB account being closed, I add my gift cards as soon as I get 'em. On the plus side, I've been earning more in gift cards then I usually spend on books. Still waiting for my $25 card to clear, but I ordered it on 3/27, so if they're going to do it, it should be soon. =D

(Maxed out on $5 cards for March, got enough for a $25 card, have enough now for two more $5 cards but waiting for the big one to clear then I'll redeem.)

u/n0nnac · 3 pointsr/beermoney

not that guy, but I use this and it works great! Most other beermoneyers I talk to use it as well

u/Telnarf · 5 pointsr/beermoney

I use this. It's easy to hang and is the perfect size for a small crop.

u/bingana · 1 pointr/beermoney

How does SBTV compare with PerkTV for you? I've used both, and IMHO SBTV is nowhere NEAR as good as Perk or Checkpoints, both of which are automatic.

If you need to know, I make about $1.50/day from 2 phones (an old iPhone 4S and an LG Optimus Exceed 2 that I bought for $15 new) running Perk and an old iPhone 3GS running Checkpoints. How does that compare with SBTV for you?

Just curious, trying to figure out the best way to handle this beermoney stuff. I'm relatively new.

u/NitroKoS · 2 pointsr/beermoney

I ran into the same issue, I now have 85+ devices on my network with zero problems. Your best bet is to scrap/sell your current network gear and build yourself a solid setup. I recommend the following (get as many switches and APs as needed, I am using 3 APs currently):

Cable Modem:



Unmanaged Switches:

Software: Unifi Controller - this is free -

u/Cravenater · 2 pointsr/beermoney

I have the 7inch Fire 5th gen. Try side loading the google play store, then downloading the apps you want. You don't have to jailbreak at all. Just google and there are some great youtube tutorials.

u/JRCyrin · 1 pointr/beermoney

I wrote a short novel. It is a small excerpt of a much longer book and series I intend to pen one day. Here it is, if anyone is interested: Gem -
Allure: Exordium

u/dimdig23 · 2 pointsr/beermoney

Well I was saving up for a promise ring for my girlfriend for our two year but I successfully made the money for it.

Now for what I am saving up for.... STUDENT LOANS :(

u/JOJOawestruck · 0 pointsr/beermoney

I just bought a 10 port usb and a timer that's seems to be the most recommended.

this kind of information of watts and volts just goes over my head.
I also plan on buying another surge protector.

u/Mikazah · 3 pointsr/beermoney

Honestly, way too much to remember lol.

Most of what I get goes to groceries and bills, but I do remember getting a couple hubs for my farm, a raspberry pi 3 (which I lost...), some headphones and a mic to go with it, a new bed frame, some drill bits for the desk I'm building and I could argue that all of the money to build the desk (~$400 in materials) was originally earned from beermoney. I just put it in my bank account first. And, of course, a bunch more phones.

There's tons more, but my Amazon purchase history is too many pages long to figure out the most notable things.

u/forabettersimonday · 1 pointr/beermoney

Question: Why go for the USG vs an EdgeRouter?

We have more/less the same amount of devices on our networks and for anyone curious my setup was very similar but a little cheaper:





When I started I already had my modem but a lot of my equipment I bought used off eBay. Significantly cheaper.

u/insdog · 4 pointsr/beermoney

Get this and this and you'll never have a problem ever again

u/Ateious · 19 pointsr/beermoney

Virtual machines will get you banned pretty quickly, and Amazon Fire Tablets are like $50. You can get beermoney phones for a lot cheaper. For example

u/hardonchairs · 14 pointsr/beermoney


Two different versions here actually

Two of these hidden under the phones in the second version. The first version only held 18 phone and didn't quite fit the USB chargers.

u/crownpuff · 1 pointr/beermoney

If you don't mind openbox/used fires, you can get them as low as $30ish here.

u/zarraza2k · 2 pointsr/beermoney

kindle fire 7 I have several of these running and they are the MOST stable device I have. i sometimes walk up to a black screen (which makes me think it rebooted because it's back at the lock screen and my settings window is closed) or a spinning circle, but mostly "are you still watching" and sometimes it just runs ALL NIGHT! Perk TV is the only app available in the amazon app store and I'm too lazy to sideload something else and test it.

u/alwc37 · 3 pointsr/beermoney

I buy video games and board games mostly. Since I have started I have bought

Guild Wars 2

Fall of Cybertron

Borderlands 2

Ravenloft Board Game

Lord of the Rings: the living card game

Wife is pregnant so I am using only beer money to buy the fun stuff right now. Putting my normal "fun shit" monthly portion of my pay check towards baby stuff now.

u/mutatedferret · 7 pointsr/beermoney

no he doesnt. its all about how you set up your network. i have a linksys EA3500 handling 10 devices. i have a crap router behind it handling my checkpoints farm for that IP(10 devices). i have a netgear something handling 15 devices on a different IP. the key is to separate the channels. i run mine on 1, 6 and 11. no overlap for the 3 programs i run (sb, perk and checkpoints).

however, if you are going to upgrade, may as well as upgrade to something commercial that will handle the traffic you're throwing at it:

use this as your router (this is what im about to upgrade too)

use this as your access point for your wifi devices. add more as needed

$300 routers are trash compared to something under 150 thats commercial-grade.