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u/familynight · 1 pointr/beerporn

> cross between Belgian quad and stout

It was a bit like a cross between a non-imperial stout and a quad. That's a good way to put it, though I think that he was probably going more for a cross between a stout and a strong saison. It just didn't quite get to saison territory for me.

> Agricola sounds really fun. I love a good board game, especially one with sheep.

It is really fun, particularly if you upgrade your meeples.

u/LambTaco · 4 pointsr/beerporn

I recommend picking up Randy Mosher's 'Tasting Beer'. Here is an excerpt regarding pouring for a creamier head:

"To get the best head on a beer, pour boldly down the center of an absolutely clean glass. It will foam up, but this is good. Really. Allow it to settle and then repeat until you have a full glass. By delaying gratification and allowing a large amount of foam to build up and then shrink, you have created a dense, creamy foam, filled with tiny, long-lasting bubbles. As a side benefit, you have knocked some of the excess gas out of the beer, and the result will be more like the smooth creaminess of draft beer."

u/burkholderia · 1 pointr/beerporn

Homebrew is a 1 gallon version of the Saison Dupont recipe from this book.

The Foolproof is from a new local brewery started by a friend of a friend. They currently only have distribution in RI and MA, but the brewmaster there has been around for a while at a few places and makes some great beers. The Collette and Hennepin are great as well. Haven't yet tried the Stillwater Cellar Door.

u/OystersAreEvil · 2 pointsr/beerporn

Follow up: I tried using a normal can opener like /u/BrewerMan mentioned and it works great! No need to buy this device, guys.

The can opener I have sells for $14 on Amazon as of now:

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/beerporn

Some kind of neoprene sleeve. Of course it would be cylindrical, open at the bottom and top, tapered towards the top and a slit for the handle. Keep it cool and protected.

Kind of like this, but going up to the lid.

u/RLJSlick · 1 pointr/beerporn

My wife and I use the Wisconsin Best Beer Guide by Kevin Revolinski as our bible to all these locations. It's way out of date now though. (hint hint)

u/boderek20 · 1 pointr/beerporn

Here is a link to my cellar. This set up cost me $145 and I can easily transfer the accessories to a larger fridge when I get one.

u/JacobCrim88 · 1 pointr/beerporn

My fiance and I recently took a trip to Brussels/Paris. And when in Paris we did a tour of the champagne region. Those were the glasses that all the champagne houses used. So we ordered some, if you're interested

u/Dr_King_Schultz · 3 pointsr/beerporn

They're glasses specifically designed for IPAs. They were designed by Dogfish Head, and Sierra Nevada and made by Spiegelau. They're real delicate, but I think they work really well.

Here's the Dogfish version

Here's the Sierra Nevada version

Here's a blank version

u/lbcsax · 1 pointr/beerporn

The Spiegelau IPA Glass is nice but it's easy to break. Really any 19-20 oz glass will hold a pint plus foam. Holds 16 oz plus foam no promlem.

u/skorps · 2 pointsr/beerporn

get her one of These and a few of the stoppers if you dont have one already. Your wine will last a lot longer and taste better if she doesnt finish it right away.

u/iamteedee · 2 pointsr/beerporn

You can get the unbranded ones here

Shipping with amazon is much cheaper (or free)

u/Sikash · 2 pointsr/beerporn
u/Imspent · 2 pointsr/beerporn

Buy a cheap used chest freezer for cheap off of craigslist (many for sale usually): ~$50-100

Buy a temperature controller off of Amazon: $49

Throw in the probe, set the temperature, plug them in, and then fill with beer when you notice it working. Problem solved, possibly under $100.

u/cryingosling · 1 pointr/beerporn

"Randy Mosher, one of America’s leading experts on the topic, thinks so. [...]

At a recent beer-tasting event held at the Workman headquarters, Randy told me that, generally speaking, bottled beer should be poured straight into the dead center of the glass, not into a glass tilted at a 45-degree angle, as is popularly believed. When beer is poured into a tilted glass, Randy argues, the head never fully forms, and you miss out on the beer’s creamy introduction.

True to his word, in Tasting Beer, Randy describes how beer should be poured for judging at a competition: 'Pour the beer right down the middle of the glass, wait for the foam to settle, and if needed, pour a little more.'”


edit 01: formatting

edit 02: i got the straight down pour from reading the book, but he does also go on about how you're not "wrong" to pour it other ways, just a method he pushes. he actually goes into another multiple step method of pouring down the center harder, letting it settle, and repeating. i've done it but the time it takes isn't worth the result in most cases.

u/Bonnasarus · 13 pointsr/beerporn

Girlfriend here. I bought it on Amazon.

But when I ordered it last week it was about $40 more expensive. Stupid Amazon.

u/fit4130 · 2 pointsr/beerporn

It's meant for wine but I've used it on beers before. It sucks out as much air as possible.

u/exposur3 · 1 pointr/beerporn

No arrests despite open container laws in Charleston, SC - we were shooting the cover of this book which was just recently published.

Shot at Middle Atlantic Wharf Street with a locally produced HopArt IPA ( RB / BA ) brewed by COAST Brewing Co.