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u/wintertash · 1 pointr/beetle
  1. You'd want to visually inspect the tires for any cracking in the sidewalls. As a rule driving on tires that old isn't a great idea, but you may be alright for a while (I've done it)

  2. Overheating can have a lot of causal factors. #1 thing to check is if the car has a thermostat and temperature flaps installed and seized in the "closed" position. I say #1 because these days they are pretty rare, most people run without them, so it's best to get that out of the way first. Other things to consider will be your ignition timing, carb settings, dwell, and I'm sure there are things not leaping to mind. But the Muir guide (How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive) will have good info on overheating

  3. If you're going to work on this car, it's worth picking up a new battery (bring the old one with you for a core-exchange discount) and a charger with both trickle and quick start settings.

  4. Yes, the brakes are a top priority. More importantly, make sure to find out why only one set is installed. It may be that you need a new master cylinder too (only like $60)

  5. No idea if the engine is seized. Here's how to find out: First, put the car in neutral and open the rear bonnet. You'll see a big metal wheel facing you with the belt to the alternator. That's the crankshaft pulley. Being careful not to pinch your fingers in the belt, try to turn it. If it's free it will be hard to turn at points and easy at others (this is the compression/exhaust stroke happening). If it turns, the engine isn't seized.

  6. Yes, that's an awesome book, but it's not the only one you'll want. Working with "How to Keep" will give you lots of info, but for model specific things you'll want a Bentley Guide Official Service Manual
u/CCA-Dave · 2 pointsr/beetle

If all of the black trim is original, that is very likely a 110 "very stripped" standard edition. Originally would have come with partial headliner, cardboard door cards and more. It does look as though the seats have been replaced with something else, but otherwise not bad.

New running boards will improve the visuals by quite a bit.

As you've never owned an aircooled beetle before, the first step should be reading the owners manual cover to cover. Pay particular attention to pages 16, 17, 20, and the tick marks on the speedometer seen on page 12. The tick marks go with page 17, and are one of the tricks to keeping the engine running more than a week. A PDF of your owners manual can be found here:

Two books you should buy are the Orange Bentley manual. This is the factory repair manual, and should be your first stop for any repair steps:
You can find these used on, craigslist, used book stores or a VW show. But get one before you need it. I pay $15-20 for pristine used ones, $5-10 for ones that look used.

The second book a lot of people will recommend you is "How to Keep your VW Alive". It's a fun read, has a lot of good information in it, but should ONLY be considered a secondary source to the orange book. How to keep your beetle alive does have a fair bit of incorrect information in it. BUT if you're just starting out with cars, it is quite helpful. I do think new VW owners should read the book, but double check all his repair procedures against the orange book. The artwork inside is worth the $25 to buy a new one:

If that right front headlight is filled with water, swap out both headlights for H4 lamps. They use a replaceable bulb, and are significantly better than what came with your car. A little bit of rewiring is required (I can help with that remotely), but otherwise they are drop-in. You can buy these from your Friendly Local AutoParts Store (FLAPS), a number of the VW online vendors or often Amazon. Heres the kit you want: Order it at Autozone, Pep Boys, NAPA, etc by the part number. Often they have them in stock.

If you ever want to upgrade your car to chrome bumpers, trim, handles, etc. There are guys (like me) who will pay for your black stuff. It's generally undesirable except to the German Look guys.

u/YourFriendFlicka · 5 pointsr/beetle

So I got this bug from my wife's best friend. She is moving and she couldn't take it with her. She knew I've always wanted a bug and she didn't want to scrap it so she gave it to me. I'm super excited to finally own one and I can't wait to learn all about it. I've been a mechanic most my life (I'm only 33) but never worked on older cars. I ordered a copy of because everyone said it's a great book. I'm not 100% sure what style I'm going to do, but I was thinking Baja/hot rod(exposed front wheels, lowered not raised). I just really want to strip it down and see what I'm working with. The motor is locked up supposedly so I may just look into a new/rebuild one. I hear 1600 duel port is a good place to start? If I want to go highway speeds(65-70mph) would that be enough, or would a 1700+ be better to look at? Anyway, I'm happy to be apart of the Beetle family and I'll be posting pictures along the way. So excited to get working on this bug!

u/Ps11889 · 1 pointr/beetle

In addition to the book by John Muir, which is very good and easy to understand, you should also consider purchasing the Haynes manual which is somewhat more technically organized. Like the Muir book, it can be found on Amazon:

EDIT: and you might find the SAMBA website useful:

u/Rhuarrk · 1 pointr/beetle

Came he to say the exact same. I did a lot of research back in the day and settled on a 64' but iirc the best options were around the 1960 - 1968 but I couldn't tell you the reasons. I spent a lot of time on the samba (as the rest) but I also pretty much memorized the book Baja Bugs and Buggies.

u/Qurtys_Lyn · 1 pointr/beetle

Get this book . Some of it is a bit outdated, but for simple Baja's, it's still the best.

Otherwise, check out the offroad forum on . There's plenty of information there, and the people are all really helpful.

u/comfortador · 2 pointsr/beetle

/u/WarCleric has some great advice. I would add getting yourself John Muir's air cooled repair manual if you haven't already and read it cover to cover. Keep it in the bonnet with some basic tools and you will enjoy many miles and smiles.

As for sounds to listen for, just keep driving and listening, you'll know them when you hear them.

edit: words.

u/teninchtires · 3 pointsr/beetle

'Top end' usually refers to a valve job on the heads, and maybe it had the case bored out for bigger cylinders.

She looks beautiful! For a good explanation of the care and proper maintenance your bug, check out

u/k3nnynapalm · 1 pointr/beetle

Woah! I have the same color for my 74. Is that a Canadian Edition Auto Stick too by chance?

Have fun! Seriously, I thought you had my car for a minute there but then realized you'd have to take it off the jack stands and find the elusive 4th tire I need ;P

Edit - To answer your question!

Check out that book if your beetle needs some work to get running. It's been great for me.

u/Damnstraight_man · 1 pointr/beetle

Still waiting on my Haynes manual to give me all the nitty gritty, but I have to say, I cannot recommend this one enough - How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive


It covers all the basic stuff, and helps a newbie like me grok how all the systems work together.

u/graniterockhead · 2 pointsr/beetle

You'll want to get the Bentley repair manual which will cover all the technical details of any repair and augment that with the Muir How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive book that will help explain things in casual speech. Those will be great teachers.

u/val_smith · 1 pointr/beetle

What about something like this. Self contained:

Is it easy to remove/put. Because on weekends for example I use car 5-10 times.

That is to say it's for everyday use, not for a season

Anything else out there similar and easier.

u/winewagens · 1 pointr/beetle

As others have said, your location dictates price for machine work and who is competent in the area on doing it. Check thesamba for recommended shops in your area, or at least for a decent list of them.

You're looking for a technical and useful book. That would be the Wilson book, nothing else really comes close.

u/SkerKrow · 2 pointsr/beetle

If you are interested in more information and or history of the Beetle, I highly recommend a copy of Small Wonder.

u/moparman94 · 1 pointr/beetle

Yea it should be good for a bit. I did a new oil cooler and seals because the old one had a crack in it and made an absolute mess of things. New pushrod tubes and seals, valve cover gaskets, main seal, transmission input shaft seal. Basically everything I could get to without pulling the motor apart too far. Also, this stuff is your friend

u/boinger · 3 pointsr/beetle

If you don't have How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive: A Manual of Step-by-Step Procedures for the Compleat Idiot, one will probably be in the trunk of whatever Beetle you get. But get a new copy in case there's a grease stain over an important part of Chapter X.

u/RISmachine · 3 pointsr/beetle

Highly recommend this book:

How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive: A Manual of Step-by-Step Procedures for the Compleat Idiot

Includes lists of tools needed and what tools will be needed for specific jobs.

$15 well spent.

u/chuxbus · 5 pointsr/beetle

The Muir book is a must have, and helps put a lot of technical stuff into fun-to-read jargon. I'd also suggest getting the Bentley Service Manual for your year vehicle and the Tom Wilson book if you're going to rebuild the engine yourself.

u/old_po_blu_collar · 2 pointsr/beetle

maybe, get a copy of how to keep your vw alive for the complete idiot it's the vw owner's bible. The Samba vw fourm is another must look.

u/unclenoah · 2 pointsr/beetle

Buy a copy of The Idiot Book then take it to your local copy shop and have them cut off the spine and spiral-bind it (spiral, not comb). Do this with your Bently service manual as well. Trust me - this will save you so much hassle in the future. Also, get yourself a set of S-shaped box-end wrenches (metric of course). The first time you replace the fuel pump you'll thank Jeebus you have that tool.

u/funkmachine7 · 8 pointsr/beetle

Yes, there a good first car to restore.
Buy a copy of, How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive: A Manual of Step-by-Step Procedures for the Compleat Idiot

Parts are a black hole of aways finding some where to sink more money, but major money items should easy to see before car purchase.
(It's never "just a $50 fix", that part is totally broken some how)

u/Majishin · 6 pointsr/beetle

There is no better car to learn some wrenching skills.

Get this:

and go for it.

u/windetch · 3 pointsr/beetle

Along with this one -

The Idiot's guide is a fun read, but the Bentley is how it should be done. Use them together for best results.

Just for example, Muir hates the autochoke and tells you to take it off.
The Bentley will tell you how to adjust it.

Additionally, is a massive aircooled VW forum. I usually start there to just get my bearings. If you Google search with [the issue] you're very likely to find posts where others have had the same problem.

u/stupid_trollz · 2 pointsr/beetle

Can't recommend the idiot guide enough. Plain English and simple to follow instructions.

u/fifty_five · 1 pointr/beetle

this is the air cooled vw bible.

u/curtquarquesso · 1 pointr/beetle

Even though it's already been posted, John Muir's Volkswagen Bible

I have another book that's handy, but I'm not at home at the moment. I'll post when I get my hands on it.

u/fuzzyping · 2 pointsr/beetle

Testing out a new video mount with a short drive around the neighborhood. Planning to use a couple of these with dual cameras to record our trip up to the V-Dub Bash this weekend.

u/LiveJay · 4 pointsr/beetle

You got this. Ask questions here and on thesamba when you need to. Pick up this book, and this one.

u/Haltech · 2 pointsr/beetle

How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive: A Manual of Step-by-Step Procedures for the Compleat Idiot

u/odvioustroll · 1 pointr/beetle

link, since you were too lazy to do it.

u/Occhrome · 2 pointsr/beetle

most of my cars never ever squeak, i don't do anything at all.

but the one car that did squeak required that i put a silicone type liquid that solidifies in-between the bad and brake piston.

u/Bermwolf · 1 pointr/beetle

I saw this I am just really struggling to figure out what I need to do. There are also a lot of conflicting pieces of info on here.

I dont have any of the evap system. I dont have the original air cleaner. I just took the tank out and found the 2 vent opening on the top right were just venting into the trunk. So I plugged those.

I also ordered the Stant Cap which I believe goes on the 73. I am just not sure if having ONLY that is enough venting. Some say it is, some say its not.

I am hesitant to open a vent to just the atmosphere because IDK if it will leak fuel. No one has a good picture of their setup without aircleaner or canister.