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u/humanmanguy · 2 pointsr/behindthegifs

Just keep trying and practicing. It's kind of like riding a bike: you either learn at the end or you trash your bike. Either way though, your knees are going to be bloody.

Also, you don't need to use Photoshop, just go with whatever you're most comfortable with. I personally prefer Krita which is open source and more focused on drawing.

I'm not a professional artist (or even a particularly good one), but I am an indie game developer (programmer) so what I know about drawing I've learned out of sheer necessity. My preferred method of digital drawing is on my Surface Pro because beyond having a full digitizer, it also has a 1080p display. It's meant to be a laptop replacement rather than a drawing tablet though, so if you just want a tablet for drawing with a screen, I'm sure you can find hundreds of cheaper alternatives.

Drawing technique though I can't really help you with other than that line about riding a bike. Also, if you want to draw a face, start with a ball and a plus in the direction you want it to look, like this thing.

.... good luck

u/kyzfrintin · 3 pointsr/behindthegifs

I'm nowhere near qualified to give advice on this, but I am at least a newbie designer so I have mild experience. The way I'm practicing is to simply trace over existing things, then attempt to create my own original spin. For clarification, I use a graphics tablet to draw on my PC.

This is the one I use. It's pretty damn cheap for what it does, and has pretty good pressure sensitivity.

u/bpostal · 20 pointsr/behindthegifs

Yeah, pretty much the first thing I did when my buddy told me it was on sale at Amazon I had to order a case.

Got the cans instead of the bottles, kinda regret it since it didn't seem the same out of a can; better value though. Also didn't know they had different flavors.

Obligatory /r/HailCorporate because although I've rewritten this twice it still sounds like a fucking ad.

u/mc_kitfox · 2 pointsr/behindthegifs

I would love to see this expanded upon, and hand written in the style contemporary to the era evoked in these pieces, a la Griffin & Sabine

u/Scrugulus · 1 pointr/behindthegifs

You are right, that version exists as well. But the name "Nilpferd" is far more common, I feel. As in this boardgame, for example:

I wouldn't be at all surprised if "Nilpferd" always was the traditional name, with "Flußpferd" at some point being promoted by teachers and other education professionals, because it is "more correct" as Hippos do not only live in the river Nile.

u/HelmetTesterTJ · 24 pointsr/behindthegifs

This device is called the Droll Yankee Flipper. It's a battery-powered bird feeder that spins when a squirrel tries to perch. This image is from a six minute video they show at garden centers in my area, placed in front of these bird feeders to attract customers.

I represent a dog food on the weekends. Stein Gardens and Gifts carries the food I represent, along with the Droll Yankee product line. They happen to be right next to each other. On my average five hour shift, I see this video about fifty times. It was cute the first four times, and now watching it is a special type of hell.

u/AwesomeMcPants · 2 pointsr/behindthegifs

Dunno if you're in the US, but it's on sale.

u/jackioff · 4 pointsr/behindthegifs

Right uh I don't know what that specifically is but I found a foot-peeler. Basically you soak your feet for like 10 minutes and your feet can be peeled... Like the dry cracked parts. Just be careful not to go to deep or you will bleed something fierce and be forced to make a makeshift bandage sock out of a sanitary pad, paper towel and duct tape. In spite of this mishap I stand by this product wholeheartedly because NOTHING works better

I guess normal people call this a callus remover

u/Lefty_22 · 4 pointsr/behindthegifs

Our DM has a Gamemastery Critical Hit Deck that he uses when we roll a nat 20.

However, we also have to use the deck if we roll a nat 1. This has led to some very interesting accidental stabbings, item losses, and character deaths. I'll never forget the time that I critically failed that Heroic Throw...

Edit: Found some footage of my fellow explorers during one of these instances.

u/KJ6BWB · 6 pointsr/behindthegifs

I own Natural Selection, a book about manta rays that evolve the ability to fly through air (it really wouldn't take much for a manta ray to be able to fly through air instead of water). They then, of course, proceeded to kill and maim and generally wreak havoc.