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u/ilikemarmite · 3 pointsr/bisexual

Don't ask the general population about something so specific. Try reading about it for yourself and then talking to people in the subs that actually participate in it. The best source that I found was Opening Up. It really helped my husband and I delve into nonmonogamy first and then navigate a poly relationship.

Polyamory is hard work and takes a lot of trust with an established mono partner, but if you both put the work in it can be the most beautiful experience. It has given me a safe and loving environment to explore my bisexuality and has added more loving relationships to my life. I need other loving relationships in order to be happy, I need that extra connection and intimacy.

It isn't for everyone and that's totally cool, but please don't discount it because askreddit, of all places, puts it down.

u/Zhuangzifreak · 1 pointr/bisexual

:-) So happy to hear that. Sounds like he's lucky to have a friend as good as you.

If you or he want more information at any time, please don't hesitate to PM me.

(Also, for those who have the patience for it, Shiri Eisner's rather dense book Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution is absolutely fantastic.)

Good luck, and thank you so much for being a good friend. I wish I had someone like you when I was wrestling with the feelings he is wrestling with right now. Take care!

u/WabashSon · 8 pointsr/bisexual

This isn't my specific area of expertise (I mostly study sexual orientations) but my understanding is that men tend to develop a more static "sexual repertoire" following puberty/adolescence than do women. Before this time, nearly anything can find its way into a man's repertoire -- so that if a guy (for instance) happens to begin his masturbatory life jerking-off to women's shoe catalogs, because it's one of the few sources of erotic stimulation available to him at such a young age - he may well develop an erotic attraction to women's shoes as an adult. This is to say, a shoe (even without a woman attached to it) can arouse him.

This attraction to an inanimate object or to an object (body part, animal, ...) that is not seen as sexual by the majority of others is a true fetish. We tend to conflate fetishes with paraphilias, which are any sexual act/attraction/... outside of the norm. This would include bondage, BDSM, role playing, fetishes, and other "unusual" sexual acts (urination, e.g.). Whereas a fetish, is strictly defined as a sexual attraction to a specific, often non-sexual, object (ex: shoes, underwear, feet, hats, bees, dirt, lightbulbs, ... penises--if you're a straight man). Therefore, a fetish is a type of paraphilia; but all paraphilias are not fetishes.

While many women enjoy and are turned on by paraphilias (dom/sub, e.g.) and may find particular parts of a lover's body enticing (a man's arms), we don't consider these true fetishes unless she can reliably be aroused by some non-sexual object (such as a pair of socks) even when there is no person in/around said socks.

Whereas many men will report that they are undeniably aroused by particular articles of clothing (stocking, panties, jock-straps, socks), body parts (feet, hair, wrists, penises), or other objects (food, plants, blankets, balloons) even when no other person is seen along with the objects or (as in OP's case) in spite of the attached person/man.
It seems that men's sexual interests/sexual repertoire "closes" at some point. That is, at some point near the end of puberty, a man is sexually attracted to anything and everything he will be sexually attracted to for the rest of his life. This isn't to say that he may not discover some lesser or less explored attractions later in life. But that is to say, that if you're 35 and have never been turned on by a shoe -- it's very likely you will never be.

[And to be fair, I'm not sure how sexual orientation fits into this model. That is, does a man's brain catalog male and/or female into the sexual repertoire or does it simply catalog "human?"]

Women's sexual repertoires seem to remain much more open throughout their lives, which as a bi-product means that fetishes aren't locked into their sexual repertoires in the same way as they are for men. This is usually cited as the reason why women seem to be more sexually fluid than men. (Although this is typically misunderstood to be about sexual orientation -- which as I noted is not necessarily true as such.)

There is a great chapter about this in Jesse Barring's book Perve if you're interested in reading more about it.

u/kamomeel · 1 pointr/bisexual

I've been struggling with the same thing (M17-going-on-18) and I'm afraid I don't know a way to do it as discreetly as you would probably like, although I have some ideas. I'm planning on getting this pin and wearing it all the time. I already wanted to make my bisexuality publicly known in all my circles, but the main point of the pin is that anyone who meets me to know I'm into guys too, without me having to tell each person or hope they'll ask or all tell each other or something. For more discreetness, you could wear the pin only sometimes, or put it on a bag or somewhere where only people really paying attention would notice it, like in a locker or inside a jacket and you can casually flash it when needed. If you are comfortable lying you could tell non-allies that it means you love cool weather or something, or that a character on a show you like wears a pin like it.

u/teebibs · 3 pointsr/bisexual

Yep! I'm with you! I've dealt with these same types of feelings. I am 5ft tall, very petite, and girly-looking; however, I always feel very masculine around my very feminine friends. And when you used the term "inferior", I can relate. You don't feel like less of a person, but less than a ...woman??
After I married a man six years ago, I had a real identity crisis in regards to my bisexuality. (We are exclusive and I no longer have romantic relationships with women.) A few books really helped me understand and embrace my bisexuality better. Maybe they'd help you out?

I wish you the best! You're not alone!

u/theknack4 · 12 pointsr/bisexual

I'm a 35 year old bi man who's been married to a woman for the last 12 years. I know how tough this can be. A few things, someone's initial reaction isn't always their final reaction. You've had the benefit of thinking about your sexuality for a long time. Your spouse hasn't and will need time to process this information. That doesn't mean that it will get better. It just means that it can.

I highly recommend watching this video:

Also, I would read Getting Bi by Robyn Ochs:

Both of these really helped me understand bisexuality and what it means to me. It also give me some tools to use to speak to my wife about bisexuality. Here's a good definition to use if someone asks.

“I call myself bisexual because I acknowledge that I have in myself the potential to be attracted – romantically and/or sexually – to people of more than one sex and/or gender, not necessarily at the same time, not necessarily in the same way, and not necessarily to the same degree.”

Being bi also doesn't impact your ability to be monogamous. Humans feel attractions all the time, but there's a big difference between feeling something and acting on it. There are plenty of married bi folk in this subreddit. We've all gone through something like this and are here to support you.

Here's a Captain Holt pep talk to hopefully raise your spirits:

u/kspieler · 6 pointsr/bisexual

I love this pin !!!

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/bisexual

So, if you want to open the relationship to the possibility of sex and love with another person, and you believe you have the capacity to love and honor both of them, I would like to encourage you to read a book or two before you move forward with your boyfriend.

(it's not just for girls)

(a little more rules based than I prefer but still good)

You might also try posing your question in r/polyamory. Those folks have good advice on this stuff and lots of good experience to draw from. And they're totally bi-friendly.

u/BlerptheDamnCookie · 1 pointr/bisexual

I don't own any, cuz money + still sorting stuff out, but absolutely love these ones:

Shirts: 1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4 -- 5

Hoodies: 1 -- 2

Other: 1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4 -- 5 -- 6 -- 7 -- 8

u/treo700P · 5 pointsr/bisexual

Thank you! I found them on Amazon. Sof Sole Flat Laces, Rainbow Pink/Purple/Blue, 45"
They have held up for three months so far. I love them with the shoes, Van's I scored at a thrift shop for $3.00. I LOVE them.

u/katie-the-lady · 6 pointsr/bisexual

I have a keyboard cover on my laptop that looks like this.
It's subtle enough that those that don't know I'm bi won't really know the difference, but also just enough so that I've gotten a couple of, "huh, that looks like the bi pride flag" comments!

u/Guestyperson · 5 pointsr/bisexual

I find something like this is pretty innocuous, can be hidden under a wrist cuff if needed, is the sort of thing you might wear because you just like the colours, is unisex etc.

u/BisexualStoner420 · 1 pointr/bisexual

I bought a heart-shaped pin with the bisexual pride colors on Amazon. It was posted here by another redditor, and I love it so much!

u/124Cuber · 4 pointsr/bisexual

I'm getting a necklace pendant ( ) and my parents have no idea I'm bi as well ( I'm only 14 ) so I picked up a gift card and bought one, just hope they don't get to it first.

u/jerrycakes · 3 pointsr/bisexual

These are what I have.

I'm wearing them at PAX South this weekend in San Antonio, TX. I'm not out to a lot of people, but if somebody sees them on my feet, they'll know in a nice subtle way.

u/cookietauntster · 2 pointsr/bisexual

Thank you!! sorry for the delayed response.

It really has been a whirlwind! I'm reading all I can about bisexuality now. Its history, the community, the complexities, eveything! This book by Marjorie Garber has been very helpful. How has your experience been so far?

u/CailanJade · 6 pointsr/bisexual

On Amazon there's a seller who makes cool LGBT jewelry using elements of chainmail. It's called Tattooed and Chained Chainmaille, at

u/Arkaday · 2 pointsr/bisexual

I am a bi lady, in a long term same-sex relationship, and have been navigating missing male intimacy with my VERY lesbian/gender queer partner. I totally understand the juxtaposition of a happy relationship mixed with other sexual intimacy struggles, partner jealousy and all that. We've been discussing an open/poly relationship for over a year now and this book Opening Up has helped guide our discussions immensely. Unfortunately, we haven't actually opened the relationship yet, but that is due to other life challenges.

Also, if you're looking for Bi or LGBT resources in your area, Meetup is a always good option, but depending on your area there may not be any groups. Most semi-large communities will have some sort of LGBT resource, you can always try googling 'City Name' LGBT center, etc. Many LGBT agencies have discussion groups, group 'therapy' and/or other social groups organized for LGBT folk.

u/ieatplaydough · 1 pointr/bisexual

I would suggest you read this book. It might help you wrap you head around how you feel.

u/conekt · 2 pointsr/bisexual

There are a few books that are considered standard reading for poly people

u/Dr-Whovingi · 2 pointsr/bisexual

This thing is beautiful and smaller than you think so it's not very gaudy or loud, but I still get complemented on it a lot

u/Thatonebagel · 2 pointsr/bisexual

LookHUMAN Bi Pride Dragon Small Black Men's Cotton Tee

Reverse image search gotchu fam.

u/tree_or_up · 2 pointsr/bisexual

Regarding reading lists, I really got a lot from a book called Recognize: Voices of Bisexual Men. Not sure I got the Amazon link right but here's an attempt:

u/LordofSnails · 202 pointsr/bisexual

The hat


The Glasses


The Necklace


The Pin


The sweater


The Sweatbands


The Underwear


The socks

u/Talamakara · 1 pointr/bisexual

The ins and outs of gay sex

I bought it through Google so I could read it on my phone.

u/redwhiskeredbubul · 3 pointsr/bisexual

If you don't mind an academic angle, there's Marjorie Garber.

u/aaqucnaona · 3 pointsr/bisexual

IMO this one is more 'must read' than the one you linked to. It's a much wider, and much less agenda-fueled a book which collects short essays from over 200 bisexuals from across cultures and nations around the world.

Don't get me wrong, 'Bi - Notes for a bisexual revolution' is an interesting book with some nice ideas in it, but I read it, and it made me extremely uncomfortable to see my sexuality used that way, politicised to push the author's agenda, which at times becomes quite over the top and separatist. I am as against bisexual erasure as anyone else, but when authors start seeding internal resentment in the LGBT community, that's where I draw the line.

The book I linked to - 'Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World' [2009] is an anthology worthy of following in the footsteps of THE book when it comes to bisexuality ['Bi any other name' - 1991]. And in my opinion, it ['Getting Bi'], rather than the one you linked to, is the one big 'must read' book for bisexuals.

Edit- Just for a point of reference, look at this excerpt from 'Getting Bi'. 'Getting Bi' is a book actually about bisexuality. 'Bi - notes for a bisexual revolution' is mostly just a book about social justice, which uses bisexuality as its weapon. I wouldn't recommend the latter book to anyone still questioning their sexuality, because it will either just wrap their view of it, or scare them away.

u/LittleVengeance · 4 pointsr/bisexual

If you want to die your own here’s two different 100% cotton ties. here and here .
A link on how to make your own tie -dye is here

Or if you want to order one from amazon, links are here or here .