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u/terracide99 · 2 pointsr/blackdesertonline

Sorry for the late reply

A 1080m should be able to handle gaming workload of current games if gaming on 1080p resolution, but can't compare to 20xx series if more games adopt DLSS and/or ray tracing in the future. The only thing you need for eGPU is a USB-c with Thunderbolt 3 support, which should be stated clearly on spec sheet. However, don't get laptop with Intel ultra portable CPUs (there's a 'u' @ the CPU model name), cause the T3 has only half the maximum bandwidth compare to other laptop CPUs

I have had couple different laptops through out the year, and they all get toasty while gaming except for large ones that's more like a portable desktop. There are heat extractor you can buy to help keep things cool, they work pretty good from my experience

u/ThaZatzke · 1 pointr/blackdesertonline

Typically, games display resolutions that your monitor is capable of handling. You only see up to 1080p on your notebook because that's probably it's maximum resolution.

If you get a 1440p monitor you'll be able to select 1440p. Also BDO is pretty CPU intensive, so you might have to disable some graphics options to play at a decent FPS depending on your CPU.

Downscaling** essentially renders the game at a higher resolution, and downscales the picture to fit your monitor. It is usually very stressful on your GPU, and doesn't really offer a huge gain in terms of picture quality if you're already running at a high resolution.

I highly recommend this monitor. I just got it myself on an impulse buy and it's pretty solid. The color settings need some tweaks, but there's a pretty good review on amazon that gives you some tweaks to improve the color depth. It's 1440p, g-sync capable, 1ms response time, AND 144 Hz and costs less than or about the same as most 1440p/gsync monitors. Solid buy imo, but you will have to spend time tweaking the colors/contrast.

u/Vertisce · 1 pointr/blackdesertonline

I run BDO on this laptop...

ASUS G751JT 17-Inch Gaming Laptop

It runs great. The laptop is fantastic as well. Great cooling for the card and processor in this beast!

u/average_dota · 1 pointr/blackdesertonline

If you are convinced it is a power draw issue, you can do a couple things:

  1. Replace PSU with something more efficient. I see yours is a 850w bronze unit. Power supplies operate at the highest efficiency (meaning the power it draws from the wall is closest to what the PC is actually using) around 50% load, so you want to figure out your system power under load, multiply that by 2ish and target that range. Lower if you want better efficiency at idle. This will be a very small change in overall power usage though, so I probably shouldn't have put this as #1.

    To give a numeric example (assuming a bronze vs a gold 800w power supply with a system under 400w load), a bronze PSU might pull 470 watts from the wall while a gold draws 444w, a difference of 26 watts. Not much, but not nothing either. Better power supplies are often more efficient below the 50% range as well.

  2. Replace lights with LEDs. You should do this anyways because they last forever, don't get very hot and draw next to no power. Also get in the habit of turning lights off when not in use if you don't already.

  3. Self-audit other sources of power usage in your home. Maybe get a power-meter like one of these. Find out what is using too much power at idle and get in the habit of turning it off.
u/Eirches · 7 pointsr/blackdesertonline

Since you aren't going for anything art related you won't need a screen with an amazing color gamut to do what you want then.

I'd take a hard look at this to start with:

A very good price/performance tradeoff, if you can stomach the somewhat questionable aesthetics. The only real downside is that you've only got 256gb of storage. You will likely want an external drive for anything large such as movies (if you get one, make sure it is USB3).

Note that when gaming your battery life is going to tank, and your fan noise is likely to be high. There isn't any getting around that regardless of what device you choose.

u/zman1672 · 2 pointsr/blackdesertonline

TeckNet Laptop Cooling Pad, Portable Ultra-Slim Quiet Laptop Notebook Cooler Cooling Pad Stand with 2 USB Powered Fans, Fits 12-16 Inches

Something like this would help you have some extended gaming sessions while keeping the thing cool and should help reduce sound.

u/Lascielle · 2 pointsr/blackdesertonline

Setting up a low power plan in windows settings might help. Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Power Options in Windows 10. You can tweak settings like max processor state in the plan settings too. I imagine you could set it pretty low.

If you can't see power usage on your computer, a usage meter might be really handy. Something like I love my Belkin Conserve Monitor, but they're not made anymore apparently

u/halcyonights · 7 pointsr/blackdesertonline

If you have 3k to spend on a game you probably aren't worrying about money. It's a recreational expense, like buying a stupidly expensive kayak or fitting all your aquariums (no, nobody just has one) with $300 canisters. People with extra money do spend on their hobbies, and gaming is a hobby.

u/NurseNikky · 8 pointsr/blackdesertonline

I have an external fan that sucks the air out of my laptop. It's ran through USB and it was $25. Works really well

u/GoodEyeMight_ · 2 pointsr/blackdesertonline

Stick to any other setting that’s between 60 to lower 80s. You could try getting a laptop cooling pad or this ..i dont own one since mine is incompatible..seems very effective according to reviews.

u/diddystacks · 1 pointr/blackdesertonline

This is the processor you are talking about. For $300 you can get a CPU/Motherboard combo on that would easily outperform that processor.

It's your money, but I would not invest $300 into that motherboard, which is what you would be doing.

u/SaltySteamie · 3 pointsr/blackdesertonline

It was ONLY metric in chemistry and physics because that's what is used even in American academia and research

Then we started to use imperial along with metric in engineering because American engineers use mostly imperial

The text used by my statics class: uses a mix

u/polowbornfly · 2 pointsr/blackdesertonline

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk, Black with Black Glass and it was about a year an a half old

u/Brassinkey · 0 pointsr/blackdesertonline

Don't think the other one is any better than the one you currently have. They both have integrated graphics which is mostly just bad at running games. If you have any more budgets, try
Should be able to run almost all current games at least medium with this.

u/OffinEWN · 1 pointr/blackdesertonline

MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 2080 Super...

Going to OC it when I have time wasn’t able to do anything except for swap it in and test run once. Also both my cpu and GPU were oddly low temp, 6700k at 4.7 was at 54c and the 2080s was at 58c running high high for a couple mins though.

Usages were
GPU: 99%
CPU: 50-60%

u/binhp · 1 pointr/blackdesertonline

Dell 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop (6th Gen Intel Quad-Core i5-6300HQ Processor up to 3.2GHz, 8GB DDR3, 256GB SSD, Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M, Windows 10)

I get 30-43fps all medium. Towns are usually 20. Low is 38+ anywhere. Beware that any laptop that plays bdo will get hella hot no matter what. Just get a good desktop to actually be able to kill world bosses lol

u/0010001_1 · 1 pointr/blackdesertonline

just try it, it is probably the heat tanking your game and if somehow you are using this ram it's somewhat unstable.

u/EntityZero · 11 pointsr/blackdesertonline

> Advice of Valk is exactly as he said. It's an item that lets you store your failstack. It's not from events you dumb fuck, you buy it at EVERY blacksmith in KR.

Wrong. You buy the blacksmith books at KR. Here's what they look like: As I've said before, that is most definitely not Advice of Valks, which we had added today.

> It was introduced because while going for TET, which you never will scrub, you sometimes have too many failstacks for, let's say, DUO. I personally never bought any slots and too many failstacks is a HUGE issue for me. I hate making DUO with 35+ stacks. Because I have 80 and 6x 40 because TRI doesn't want to hit after TET roulette.

Here's my gear, scrub:

> Are you retarded?

Here's a sweet deal on a pack of mirrors, friend: