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u/savage321 · 3 pointsr/blackfriday is a good review site to compare specific models.
IMO, you should get a TCL Roku TV if you are on a budget. If good HDR is important to you get the P series. The P series offers one of the best smart tv interfaces out right now, 3 HDMI ports, deep black levels (not OLED good) but good for the price. If you just want a good 4k set, and don't care about high quality HDR, get the S series. They are both good values at amazon right now with out a black friday deal. I'm not sure but I doubt they will be discounted much more. OLED is top of the line in terms of picture quality. Currently OLED is only made by LG and Sony. I prefer the LG mainly for its smart tv interface but both are remarkable. Perfect black levels are among the many positive qualities of OLED. Both the 2017 OLEDs I mentioned support 4k Dolby Vision and HDR 10 (so does the TCL P series.) Just be aware of burn in with OLEDs. Might want to get a warranty for your expensive TV. Good luck!

u/Gohoyo · 1 pointr/blackfriday

Just get this:

Seriously read professional reviews, it's the best 4k/HDR TV you can get under 1k, and Roku is the best smart tv software out there. All the other ones, Sony, Samsung, are becoming increasing riddled with ADs and spying BS.

u/SURVED · 2 pointsr/blackfriday

For that price range you can easily get something great. Heres 2 awesome monitors for under your budget :D

ASUS $251.33:

BenQ $286.73:

Both: 144hz + 1ms response time

u/a_very_stupid_guy · 0 pointsr/blackfriday

I bought one as a gift for a friend I know doesn't have one.

It was like 12$ with amazon prime at the time

u/TomFreeman92 · 3 pointsr/blackfriday I bought two of these they're great it's 250 normally but it's not a gaming monitor its 60hz 4ms response time i play stuff casually and it was the cheapest good one I could find

No VESA mount and the stand does the bare minimum of keeping the monitor upright but I expected that for the price

u/Wolfie_Ecstasy · 1 pointr/blackfriday

Just check Amazon. You can get a basic 1080p monitor for around $100 year round and way cheaper near the holidays.

I suggest doing a bunch of research when things go on sale on Amazon, but if you don't want to, basically anything that's ASUS/Samsung in 1080p is fine.

If you're a gamer I suggest this one though, there's no going back after you've experienced a monitor this good. Had this for about a year and love it to death

u/BrkenSmilez · 1 pointr/blackfriday

This ( is the one I use, love it so far. It’s $209 though, $9 above budget :P

Monitor model number just in case the Link doesn’t work: Acer XFA240 on Amazon Us

u/freebytes · 3 pointsr/blackfriday

Well, Amazon has a good deal for a 65" LG at only $648 right now.

u/insanitypulse · 1 pointr/blackfriday

I recommend this monitor as I personally own it and have been happy thus far. Its a little over what you want, but a couple days ago it was on sale around $235-240 since my friend bought it. My only gripe is the lack of mounting holes.

u/Oughusktaiunten · 1 pointr/blackfriday

Just snagged a pair for $99 including 2-day Prime shipping on the US link. If you still want them, try again.

Edit: It seems like loading the page sometimes picks 3rd party sellers that aren't part of the sale. If it doesn't show $99 then try refreshing the page or see if it's still up on the seller list and add it from there.

u/aldehyde · 8 pointsr/blackfriday

There are definitely things going on sale now-- this dropped from ~$1100 to $990 ($979 at costco) today and is already sold out.

u/scoobywilt · 1 pointr/blackfriday

Amazon has the white 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab 4 for $230.
The black one is going for $250

u/redkemper · 2 pointsr/blackfriday

The full collection on Blu-Ray is only $39.96 on Amazon right now (sadly not 4K).

u/BigPoppa3421 · 1 pointr/blackfriday

Amazon has them currently for $145

[Airpods](Apple MMEF2AM/A AirPods Wireless Bluetooth Headset for iPhones with iOS 10 or Later White

u/Mr_Lotus · 1 pointr/blackfriday

Much better than samsung's defective monitors, it's actually the one I own and it's on sale for $170. Don't regret it one bit even though I bought it at full price months ago.

u/shall_2 · 1 pointr/blackfriday

I don't think anyone has actually reviewed this thing yet tbh.

u/darkredditninja · 3 pointsr/blackfriday

Just bought this

Samsung SUHD 55" Series 8, UN55KS8000 for $997

u/_ToxicBanana · 1 pointr/blackfriday

This card is a U1 which is 10MB/s or 80Mb/s.It depends on the device saving in 4k, some do 60Mb/s some do more, I use a drone that records 4K 30fps at 100Mb/s.

U1 = 10MB/s Minimum

U3 = 30MB/s Minimum


This is much more suited for 4K recording and is only a few bucks more at $24.99

u/wolfzr2 · 1 pointr/blackfriday

Meh. Only 2 HDMI inputs, and 60HZ.

3 HDMI inputs, 120Hz, 100$ more. Go nuts.

u/china_dont_care · 1 pointr/blackfriday

> Monitors featuring those refresh rates are rare

Nah, there's a sift moving towards native 120/144 hz for gaming computer monitors.

>There is no TV running 120hz inputs right now. It's all post-processing.

This is not true for active 3D TVs. See this Sony, native 120 hz.

"Refresh Rate: 120Hz (Native); Motionflow XR 240 (Effective)"

u/swellfie · 3 pointsr/blackfriday

AirPods are unlikely to go on sale (as they have had no trouble selling them).

Amazon has them for $144.98 currently, though.

u/badalchemist · 1 pointr/blackfriday

Supposedly this one which has bad reviews and only 2 HDMI :-\

u/bb147 · 6 pointsr/blackfriday

It's OUT!!!

Just ordered!

Edit: Sorry guys.. It literally sold out in 2 minutes. I tried to post as soon as I saw it (50 seconds in and it was already at 50%) but couldn't figure out how to make a new post that's a link on here :/

u/scarface910 · 1 pointr/blackfriday

alternate link if the main link loads up weird for you.

can confirm discount of 100, almost seems like a black friday price, but ill wait for the 478 price drop.