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u/separation_of_powers · 6 pointsr/brisbane

Current business & finance uni student here, definitely dreading the new timetable I have (with some early 8am lectures) I have to go to in 2 weeks, offering some tips at 4am in the morning-

  • Ease into study.

  • When you leave campus for the day, I'd avoid any study work unless it's of content you quite don't understand.

  • If travelling on public transport, if you want to, just do some quick light research on what it is you're not understanding, like things as simple as wikipedia pages.

  • Know where your limit is, in that, if you're at the point of procrastination where everything you need to do is just annoying, don't continue. Break the study up. Be it 5 - 10 minutes. It still counts.

  • If you know you're behind and you've got days off between classes & lectures, go either to the library or even somewhere where you can just hammer out the work that suits your tastes. Only enough that you think is enough to be on par. That may be either on track with what each week's lecture about or what you believe is enough to properly understand the concepts.

  • When studying, what ever helps to get you relaxed, do that in breaks (you choose how long your breaks are though).

  • When you get home, reduce your gaming time if you can (e.g. spend some extra time on off days when you're satisfied you've caught up).

  • Avoid being hungry when studying. Same with being dehydrated.

  • If you feel as if working under pressure does well to help focus, set dates where you'd want to do that before due dates for things like written assessments, study for exams. Add extra days to subjects you feel you're stuck on. It will help to avoid the last tip.

    some extra uni tips

  • Check out your uni's student council. See what promotions and deals you can use for things like food
  • Research at uni is more complex than what it was in highschool.
  • Feel your research skills may be falling short or feels as if it's not really answering the question? I hope you've got a good study skills handbook. (I'd recommend The Study Skills handbook by S. Cottrell and Critical Thinking Skills: Developing Effective Analysis and Argument). I use both.

  • If you can, if there's people within your tutes you kinda connect with, see if you can catch up with them and ask if they'll hang out for study sessions. Personally for me, these help in understanding ideas and what you have to focus on.

    a couple of cups of coffee and an all-nighter can write up a decent essay or report overnight but it won't help in the long term.

    Good luck and just ease into uni with some preparation.
u/bonestorm74 · 1 pointr/brisbane

Thanks for the heads up, I found Avid's website and it looks like they're pretty active on the scene. I'll get in touch with them!

You can grab my book right now on Amazon:



Thanks for your support!

u/sleepface · 7 pointsr/brisbane

The screen res on that laptop is 1366x768 which is abysmally low on a modern laptop. You'll find it annoying coming from a macbook which generally have great screens. Especially as a journo as you'll care about screen real-estate.

Same with having a HDD as opposed to an SSD in 2019.

What about this (15.6" model):
or this (12.5" model):
If you are willing to go refurb from a third party seller, this would be the way to go IMO.

If you wanted to buy brand new because of warranty shenanigans, I'd still consider finding a laptop with a Full HD (1920x1080) screen. Dell have a slightly cheaper laptop that is full HD similar specs otherwise. It's a vostro though which I think is even more budget than the inspiron series.

Even then, I'd consider refurbs from first party retailers like dell. You'll get full warranty and a better deal.

u/TeamToken · 1 pointr/brisbane

There is a world of information available generally but the consensus by thinking Economists/Finance experts is that Value investing, when done right (and there are a LOT of variables in that) has been consistently the best strategy to get decent returns over the long term. It’s made Warren Buffett who he is.

A caveat, developing a decent strategy and knowing what to look for takes a long time and quite a bit of patience (and discipline!). The intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham should be required reading by anyone starting out.

Other than, as others have said, index funds have offered solid long term returns and are relatively low risk.

u/vj88 · 0 pointsr/brisbane

Yea my French is still very basic. I need to set more time to learn. If you want to learn a few more important statements like j'aime gros Seins, check this book out

Honestly when in Quebec City I always like the simple tu es tres jolie when striking up a conversation with a female.

u/JRuskin · 9 pointsr/brisbane

There is a really good book on this (I actually think the author is doing an ama on /r/books soon, maybe today!) called narconomics

Good drug empires ARE a business:

The kingpins deal with the same sorts of things as any other business, procurement, logistics, staffing, HR, risk, PR, marketing, etc and its all about supply and demand.

Its a really fascinating insight into the real world of the drug trade & while some of it is straight up how you'd expect it be/hollywood gets right (turf battles. e.g. Finite number of shipping territories and border towns to move product through in Mexico, especially lucrative places to sell, etc) a lot of it get wrong. E.g. they almost never kill someone for losing a shipment, because spillage is just part of the biz and cultivating new people and new clients is tough.

Likewise tattoos at the "street" level are meant to promote loyalty. At the top level they are about limiting staff mobility. If people can jump from your organisation easily to other organisations, they'll do it when the perks or money are better. Sure you could potentially hurt them, but that attracts police and the government which is bad for business. Its much harder to take a "better offer" and go work for a startup or rival cartel when you're covered head to toe in your current employers branding.

tl;dr: Tech unicorns should start getting their employees face tattoos to manipulate the labour market.

u/bnndforfatantagonism · 1 pointr/brisbane

>forfeit their right to have a say

The act of informal voting is one of voting against the system per se. There was a reason the Soviet Union held elections, they understood the principle act in voting was to express consent to being governed - not the mere selection of a candidate.

José Saramago, a winner of the Nobel prize for Literature wrote a novel about this.

It never ceases to amaze me how those who affirm democracy the most comprehend it the least.

u/MatthewJHellscream · 2 pointsr/brisbane

Ebook version is only on Kindle for the moment. You can order the physical edition directly from the Amazon store. Ebook link is there too :)

u/gasolinerainbow · 2 pointsr/brisbane

The new Stephen King book, a book full of antique surgical illustations, a book about creepy asylum treatments back in the early 20th century, and some money toward a new laptop. :)

u/owale2 · 2 pointsr/brisbane

Get this book and read it to get a decent understanding of JavaScript:

It's probably the best out there... It's rather small for a book on a programming language, but you'll learn all the bits you need to know.

u/loggerheader · 4 pointsr/brisbane

Thats a tough one dude and I sympathise. TBH most people probably dislike their job.

I'd be identifying whether its the profession or the job itself. A career counsellor might work, but I'd be trying to find a mentor within your sector. Is there anyone you can reach out to?

I'd also recommend reading this if you can:

u/Broomfondl3 · 1 pointr/brisbane

>Well it’s a poorly orchestrated movement

I quite agree, I think is should ave been slightly less confrontational but much bigger, they just don't have the numbers at the moment to be effective.

But if you like reading, try this:

You see, sooner or later some nutter is going to try to save the environment by more drastic and violent means and WTF knows what will happen then.

Better a few protests I think.