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u/tehforsh · 1 pointr/bristol

I just wanted to drop by and tell you about how similar my story is to /u/ordinarygymrat and I hope that by sharing I can help. I'd also like to say congratulations to /u/ordinarygymrat - well done for making it out!

I mean, my experience and advice is so similar it's uncanny. My agoraphobia and anxiety was so bad I couldn't even go down to the postboxes at the entrance to my apartment block. Social anxiety wasn't actually too bad, partly because I was too confused to feel it, but it was certainly there to an extent. I also wasn't really particularly depressed, other than being a bit blue about feeling my life slip away. I used to count the number of lampposts I could walk past, and i'd try to increase the number. Bridges were impossible, as were rivers, because I couldn't escape. Waiting in line at Greggs because I couldn't escape once I'd committed to waiting.

But that first sausage roll was beautiful.

10 years later and i'm doing really fucking well. I went back to uni, went to some great parties, completed my bachelors, completed my PhD, gave presentations in front of large crowds, won an award for best presentation, went to conferences and mingled, got a job in America through my mingling and newly developed social skills, sold all my property and emigrated on my own. I am insanely happy now and i've never been in a better place in my life. I feel confident and comfortable in my skin. I'm likable and make friends easily. I talk to collaborators and i'm known as being a warm, stimulating, and very clever person.

Now i'm not trying to be /r/iamverysmart or arrogant, but I really want to illustrate how incredibly sick I was 10 years ago - I was close to be hospitalised. And now I have all of those things I listed. That's not to say you should feel silly for not being quite so bad and not having made it quite so far yet. It really is a case of "different horses for different courses" we are all unique and we are all similar.

Keep going man.

One size doesn't fit all, but I would at least suggest what I tried and what /u/ordinarygymrat touched upon. I personally found being hard on myself worked the best. I considered getting better my 9-5 job, so I would spend all day working at it and not rest until it was time. Personally medication didn't work and actually made me worse, but it might work for some. I found CBT excellent, but you need to find the right person - try a few and push for free first session, don't commit to one until you've had a session with 3 or 4. If they don't do free session then don't bother, there are tens in the Bristol area who do. Counselling can be quite good as it can be good to get things out and feel supported, but it didn't do much for me. I read a few self-help books, but the only one that helped was 10 steps to positive living by Dr Windy Dryden. I would really push myself and considered this a battle, I would get angry if I didn't push myself a lot. I would instruct my friends to push me as hard as possible and put me in situations that I would later beg to be removed from - as long as it was safe. For me, it was about desensitising and realising that nothing bad will happen. It gets better over time if you keep pushing, and although sometimes you might feel yourself slipping backwards that is perfectly normal - its like a tide that moves forward and backwards in waves.

Good luck and feel free to literally contact me at any time for help, advice, and support.

u/NibblyPig · 3 pointsr/bristol

Assuming you're a man, No More Mr Nice Guy (Amazon Link) is quite good as well. It has a cheesy tag line but it caters to married men who feel they're doing everything they can to please their partners and nothing seems to be working and they're at their wits end. It's a good book for any guy to read though as much of the advice will apply in the future. It talks a lot about how being selfless is not the best move in a relationship and how this behaviour of trying to fix your marriage by being 'nice' essentially is actually dishonest and destructive to it. It talks a lot about 'nice guy' behaviour as well, even people that steer well clear of being one of those kind of guys will see a few areas where it creeps in, and it explains the whole psychology behind it.

The author is a marriage counsellor and talks about things by referencing counselling cases he has worked on.

u/tomtomgg · 2 pointsr/bristol

While I'm Bristol museum today they had the book below in the gift shop. Its not a massive read but has a nice history of many of the most well known boozers scattered town.

u/robhaswell · 2 pointsr/bristol

Hi mate, just been through this myself. The WiFi power of those boxes is shit. You can think about replacing it with something decent - something with antennas. looks like it might fit the bill.

My solution was more expensive but involved buying kit with the same basic power, went from getting no WiFi at the bottom of my house to getting full bars at the bottom of the garden.

Also if you order something like that from Amazon and it doesn't work you just pack it right back up and drop it off at your local shop for a full refund within 4 weeks. You will need to put your Virgin box into Modem Mode, happy to guide you through it.

u/EnvironmentalEnigma · 2 pointsr/bristol

Something I'm looking into at the moment to fill the time is typist transcribing. basically listening to audio and typing it up.

Here's some websites to help:

Protip: better be fast at typing, also you'll need some pedals .

People complain that they don't get paid much per hour but a combination of the above and in some cases you'll earn around £15 per hour.

The only difficulty is either bad audio files (quiet talkers, people talking over each other) or not getting enough work when you're available. I've heard that my second two links are better companies to work for than Takenote.

Hope it helps my dude.

u/acid_clown · 1 pointr/bristol

Get a bottle of argan oil, it's the best thing I've found

u/cowbutt6 · 2 pointsr/bristol

I always recommend to anyone getting started with photography with a desire to their camera for more than snaps on full auto.

u/BristolBomber · 1 pointr/bristol

Yep that is solid!
If you didnt want to carry a cable, locking skewers are always an option if you have quick release wheels.

These 2 are also solid options aswell and cheaper.
I use an Onguard pitbull.

If you already have a cable (or dont want to cary one)
OnGuard Brute

If you don't have a cable
Onguard Pitbull

u/_xDEADBEEF · 2 pointsr/bristol

>they use bolt-cutters that will make easy work of small locks

From my experience, they cut chains, not locks. They made easy work of this on one of my bikes.


I now use this

u/StarfishHitler · 1 pointr/bristol

Would something like this suffice?

u/kochari · 2 pointsr/bristol

I bought this and put it up in my house, I do a few every time I walk to the kitchen. Now me and my housemates are all well hench (not really). Only £8 including delivery.

u/CaiHaines · 1 pointr/bristol

Amazon sells 2 or 4inch thick memory foam mattress toppers for £30-40. When I get a Berlingo I'm just going to use them rather than foam cut to size. I currently use a 2 inch double folded over to sleep guests on the floor and it is fine. one with a thick sheet should be alright but you can possibly double up.

u/Leokull · 7 pointsr/bristol

If wireless isn't an option then try using these. plug one in the mains outlet and the router and the other into a mains next to your pc. plug it into the pc and away you go. used these for years nows.

u/CG1991 · 2 pointsr/bristol

Start of the Bristol born apocalypse

u/NCleary · 1 pointr/bristol

Not sure if it matches your requirements but I have a pair intel Extreme masters patriot memory lying around. (2x4gb)

Same as in this link

Edit: you're welcome to it for cheap

u/iamjoey · 1 pointr/bristol

Oh, and I'm also selling my copy of Native Instruments Komplete 10 that I bought for £350 though i'll be looking for £100. This comes on 10 discs so it's a bit of a pain installing it that way but I can also transfer the license to you and you can download it through Native Access sold.

u/David9090 · 15 pointsr/bristol

Collected data on protests between 1900 -2006. Showed that non-violent protests are about twice as likely to work than violent protests. This is the book that extinction rebellion frequently talk about.