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u/arandombritishguy · 8 pointsr/britishproblems

hahahaha some of those are absolute comedy gold!! thanks man. Link is here for anyone interested - one guy even writes a poem about it!! Also good luck in the African desert, whatever it is you are doing!

edit: link

u/ArboroUrsus · 3 pointsr/britishproblems

Can I suggest she purchases this book? It's an excellent reference for biscuit lovers.

u/OriginalEnough · 8 pointsr/britishproblems

I mentioned this in another thread, but I feel that more should know about my (mostly) insect free room.

> Do what I did: buy some cheap fly screen (I got mine for about a fiver from here) with thin, adhesive, velcro hook strips. Stick the strips around the window and stick the net screen (trimmed to size) to the velcro. Voilà: moth proof room, even with open windows. You can sit and laugh at the stupid buggers as they try to fly into your room, but bounce off.

> I had this up all last year and I could count the number of moths I found in my room on one hand; all, presumably, from other parts of the house. It might cost a little time and effort, but the pay-off is insurmountable.

> No need to thank me; just pass on this information to all fellow haters of moths (forever damned be their wings for their tendency to fly towards me).

u/My_Name_Is_Declan · 2 pointsr/britishproblems

I thought you were exagrating with the price, surely they can't be selling them for that much....

Fuck my life

This is why I forced my parents to make an Amazon account. I do hope they kept the receipt.

u/mgush5 · 2 pointsr/britishproblems

[If you put text in square brackets](and a link in regular brackets)

It will look like this

u/expibotou · 8 pointsr/britishproblems

I like Yorkshire tea. I don't really need 1200 tea bags, but they last quite a while.

u/siriusfeynman · 1 pointr/britishproblems

I bought something like this a while ago and it works bloody well

u/PhreakyByNature · 15 pointsr/britishproblems

If you don't know Nong Shim Shin Cup then you NEED TO KNOW... There is no better. Shit'll cure a cold in 5 minutes.

u/herpyderp99 · 2 pointsr/britishproblems

This one doesn’t even come with next day delivery!

u/wrboyce · 2 pointsr/britishproblems

48 cream eggs for £15.80, link.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/britishproblems

Read Owen Jones' book Chavs: The Demonisation of the Working Class and then maybe you might get your fucking thick skull to grasp the point.

u/benryves · 4 pointsr/britishproblems

You can buy Jelly Spogs on Amazon (including an option for a 3kg bag) if you so desire.

u/sagetrees · 1 pointr/britishproblems

Meh hdmi is better than dvi but there is no need to spend much on one. Any hdmi will do. Oh look here's one for a whole £4.29!

u/xilog · 11 pointsr/britishproblems

> like this one

What the actual fuck? I mean, it doesn't even have Solid HIGH-DENSITY POLYETHYLENE INSULATION

u/santaisafraud · 59 pointsr/britishproblems

For anyone who still has an ounce of pity for these two scum,

Just remember she monetised a book about her daughter, which is actually all about herself. Self centred to the end!

u/CableCreation · 0 pointsr/britishproblems

Here is the MOST EPIC CRAZY that you haven't seen, an HDMI cable over $1000 ! I bet it costs most than the TV or Monitor itself !
It all starts with a Scam Maker and ends on a chicken dinner. A hefty priced cable has no extraordinary features that would be worth it, A freaky market strategy to target an unaware audience who has no clue about what is really going on.

What to look for in an HDMI cable?
1. Data Transfer speed, higher the better e.g 18/gbps( refers to 2k or 4K )
2. Refresh Rate 30hz vs 60hz
3. Silver, Copper or Optical conductors?
3. Is it Braided?
4. Gold plated Connectors.
5. Metallic Shell / Connectors
6. Length

And that's it mostly when considering High-end or Prime cable.
The cost of manufacturing both the Scamish Priced Cable and Average Priced Cable is the same. See the links below for the comparison between the two HDMI cables ;-

The HDMI cable in the last link is Optical Fiber, rather then Copper and is 4k @ 60Hz