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u/Z1pmeup · 1 pointr/brockhampton

amazon Has some ok choices. Definitely not the same though

u/Sivadile · 1 pointr/brockhampton

The Barnes and noble one is out of stock now, but here’s an amazon link. Just select vinyl as the format and its about $18.

u/[deleted] · -6 pointsr/brockhampton

You can still buy Matt sweatpants here You’re welcome.

u/tatooosh · 1 pointr/brockhampton

on amazon! i got the smallest size and it's kinda giant on me cause i'm a 5'1 girl but if you're bigger it should be fine

u/Bieberkinz · 0 pointsr/brockhampton

[Step 1] (

Step 2: Figure out how to screenprint/paint your heroes/Poor option: glue and tape a picture.

If you can find a website that does a single custom baseball jersey and allows logos on the back, the n use that. But other than that, it looks to be a DIY project.

EDIT: Other options include a collared dress shirt (short sleeved), but very few custom shirt sites do those. It's really dependent on if you can find a place that does what you want

u/Vqnyl · 2 pointsr/brockhampton

heres the exact blanks they used for the hoodies, the neon pink color in specific
golfwang uses the same ones (most of the time)

u/Jeff___Lebowski · 5 pointsr/brockhampton

pssbly this

its like 9 dollars so idk what your price range is but i think its a little steep tbqmfhf

u/mishaspickle · 9 pointsr/brockhampton

I got it on amazon! I've only had it for a month but i l o v e it

u/return2ozma · 1 pointr/brockhampton

Problem solved

Conair Fabric Defuzzer - Shaver; Battery Operated; Blue

u/futurafreeeeee · 7 pointsr/brockhampton

yes wear earplugs. once your ears are damaged, the damage is irreversible. always wear ear plugs to concerts and festivals.

here are some i use

u/scotttfreee · 11 pointsr/brockhampton

my dude u should wear hearing protection to every concert. Hearing loss and tinnitus is not worth it. U can buy specialized concert ear plugs that don’t actually make the audio sound worse but makes high volume sounds less piercing and you can still hear things at low volumes.