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u/Rossii · 1 pointr/brushybrushy

Thank you so much! We actually only adopted her alongside her brother last year but have always wanted to give an older cat a loving home ☺️

This is the comb in the video although I know the struggle, we have tried so many to find a fit for both her and her Persian brother. Hope this helps!

u/raikouri · 4 pointsr/brushybrushy

Instead of a rake, try one of these. They are 100x better than the Furminator brush and a lot more durable, and I think they feel better on the skin than a rake.

If your husky really does not like being brushed, see if you can find a self-service dog wash around you with a high powered dryer. Wash him as normal and then cover him with conditioner. Then use the high powered dryer while the conditioner is still in. You will be absolutely amazed at the amount that comes out. Rinse your pup off and then dry again with the high powered dryer. The bonus of this is that it will make his fur much easier to brush. I personally like the Furminator brand shampoo and conditioner.

Source: Used to work in a grooming salon as a bather and washed a LOT of huskies!

u/sleepykitten12 · 20 pointsr/brushybrushy

I got it off Amazon! It had the best reviews and seems super sturdy. Apparently each suction cup is rated to hold 15lbs! It’s called Original Kitty Cot “World’s BEST Cat Perch” .

u/kimb00 · 1 pointr/brushybrushy

I tried and tried and tried (and started when she was a puppy), but I just could never get her to tolerate it. So I gave up and I give her dentabones and put drops in her water (which is nice because it's good for cats and dogs). So far so good... and her teeth at least look really clean (no brown plaque build up or anything).

u/Khaldara · 55 pointsr/brushybrushy

Yea I have a malamute, this worked well when we first started brushing him as a pup. Get him to lie down, pin him gently if you have to with your offhand, brush for a bit, really get into the undercoat (especially in the summer) and remove as much excess as you can, praise him repeatedly and give him a treat. I find the northern breeds respond exceedingly well to food of any kind, almost all training problems can be (at least temporarily) made significantly easier by adding food as a motivator. You can get some low calorie treats (I have good luck with these for training since they're only 3 calories a pop, they sell them at Trader Joes too ) just toss him one or two every 30 seconds to a minute or so and you should see him become a lot more cooperative without needing to worry about overfeeding!

Using treats we've even got the dog begging to be vaccuumed now as well when cleaning the house (which isn't as effective as the brush, but he enjoys it and it means less hair on the floor)!

Edit: It might be the brush as well, I don't bother with the wire brushes on a northern breed, they'll just get all tangled up in seconds and start to pull his hair. Try one of these, you can find these styles in almost any pet store:

I personally find the "Double Row Undercoat" styled brush tends to provide the right amount of effectiveness with the right amount of aggravation the dog is willing to endure to get all the undercoat out. Something similar to this: which also has a shedding blade on the reverse.

I wouldn't worry too much about him getting a little mouthy with the brush either, that's normal when the dog is mildly annoyed. Just keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't come down hard enough to cut himself, but I've never encountered that issue (despite a lot of annoyed moaning and occasionally mouthing/nibbling at the brush in frustration after a long grooming session).

u/definitewhitegirl · 9 pointsr/brushybrushy

Hi! I have two of these.
They’re only $15 and hold up to 50lbs. They’re super sturdy! My boys are around 12-13lbs each and every frequently I’ll find them both cuddled up on one. See? :)

u/Sugarpeas · 1 pointr/brushybrushy

That's a ferminator I think. Really good a defloofing fuzzy cats.

u/bigschmitt · 17 pointsr/brushybrushy

Scalp Massager 2-pack – Handheld Head Massage Tingler, Scratcher & Stress Reliever Tool Set for Hair Stimulation & Relaxation by Body Back Company (Colors May Vary)

u/SdBolts4 · 1 pointr/brushybrushy

I found one for $5 on amazon here

u/Trekette · 3 pointsr/brushybrushy

My cat does this! I hold it down on the floor for her with my foot, but she also has one of these.

u/seangibbz · 11 pointsr/brushybrushy

I got one of these from PetSmart and my cat uses is almost daily for her face brushies.

It’s called a “self groomer” and made by a company called CatIt. I couldn’t find a specific listing on the PetSmart site, but here’s a listing on Amazon for the one we have.

Update: I found the exact one from the video on Amazon, dubbed “2.0”. It seems really the only difference is the colour (grey instead of blue).

u/bluesquaresredswirls · 15 pointsr/brushybrushy

It’s a rubber curry comb (idk if that’s how it’s spelt 😂) and toy should get them in most tack shops, or if not, online equestrian shops. Amazon have a selection too; here is one example:

u/N3koChan · 1 pointr/brushybrushy

The FURminator it's around 25$.

I have one and seriously this is the best. If you have pets and still "try" to not having fur on you all the time this is the Shedding Tool you need.